Pharyngitis gastritis

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane of the pharynx and lymphoid tissue. It can be acute and chronic. The cause of the occurrence can be very different. Usually as a result of the appearance of such a disease blame fungi, microbes and viruses. Sometimes even a sore throat can cause such a disease. Provoke the development of the disease can also chronic inflammation in the nose and paranasal sinuses. Often it can be found with dental caries, sinusitis and rhinitis.

Acute pharyngitis is a serious inflammatory disease. In this case, the oropharynx and the middle section of the pharynx are affected. Often, it occurs against the background of other major problems of the upper respiratory tract. Usually it provokes the development of acute respiratory viral infection, influenza. It is the catarrhal nature of the disease that provokes the appearance of viruses and microbes, which in turn cause inflammation. With such a course of the disease, breathing through the nose is impossible, and the inhalation of air through the mouth causes the entry of microbes, because of which subsequently, possibly purulent inflammation on the back of the pharynx.

Chronic manifestation of pharyngitis is often possible if the initial stage of inflammation is not treated. Often - this is the pathology of the whole gastrointestinal tract. Concomitant diseases can be chronic gastritis, cholecystitis and pancreatitis. The hidden cause of the appearance of pharyngitis is the ingestion of gastric juice into the pharynx. This is possible only with reflux-esophagitis and hernia in the esophagus.

Treatment of pharyngitis and gastritis

Despite the fact that it is caused by chronic gastritis, it should be treated immediately. In this case, treatment should be comprehensive. In parallel, gastritis with pharyngitis is treated. This is only a consequence of gastritis, but if you do not attach importance to this immunity is very weak and the energy reserve for fighting other infections will be negligible. Than to treat? Treatment is recommended to use the one that is prescribed by the doctor. It is not easy zalozhennost nose and sore throat, and, therefore, specialist advice is required. Diet and medications should become best friends throughout the time until both illnesses leave the body.

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