Anti-alcohol program "Soak Point": how it works, results, reviews

The "Sobriety Point" program has been used in Russia since 2010, and after the first year the mass media started talking about the innovative method. This is the only state program for the treatment of dependence on alcohol and drugs, in the development of which participated the leading Russian scientists - representatives of the Ministry of Health and the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. The "sobriety point" operates in different regions of the country, and during the program many people could break with terrible dependence and return to a bright healthy life - to children, parents and friends.

"Sobriety Point" from alcoholism

"Sobriety Point" is a complex therapy program designed specifically for the treatment of the most severe psychophysiological dependencies - opioid and alcoholic. Over 5 years of operation, the program covered more than 17 Russian regions. Sverdlovsk Region, Yakutia, Novosibirsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tatarstan, etc. - more than 6,000 people, thanks to state support, received a second chance to live.

The program is designed for drug addicts and alcoholics at any stage of addiction development. In the "Point of Temperance" parents can participate on the verge of deprivation of rights, mother alcoholics, drug addicts of all ages and other categories of the population.

Therefore, doctors have developed a special list of questions that will help you understand whether you have alcohol dependence or not:

  • Do you need a portion of alcohol to relax and feel comfortable?
  • Does it happen that you can not control the amount of alcohol consumed( do you plan a little, but end up sorting out)?
  • After a few days of sobriety, do you feel irritation, weakness in your body, problems with sleep?
  • Does your mood improve when someone offers you a drink?
  • Do you have a hangover in the morning?
  • Did you ever get booze?

If at least one question you said yes, it means that the alcohol dependence is already formed. And without the help of narcologists and psychotherapists can not do.

How does the program work?

Any dependence - both on alcohol and opioid drugs - is a severe chronic disease.

Dependence includes three components:

  • Biological dependence( alcohol and opioids stimulate pleasure centers in the brain).
  • Social factor( the use of alcohol and illegal drugs helps to join a new team, find a common language with people important to you).
  • Psychological factor( the human psyche can no longer function without a dose of a drug or a portion of alcohol).

The "sobriety point" in the treatment of the patient takes into account all these components and works with each of them.


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3 directions in the treatment of addiction according to the" Sobriety Point "

To break the psychic dependence and eliminate the body's need for toxic substances at the biological level, a special medical preparation is used. This substance naltrexone is an opioid receptor blocker. The drug is included in the federal list of vital and essential medicines and is better known under the patented name "Vivitrol".

To work on the patient's psyche and help him to give up alcohol and forbidden substances, work with a psychotherapist. And to return to society and again become a full member of society - a parent, spouse, friend - will help meet with relatives.

An important feature of the program is that the narcologist additionally works with the family and friends of the patient. It is necessary that loved ones fully realize with what terrible disease man fights, and helped him overcome dependence.

Structure of the program

Two programs of "Sobriety Point" for the treatment of opioid and alcohol dependence have a similar structure, consists of the same stages. These are naltrexone injections, patient's appointments with a doctor, telephone support of an addict, the work of an expert in narcology with the patient's family.

Opioid dependence

The program is designed for 12 months, which includes 4 injections of the drug( the dose is selected individually), 30 sessions with a narcologist, 16 meetings of relatives with the doctor.

Treatment is divided into 4 stages:

  • Motivational, 10-14 days. The doctor diagnoses, the main goal - to generate motivation and to establish cooperation.
  • First stage, 1st and 2nd months. Cooperation is getting stronger, active treatment is underway, and the first results are evaluated.
  • The second stage, 3-11th months. Between the doctor, the patient and his relatives, and mature cooperation is established, supportive therapy is under way.
  • The third stage, the 12th month. Stage of completion and planning.

Injections are given after the first 2 weeks of treatment, then at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 11th months. With the doctor, the patient meets 3 times in the first 2 weeks, until the end of the second month - once a week. From the 3rd to the 11th month - 2 times a week, and the final session - at the third stage of therapy. Telephone conversations of the patient with the doctor and work with relatives - continuously throughout the treatment.

Alcohol Dependence

The standard course of treatment for alcoholism in the "Sobriety Point" program includes 6 months, at the patient's request therapy can be extended to 12 and 18 months. The treatment cycle includes 6 injections of naltrexone, 12 meetings of an alcoholic with a doctor, 4 conversations with relatives and constant support of the patient by phone.

The alcoholic program is divided into 4 stages:

  • Initial, lasts 1 month.
  • Active psychotherapy - 2 nd and 3 rd months.
  • Supportive psychotherapy - 4-5th months.
  • Psychotherapeutic support, 6th month.

The first dose of Vivitron is administered to the patient before treatment, then one injection at the end of each month, up to the 5th. Sessions with a narcologist patient are required once a week at the first stage, every 2 weeks on the second, and then - once a month. Telephone support and meetings with native alcoholics - throughout the course.

Stages of carrying out of the alcoholic program

Results and advantages

The official data of the "Sobriety Point" course show very positive results. Among opioid drug addicts, a half after the treatment course there is persistent remission for a year, after 6 months of treatment remission is almost 70%.And the attraction to drugs is reduced by half after the second month of treatment and half a year keeps at a consistently low level.

Each region is ready to add to its statistics its victories. Thus, in Tatarstan 45 women, limited in parental rights, participated in one of the stages of the program. After treatment for the "Sobriety Point", 90% returned their children and more than half refused to drink alcohol.

The main advantages of the treatment course "The sobriety point":

  • Treatment is directed simultaneously to all components of the dependence: biological, psychological and social.
  • Continuous psychotherapeutic support of the patient allows him to give up alcohol and drug doping and return to his former life.
  • Close patients become full participants in the treatment program and assistant doctors, helping the native person get rid of the disease.
  • The drug naltrexone, which is part of all Russian standards of care for narcological patients, provides a long-term effect. This is a whole month after one injection.
  • The drug is well tolerated and is prescribed even to patients with different stages of liver damage. This is very important for alcoholics with cirrhosis.
  • The treatment is carried out remotely - the patient only needs to periodically visit the clinic for injections and conversations with the doctor, at the rest of the time - keep the communication on the phone. The person is not locked at home, can lead an ordinary life - to study, work, meet with friends.

Reviews of narcologists and patients

The narcologists from all regions of the country note the uniqueness and persistent effect of the "Sobriety Point" program. The peculiarity of the treatment course is that the emphasis is on the conscious participation of the patient himself, his family. The medicinal basis of the program allows the body to overcome the formed dependence, and the person, realizing that he is loved and want to help, is persistently going to recovery.

Doctors say: "The point of sobriety" is a real chance to start a new life and see the goal, go back to work and family, get a lasting remission. "

The new goal is the main thing that patients who trust their treatment with the "Sobriety Point" realize. Participants of regional treatment programs, problem mothers, admit: "For the first time in many years I had a goal - to earn money, to raise my daughter to school, to make repairs at home. I just do not need alcohol, I pass by old acquaintances who drink, and I do not even want to go and try. "

"Sobriety Point" is not a miracle course, it will not get rid of drug and alcohol dependence quickly and easily. The program is designed for six months and a year, and if the patient is really ready all this time to work on themselves and trust doctors and relatives, then the chances for a full recovery are very high.
On the video, the narcologist-doctor on the program "The Point of Sobriety and the preparation of Vivitrol:

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