How to treat hypertensive crisis at home

1 Is it necessary to treat an illness at home

The current statistics say that more than 50% of ambulance calls are caused by diseases related to cardiovascular system disorders. A third of all these patients are diagnosed as hypertensive crisis. Hence it can be concluded that such a manifestation of ailment is by no means considered rare. The problem of the origin of pathology, its root causes, the clinical picture of development, emergency care at home, the further management of the patient and his treatment in a hospital environment are recognized by medical experts as perhaps the most important subject of attention of medical theory and practice.

People in whose immediate surroundings are patients with fairly long manifestations of hypertension, you need to be particularly attentive to them. In addition, it is important to know and understand how you can help with hypertensive crisis at home. Since timely assistance can prevent the occurrence of undesirable consequences in the form

of irreversible processes affecting the heart, the work of the central nervous system, as well as large vessels of the circulatory system of the human body.

But it should be remembered that no matter how effective the means of treating a hypertensive crisis at home seem, do not neglect the help of a qualified specialist in this field.

2 Therapeutic actions

The hypertensive crisis is a sudden sudden increase in blood pressure that is quite dangerous for the patient's life and health. It is the suddenness of the disease and determines the need to take the first measures of treatment at home. Its development can lead to more severe consequences, among which it can be noted:

  • deterioration of cerebral blood flow;
  • worsening of renal circulation;
  • severe forms of cardiovascular disorders;
  • convulsive conditions.

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The emergence of such a manifestation of a disease is most often noted in people whose age has crossed the boundaries of 40 years, but now the rapid pace of life, lack of sleep, the susceptibility of the human body to greater physical and psychoemotional stress in some cases and a sedentary lifestyle and violation of the rules of rational nutrition inothers allow the disease to "grow young".

It should be noted that the hypertensive crisis is acute, in many cases people, and the patients themselves, and their close environment, are simply not ready for this kind of turn of events and just do not know how to act properly in this case. Treatment of the same hypertensive crisis at home, although not an independent method of therapy, but in most cases allows even before the examination of the patient by a doctor to facilitate his condition.

To methods of treatment of a hypertensive crisis of the house it is possible to attribute the first pre-medical help, since it often depends on what course the disease will acquire in the future.

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3 Assistance to the patient before the arrival of the doctor

First, it is necessary to lay the patient and provide him peace. A person with manifestations of hypertensive crisis should be in a semi-liable position, a pillow or a platen from the veil should be placed under the head and shoulders. It is required to provide access to fresh air. With the manifestations of trembling and chills, you should cover the patient's legs and attach a warm water bottle to them.

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If possible, you should record the pressure and give the drug to reduce it, which people use constantly.

If a patient has a nosebleed, then it is necessary to stop it. On the bridge of the nose, you need to put a cold compress, but you do not need to turn your head backwards.

It is important to understand that such a drastic change in the patient's condition as a hypertensive crisis provokes a high release of stress hormones in the body, so the patient is exposed to a great sense of fear. People who are near, should be reassured by a loved one and do not panic themselves. Further treatment will be provided by specialists in a hospital.


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4 The use of folk remedies

In addition to inpatient treatment, there are many recipes of folk medicine that will help get rid of hypertensive crisis or will be an excellent means of prevention. They can be used at home, but with the obligatory consent of the attending physician.

First aid for a hypertensive crisis, which can be given to a patient at home, will be a warm foot bath. This will require a small capacity, which can easily accommodate the patient's legs, and warm water, the temperature of which should be about 40 ° C.Such a bath will allow the peripheral vessels to expand, and this, in turn, will reduce the rate and volume of blood flow through the vessels. These actions, in addition, can lower the blood pressure that arises in the central circulation system, as well as reduce the burden on the heart. In such a bath for the enhancement of the effect, a small amount of mustard is allowed. You can put mustard plasters in the heart, on the back of the neck, and on the calves of your legs. Powder from mustard can be covered in socks or wrapped in a small piece of tissue and applied to the neck of the patient.

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Normalization of pressure is promoted and various lotions. For example, you can use compresses with wine or apple cider vinegar, imposed on the patient's heels and held for 5-7 minutes.

If someone from the household has a hypertensive crisis, then an excellent way to reduce blood pressure will be juice, compote or jam, made from berries of chokeberry. If the hypertensive crisis occurred during the season of its maturation, you can chew fresh berries from the bush.

But not all of the domestic preparations can be found products made from the fruits of chokeberry. Therefore, the easiest way to reduce blood pressure when hypertensive crisis can be considered cold. The effect of cold perfectly normalizes the indices of pressure, and its application in the home does not cause any difficulties. A hot-water bottle with ice turns into a piece of cloth and is applied to the navel area. The patient thus needs to do slow and deep breaths by a stomach, on an inspiration holding a breath approximately for 10 seconds. This procedure should last no more than 5 minutes.

The use of aromatherapy techniques can also have a beneficial effect on improving well-being. To perform such a procedure, the patient should be provided with a prone position, in which his face will be lowered into the pillow. One of the people who are at this time next to the patient, must apply ice on both sides in the neck. Keep the ice compress for a fairly long time, until the ice melts. On still damp skin, one of the oils must be applied, it can be inlang-ylang, geranium, lavender, lemon, lemon balm or juniper.

It is possible to use pre-prepared infusions of herbs, but their use will take quite a long time and will soon be a treatment for the effects of hypertensive crisis at home. But to tell about them is still worth it.

With the rise in blood pressure, which was caused by nervous experiences, and the consequence was a hypertonic crisis, it is necessary to use a decoction created on the basis of valerian and motherwort herbs.

To prepare it you need 1 tbsp.l.mixture of herbs, pour it with a glass of warm water. The infusion is cooked for an hour in a thermos bottle. Take the drug you need 30-50 ml 3 times a day.

For the normalization of pressure can serve as a decoction of yarrow. To do this, 20 grams of dried grass should be poured with 2 glasses of water. The broth is cooked for 15 minutes on low heat, after which it needs to be cooled and filtered. A bitter broth is taken every day for 30 ml.

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