Is it possible to have ginger for gastritis?

Ginger with gastritis

Ginger is a very useful product. His wonderful properties are made up of legends. The main question: is it possible to have ginger with gastritis? One thing is known for sure that it contains a large number of acute components that can irritate the mucosa. As a result, it is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems, with a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as well as with increased acidity. Conclusion: use it should be with gastritis with normal or low acidity.

The use of ginger is usually associated with some other problems or as a folk remedy. He entered the list of medicinal products due to the fact that he has very useful properties. First of all, these are antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

In its pure form it is difficult to use. Usually it is added to tea, using the powder, which is, practically, in every store. What gives such a drink? First of all, it is the removal of inflammation in the stomach. And, of course, it is a wonderful drink on a hot summer day

with a fragrant and tart taste. In this case, tea should be slightly brewed.

Prevention and treatment of gastritis ginger

Is it possible to have ginger for gastritis? Treat gastritis with ginger should be very accurate. In case of inflammation of the stomach, he is expected to have 2 results of action. Either he starts to irritate the mucous membrane, or destroy harmful bacteria. It is better, nevertheless, to consult a specialist with this question, the doctor will put everything in order, give the right recommendations, guided by the patient's condition.

It is recommended to prevent gastritis, than to diligently dispose of it. Prevent the disease in a state of constant rush and the lack of a constant diet can be with the help of ginger. To do this, in the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink 1 glass of water and chew a piece of its root about 1 centimeter in size. Thus, the digestion process improves and there will be no inflammation.

Ginger essential oil is also famous for its curative properties. You can buy it in stores. With gastritis, you can prepare it for treatment. Products: grated ginger root - 50 grams, vegetable oil - 100 grams, sugar - 100 grams. Preparation: heat the oil well, add sugar and bring to a boil. In boiling oil, add the ginger puree, mix and remove from heat. Stand, the resulting oil should be 2 hours, just it will cool, and it can be safely used to treat gastritis. Take oil in the morning and evening for 1 tablespoon.

Contraindications: inflammation of the skin, bleeding, high fever, stomach ulcer, inflammation of the intestine, allergy, cholelithiasis and ulcerative colitis.

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