Fibrinous gastritis

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One of the types of acute gastritis is a dangerous and rare disease of fibrinous gastritis. In another way it is called diphtheria. This form is expressed by diphtheritic inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The occurrence of such inflammation occurs only if there was another serious infectious disease: typhoid fever, scarlet fever or sepsis. Also, the cause of this form of the disease can be poisoning, if the body gets a solution of concentrated acids or sulem.

With fibrinous gastritis, the gastric mucosa is covered with a film consisting of fibrin protein. Sometimes it is brown or gray. Cells of the mucous membrane of the stomach underneath the film are necrotic( disintegrate and die).Necrotizing cells can occur both deep and shallow.

In this regard, the fibrinous form is often combined with phlegmonous, purulent, gastritis. This form of the disease is also extremely dangerous and in case of its appearance urgent treatment is needed.

The set of symptoms of fibrinous gastritis completely coincides with the symptoms of usual catarrhal inflammation of the stomach. This belching, nausea, there is an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth and a profuse salivation. Feels heaviness in the left hypochondrium. In some cases, weakness, headaches, a feeling of chills, fever.

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But over time, with fibrinous gastritis, pain begins to increase, vomiting with bile and mucus, sometimes with blood streaks.

To identify the fibrinous form of the disease is not particularly difficult. For this it is important to have a complete and sufficient anamnesis of the patient, based on clinical and endoscopic studies. A distinctive feature that allows correctly diagnose and determine the strength of inflammation is the color of the film covering the stomach.

At present, the appearance of fibrinous gastritis is extremely rare, this form of the disease hardly ever occurs. However, in case of detection of the disease, it should be treated as the main infectious inflammation. In addition, it is important to carry out treatment similar to that for acute gastritis. It is important to recognize this form of stomach disease in time and not confuse it with others.

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