Askarids and itching in the anus, rash and acne with ascariasis( photo)

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Ascaridosis is a parasitic disease caused by roundworms. This disease is very common around the globe. Ascarids by their stay in the human body are bad for their health. They cause different symptoms, for example: itching and rash on the skin, coughing, digestive system disorders. It is not always immediately possible to recognize this parasitic disease, since its symptoms can be masked for other diseases.

Parasites of this type are strong allergens, they often cause an itch and a rash as in the photo. When the ascarid eggs enter the human intestine, the parasites quickly turn into larvae, enter the intestinal walls and enter the bloodstream. Thus, they are carried throughout the body, this phase is called migration.

Why do ascarids cause itching?

Ascaris larvae are a potent allergen, which is why at the stage of migration the patient often has various kinds of allergic reactions. There may be itching, rash, pimples on the skin( in the photo), sometimes ascarids cause the development of bronchial asthma.

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The larvae enter the liver, heart and lungs from the intestine by the blood current. In organs, they cause micro-trauma, for example, because of their ingression into the lungs, a cough may occur. With phlegm, the larvae enter the pharynx, where they can be re-swallowed by the patient.

As soon as they enter the intestine a second time, another phase begins. Parasites cease to migrate to become adults and begin to multiply actively. During the intestinal phase, itching with ascariasis becomes less pronounced, various digestive disorders begin.

Why can not itch and rash occur with ascariasis?

Most often, various types of helminthiases occur in children, because they do not yet know how to comply with hygiene rules. Parents recognize the presence of parasites in the child's body by characteristic signs, such as: a rash, itching in the anus, scratching teeth in a dream, disruption of the digestive system. But not always the parasitic disease is manifested by the symptoms described above, therefore it is important for children to be periodically taken to the examination.

In adults with ascariasis, itching in the anus and the rash may be weak or absent altogether. This is due to the fact that in adults the immunity is more stable, therefore it reacts poorly or does not react at all to the attack of parasites. With age, violations of the body's defenses, which manifest themselves as allergies, become less noticeable. But digestive disorders in adults are more pronounced than in children, because over the years people acquire various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract.

The severity of symptoms also depends on the number of worms in the body. If there are not enough of them, then the itching from the ascarids may not even be at all in children, but if there is a massive infection, then all the symptoms will be pronounced. It is better to treat such helminthias under the supervision of a doctor. Medical therapy is necessary, it is impossible to derive such worms with folk recipes, this can aggravate the migration of worms and lead to serious consequences, for example, to appendicitis or peritonitis.

Itching and rash with ascariasis, cough, fever, signs of body intoxication - all these symptoms can not be ignored. It is not always immediately clear what a person is sick, the symptomatology with such a helminthic invasion may be different, which is why it is better to undergo an examination if it is suspected of ascariasis, especially for children, since they are most often susceptible to parasitic diseases.

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