Treatment of pancreatic folk remedies

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The pancreas is subjected to constant attacks throughout life. She takes part in the digestive system, responsible for the production of pancreatic juice. The enzymes of the juice are involved in the process of digestion, the production of hormones and the regulation of metabolism. Therefore, it is so important to treat pancreatic folk remedies at home and prevent many organ diseases.

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Symptoms of the disease

One of the most common symptomsinflammations are the pain at the top of the abdomen and lower back. And if you lean forward, or in a sitting posture, the pain weakens. Also known symptoms include:

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  • nausea, vomiting;
  • high temperature;
  • increased heart rate;
  • sweating;
  • skin and eye proteins acquire a yellowish tinge.

But it's worth noting that such symptoms are also characteristic of other diseases.

On the correct treatment of the house

In people's practices have long been developed methods that help protect the pancreas from the negative effects of harmful foods that we eat or drink. In the kitchen, in the garden there are a lot of products that perfectly help in home treatment.

Strict diet

The body under consideration is directly responsible for the process of digestion, therefore at home treatment it is necessary to talk about a special diet. You need to eat a minimum of harmful and maximum healthy food.

Important! During the first two days you need to starve to unload the organ. The pancreas, because of the lack of food intake, will stop the production of extra enzymes. In days of hunger-strike, drink water, tea( especially a decoction of dry wild rose berries).

The most effective way to treat the pancreas is buckwheat with kefir, while the remedy has no contraindications.

You can get the effect of the oatmeal:

  1. 1 cup of oats thoroughly rinse, pour 2.5 glasses of water, put it in a dark place for 12 hours.
  2. Next, you need to boil it for half an hour, wrap it in a blanket and re-let it brew for 10-12 hours.
  3. In the morning, strain and add boiled water to the volume that was originally. Take 3 times a day between meals.

For two weeks of treatment you need to eat low-fat soups, cereals, grated dietary meat. You can not eat anything containing fiber( fresh vegetables and fruits are excluded), requires a complete rejection of salty, smoked products.

Important! In the process of treating the pancreas at home, it is generally necessary to revise the lifestyle. Incorporate more traffic, walk in the fresh air, give up smoking and alcohol.

Folk methods of home pancreatic treatment

Oat milk

Oat products help with problems with the gland. In particular, not only actively lean on oatmeal( boil on water), but drink oat milk.

To cook, you need 100 grams of unrefined oats pour a half liter of water and simmer. After forty minutes, cover the oats and boil for a quarter of an hour. Then cool and drink white liquid, which is similar to milk. Eat half the glass, three times a day before meals.

Important! Store homemade oat milk in the refrigerator for two days.

Oat broth

You can cook at home oat broth for the treatment of the pancreas. For a kilogram of washed oats take so much water to cover all the grains. Send to a warm place, covered with gauze and leave for a few days. During this time the oats will germinate.

It is necessary to dry oats, grind into flour. A tablespoon of oatmeal is diluted in 60 ml of water, add a glass of boiling water and bring to a boil, boil for two minutes. Infuse for half an hour, then take before eating.


The next useful drink can be prepared for problems with the pancreas based on oats. Wash the oats and pour water, infuse for 12 hours. Then bring to a boil, simmer for half an hour on a slow fire. Cover the pan and leave for 10 hours, then pour the contents of the pan. Top up the boiled water to get the original volume. Drink a jelly one hundred milliliters three times a day( in between basic meals).

Kefir with buckwheat

Add 500 ml of medium-fat kefir to a glass of washed buckwheat. Leave for 12 hours and divide into two parts. The first part of kefir with buckwheat to eat for breakfast, and the second part - for dinner. Such a diet to adhere to nine days. It not only helps to improve the health of the gland, but also contributes to overall sanitation.

Seeds of dill

Seeds should be prepared dill:

  1. 20 g of dill seeds pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist for 1 hour, then strain through gauze.
  2. Received infusion to drink throughout the day.
  3. Infusion do not leave the next day, cook fresh.

potato juice With such a home treatment it is important to drink fresh pressed juice of potato tubers. Rinse the tubers and squeeze out the juice from them, drink for ten minutes. You can simply grate the potatoes on the grater, if there is no special device for obtaining juice, then squeeze the liquid through the cheesecloth. Drink twice a day for a glass half an hour before you sit down at the table.

Important! For a greater effect in the treatment, the potato juice is mixed with a glass of kefir. The course of treatment is two weeks, with a weekly break, to repeat up to four times.

Mashed potatoes

This is about fresh potatoes. It should be grinded on a grater and for thirty minutes before a meal to eat a gruel. Start with one teaspoon, because, the taste of raw mashed potatoes is not very pleasant. Then increase the amount of mashed potatoes to a tablespoon.

Important! Contraindication to the treatment of pancreas raw potatoes is the increased acidity of the stomach.

What herbs and broths are advised folk medicine:

  • a sage broth to stimulate the production of insulin in the required amount.50 grams of decoction take a quarter of an hour before eating;
  • five grams of immortelle pour 0.5 liters of cold water. Leave for eight hours, then for two weeks drink a glass of tincture a day;
  • has an excellent effect on iron mixing a tablespoon of immortelle with the same number of chamomile flowers. Pour 0.2 liters of water, insist thirty minutes. Take three times a day for 100 ml before meals;
  • a tablespoon of calendula flowers is filled with a mug of boiling water. Leave for ten hours, drink before meals in a glass three times a day;
  • mix evenly peppermint, dill seeds, St. John's wort and cinnamon. In a tablespoon of mixture pour a mug of boiling water, leave for an hour. Eat half the glass before each meal;
  • brew clearing of beans, blueberries, cranberries and strawberries, cornflower flowers and corn stigmas. Infuse ten hours, take, similar to the previous broth.

Treatment of folk remedies for the gland


First of all, you must give up fatty foods, ready meals without oil, eat porridges, meat and vegetables that are quickly absorbed by the body. Recipes of traditional medicine can be used after consultation with a doctor.

For the preparation of herbs collection it is necessary to take:

  1. For 1 tbsp.l. Valerian, calendula, nettle and St. John's wort, mix everything.
  2. Then 1 tbsp.l. The resulting mixture pour 200 ml of boiling water and put it until it cools.
  3. Infuse the infusion, and drink it in small sips throughout the day.

Or you can buy ready tincture hemlock in the pharmacy. It must be taken within 80 days. On the first day - 1 drop, in the second - 2, and so continue until 40 days, and then take in reverse order to reduce.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer

Folk remedies can be a comprehensive treatment with traditional medicine. Do not give up drugs that you have been assigned.

From flowers and leaves of marigold can be prepared with infusion:

  1. 2 tsp. Calendula pour 400 ml and let it brew in a warm place for 2 hours.
  2. Next, strain and take before each meal by 1/2 cup 4 times a day.

When treating cancer tumors take beet juice. Drink the juice 6 times a day for 100 ml with the same intervals in time. Beet juice should be kept for 3 hours, then cleaned in the refrigerator. It is better to eat with black bread or sauerkraut. To the second dish to serve the boiled beet in the cut or rubbed kind.

Diffuse changes

Traditional medicine involves treatment based on the causes of the disease. Non-traditional methods will be used after consultation with the doctor. You can use the herbal collection:

  1. Stir for 1 tsp.coriander, cucumbers, dill seeds, mint leaves, elecampane root, St. John's wort.
  2. Take 1 tbsp.l.mixture and pour 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 1 hour, drain.
  3. Take 5 times a day for 100 ml.

Also recommend to buy or prepare a tincture of pink rhodiola, take on
20 drops for half an hour before meals.

Stones in the pancreas

When stones appear, the infusion from the burdock root is prescribed. To prepare it you need:

  1. 2 tbsp.l.root of the plant pour 500 ml of boiling water, put it for 3 hours, then strain through gauze.
  2. Divide the infusion into 4 servings, and take each time before meals for half an hour.

Parallel preparation of infusion from the collection of herbs:

  1. Mix 1 tsp.linden, chamomile, violet tricolor, St. John's wort and mint.
  2. Take 1 tbsp.l.collection, pour 200 ml of boiling water, cover, put for half an hour to insist.
  3. Then strain and drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day.


Folk methods of treatment with cysts are considered quite effective. They use various herbal preparations for this purpose.

The most common recipes:

  1. Mix in equal proportions( 20 g each) crushed herbs of calendula, yarrow, celandine.
  2. Take 1 tsp.mixture of plants and pour 200 ml of boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours, strain through a strainer, and squeeze the cake.
  3. Take 50 ml before meals.

If there is no desire to bother with infusions and broths, you need to find a cleanser. Add it in fresh form for 3-5 leaves in different dishes: salads, sliced, sandwiches, soups.


Coping with a pancreatic tumor is not alone in the forces of alternative medicine. But to improve the condition, reduce pain, relieve many symptoms can.

Tincture from aconite:

  1. 100 g of the washed root of the plant put in a bottle, pour 1 liter of boiling water, after an hour there also add finely chopped roots.
  2. Then, pour the resulting liquid into 1 liter of alcohol, put it for 3 weeks to infiltrate in a dark place inaccessible to children.
  3. To accept it is necessary under the certain scheme. Start with one drop a day, then increase +1 daily.
  4. After reaching 20 days, and 20 drops to take the tincture in the reverse order by minus one drop per day.
  5. Tincture should be diluted in 1 tbsp.l.water.

Before use, be sure to consult a doctor, aconite plant - poisonous, has a lot of contraindications. Only the doctor can determine the exact dosage.

Pancreatic steatosis

The first thing that requires treatment is dieting, getting rid of extra pounds, giving up bad habits. Of the folk remedies recommend oatmeal jelly:

  1. 250 g of flakes pour 600 ml of warm water, leave for 2 days to insist in a warm place.
  2. The strained liquid should be put on fire and boiled until it becomes thick, mixing with a wooden spatula.
  3. When boiling, switch off the kissel, let it cool and refrigerate. Take it every day for breakfast.

Parasites in the pancreas

To kill the worms - use more burning, sharp foods. They have antiseptic, bactericidal properties, removes toxins and eliminates blockage. Parasites do not tolerate high temperature and acidity in the body. The main thing is not to overdo it!

Some simple ways to correct them:

  • to eat 8-10 cloves of garlic with melted milk, and after 1,5-2 hours to drink the drug with laxative effect;
  • drink 2 times a day for 1 tbsp.l.carrot juice;
  • pears are together with an ogrezkom, bones do not spit out;
  • sutra has 5-7 leaves of sorrel;
  • decoction of tansy to do an enema 1 time per day( 1 tablespoon of flowers pour 500 ml of boiling water, allow boil for 10 minutes, drain.

Pancreatic obesity

For treatment use a decoction of corn stigmas:

  1. 1 tbsp.l.pour 250 ml of boiling water, put on a fire and boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Give half an hour to infuse, drain. Divide the broth 2 times, take it in the morning and in the evening.

You can buy in the pharmacy extract of corn stigmas, which must be taken before each meal for 25 drops.

Pains in the pancreas

To get rid of the pain you need to prepare a decoction:

  1. 300 g of parsnip to grind with a blender( or twist in a meat grinder), pour 1 liter of milk.
  2. Put on fire, bring to a boil, allow to boil for 15 minutes.
  3. The course of treatment 2 days, repeat it 3 times with an interval of 10 days.

On the first day, make an enema of broth. On the second day, prepare the same broth, divide it into 4 receptions, and drink with an interval of 4 hours( on this day, nothing is).

You can grind the oat-flakes with a coffee grinder, pour it in a ratio of 1: 2 with cooled boiled water, allow the night to stand. Before breakfast for half an hour carefully mix and eat the resulting mass.

Prevention of the disease

To prevent the disease, first of all observe a diet:

  • get rid of bad habits;
  • fill your diet with porridges( buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley);
  • eat less salty, fatty and sweet.

Drink for two weeks infusion of potato flowers:

  1. 3 tbsp.l.pour 400 ml of boiling water, allow to stand for 3 hours, filter through a fine strainer.
  2. Take 100 ml before eating.

These are the main effective treatment options for pancreatic folk remedies at home. It is important to try every few months to change the way of treatment, according to the attending physician and the main medication course.

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