Regidron with a hangover and alcohol intoxication: instructions, contraindications, reviews

Hangover refers to very unpleasant conditions, resulting from excessive abuse of alcohol. Abstinence is characterized by the presence of headaches, vomiting, vomiting, photophobia, excessive thirst, irritability and other discomfort. In a similar condition, experts recommend taking Regidron, which has proved itself, as a very effective remedy against the withdrawal syndrome. If there is a serious intoxication, then it is recommended to take Regidron in combination with other detoxification agents.

Regidron with a hangover and intoxication of the body

Regidron refers to drugs that correct the electrolyte and energy balance, which is disturbed by alcohol addiction or intoxication with alcohol and other toxic substances. Many often confuse the concepts of alcohol poisoning and hangover.

With a hangover syndrome, a portion of an alcoholic beverage helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, even if the alcoholic has a delirium condition. In the presence of intoxication lesions, it even starts to stir when thinking about alcohol, alcohol causes terrible disgust. The development of a hangover takes place gradually, in accordance with the formation of alcohol dependence. With the systematic abuse of hot drinks in the body is a massive restructuring, especially affects the enzymatic activity.

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When alcohol is misused, dehydration takes place, because this alcohol has the effect of a diuretic. Along with the liquid, the body mercilessly loses useful trace elements, so dehydration is manifested by weakness and exhaustion. Still our ancestors valued brine from cabbage or cucumbers, as an effective remedy against a hangover. It contains mineral salts and other elements that contribute to the elimination of dehydration and the normalization of water-salt balance.

Brine consumption eliminates the formed mineral-salt deficiency, which leads to an improvement in the general state of hangover or intoxication syndrome. The solution of Regidron acts with intoxication and hangover similarly to brine, i.e., replenishes the deficiency of minerals and salts.


As part of Regidron, there are components like:

  • Sodium chloride;
  • Sodium citrate;
  • Potassium chloride;
  • Dextrose.

Forms of release

The product is produced in the form of a powder, before use dissolving in water. After dissolving, Regidron takes on the appearance of a transparent and non-smelling liquid with slightly salty flavor.

The average price for packaging a drug containing 20 bags is about 388-476 rubles.


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Indications for use

In general, the drug is indicated for administration in cases of disturbed water-electrolyte equilibrium.

In the application instructions for the preparation the manufacturer clarifies that the drug is recommended:

  • With diarrhea accompanied by dehydration;
  • For lesions of a thermal nature with a violation of the balance of fluid and salt in the body;
  • With intense physical overloads with strong perspiration;
  • As rehydration therapy for intoxication, including alcohol.

In the case of alcoholic intoxication or withdrawal symptoms, patients experience mild dehydration, and there is a disturbance in the liquid-salt balance, alcoholic etching of patients is vomiting, so Regidron's solution in such situations will be very useful. The drug will ease the patient's condition and improve overall health.

Principle of operation for hangovers

In the solution of Regidron, there are components like glucose, potassium and sodium salts that, when alcohol etched or abstinence, have a beneficial effect on the body, because alcohol has a very negative effect on organic activity:

  • Abuse of strong alcohol leads to loss of necessary salts by the body, which threatens dehydration. Alcohol leads to loss of sodium, resulting in swelling and real exchange disorders in the cellular structures;
  • Alcohol also leads to loss of potassium, which adversely affects the activity of the vascular system and the myocardium;
  • Suffer from the loss of trace elements and nervous system structure, which causes soreness in the head or dizziness.

Similar conditions by narcologists are regarded as potentially dangerous, because they are fraught with the development of delirium or white fever.

In the abstinence state, the organism of alcohol dependent people especially needs glucose. Regidron helps to fill this deficiency, because it contains a glucose component that helps restore liver cells, especially those damaged by alcohol poisoning. In addition, glucose gives the body the necessary energy, which ensures the normal course of biochemical reactions.

Instruction for use

Regidron is not tied to meals and is accepted at any time. The contents of one sachet( depending on the amount of powder) are dissolved in 100 ml, 500 ml or a liter of boiled warm water( about 36-37 ° C).The resulting solution is drunk in small sips and often. Drinking large amounts of solution at once is not recommended to avoid the occurrence of vomiting.

For alcohol poisoning, the dosage for adults is calculated according to the weight of the patient. For example, an adult 70-kilogram patient for an hour needs to drink 700 ml of the solution( whether 10 ml / kg).When the patient's condition improves, the dosage is halved, and if the state of health worsens, the solution is again drunk in the original volumes.

If the patient is vomiting or vomiting, then to drink Regidron solution is recommended chilled, in small repeating amounts, for example, 50 ml. If the patient is worried about irrepressible vomiting, the specialist can rehydrate through a nasogastric tube. Such manipulations are carried out only by a specialist and under his control, since only he can perform the procedure safely.


The drug is contraindicated in diabetes, kidney disorders, intestinal obstruction. With abstinence, patients often get high blood pressure. If there is such a symptom, taking Regidron's solution is also contraindicated.

It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for diluting the powder, since the use of a solution of too high concentration for alcohol poisoning and intoxication can lead to hypernatremia, which manifests itself as weakness and lethargy, drowsiness and excitation of neuromuscular tissues, impaired consciousness, coma, or respiratory arrest.

If the above symptoms appear, further rehydration with this drug should be discontinued. Further therapy is consistent with the specialist.


There are many preparations similar to Regidron's actions like Trigidron, Reosolana, Citraglukosolan, Hydrovita, etc. There is also a kind of drug with a prefix Bio. Regiodron Bio contains prebiotic maltodextrin and lactobacillus, due to which not only fluid replenishment takes place, but also restorative-supporting effect on intestinal microflora.

Sometimes it happens that there is no Regidron powder in the medicine cabinet, and rehydration should be done urgently. In this case, homemade analogue of the drug will help. In a boiled warm( 40 ° C) water, dissolve 30 g of sugar, 2.5 g of soda, 3.5 g of salt. Take the resulting solution similar to the pharmacy Regigrina. You can dissolve in ½ liter of water 2 large spoonfuls of sugar, and for ¼ tsp.salt and soda, the resulting solution has a similar effect.

Such homemade solutions differ from the pharmacy option by the lack of potassium. To maximize the similarity of the composition, potassium chloride should be added to the solution: a liter of water + 4 tbsp.l.sugar + 0.5 tsp.soda, salt and potassium chloride. With the maximum temperature of the solution with the temperature of the body, the absorption of the components is best and fastest, however, it is better to cool the solution slightly during vomiting.
Video review of medicines for removing the hangover and alleviating the state of alcohol poisoning:


Regigrand patients leave mostly positive reviews, as the drug is simple enough and effective in use, quickly eliminates diarrhea and subsequent dehydration. He has practically no contraindications and side reactions. Some dislike a specific salty taste, but this "flaw" is insignificant. Doctors unanimously confirm the effectiveness of the drug and recommend taking it at the slightest sign of dehydration, to alleviate the condition with diarrhea.

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