Tincture of calendula with gastritis

Treatment of gastritis with calendula( marigold) is a very effective and common method in folk medicine. The miraculous properties of marigolds on the human body are justified by science.

Scientists say that the usefulness of this plant is related to the content of tannites, volatile ether oils, as well as calendula( yellow gums) in the plant. This is the basis for knitting and antiseptic qualities of this plant. Actively used and perfectly helps tincture of calendula with gastritis, and even with ulcerative stomach disease. It has a softening effect on inflammatory processes, solves problems with stools and is able to stop bleeding( including internal bleeding).Therefore, dry flowers or marigold extract is an ingredient of many pharmaceuticals and special herbal teas that are prescribed to patients by gastroenterologists for gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to cook and take tincture of calendula with gastritis?

Before starting treatment with calendula gastritis, the patient should consult a gastroenterologist or therapist.

For the preparation of calendula infusion it is recommended to take in equal parts( twenty grams) of marigold flowers, yarrow, and chamomile. They should be crushed and mixed thoroughly. It is necessary to pour into the thermos in the evening twenty grams from the already obtained dry mixture, they are poured with two hundred milliliters of boiling water. After that, leave the mixture to be infused for the whole night. And in the morning, the product must be filtered. Use this drink three times a day for one third of the glass approximately twenty minutes before eating. The course of treatment should be 3 full weeks.

If you are diagnosed with gastritis with high acidity, then you need a different prescription. You should take in equal parts the flowers of chamomile, calendula, althea root and yarrow for twenty grams. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and poured half from a liter of boiling water. Do not forget to close the broth with a lid, then insist for an hour, then drain. This drug should be taken half the glass three times a day, about twenty minutes before meals. The length of such treatment is a three-week course.

Caution in the application of calendula in gastritis

Despite all the obvious advantages of using calendula for the treatment of gastritis, it is necessary to consult with a gastroenterologist in advance, as well as with a therapist. This is due to possible contraindications.

First of all, it should be noted that during pregnancy it is better to refuse the use of folk remedies, and to treat inflammation of the gastric mucosa in a complex way. This is due to the fact that in most cases( with mild stages or forms of the disease), treatment is limited only to a special diet. In addition, this plant is recommended in principle to use pregnant women with caution( even externally).

Also, with severe anemia and hypotension, treatment of gastritis with calendula is undesirable. In addition, do not forget about the possible allergic reactions. In addition, it is not recommended without using a doctor to use simultaneously tincture of calendula with other herbal drinks, as well as medicines.

Take care of your health. And remember that you should not underestimate the apparently seemingly innocuous remedy, referring to the naturalness of its origin and availability. That's why you should not overestimate your own condition and pre-conduct a full diagnosis and get a qualified specialist consultation.

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