Can rolls and sushi with gastritis

First you need to understand what sushi and rolls are. Sushi - a piece of fresh fish, which is cut into oblong pieces and laid out on a piece of rice of a special kind. The rolls are a sheet of "nori", on which rice is laid( thin layer), and the top is filled with fish, then the sausage is formed and cut into pieces 1 cm thick. The main advantage of this product is that instead of fresh fish, you can put a variety of anyfillings to your taste. In general, they are one of the varieties of land.

Since the main point in the treatment of a gastric disease such as gastritis is the right diet, then sushi and rollers need to know if these foods are suitable for a diet. For this it is worthwhile to understand what is their use. Combine their rice and fish, and when cooking the first, they also use wasabi, nori and ginger. The special benefit of these products is that seafoods that do not undergo thermal treatment are used for cooking, so they preserve all the useful substances.

Wasabi has an antiseptic effect and is rich in antioxidants, as well as vitamin C. Nori leaves contain elements such as calcium, iodine and iron. Ginger( pickled) is able to have an anti-inflammatory effect and improves digestion, which is what is required for the treatment of gastritis.

It should be noted that the use of rolls and sushi affects the condition of nails, hair and teeth positively. These products are considered to be the most dietary, but with gastritis it is worth knowing the measure and choosing the right stuffing.

Despite all the benefits and the number of necessary elements, experts still use rolls and sushi when gastritis is not advised. Why? The fact is that for the filling they use exotic products, for example shrimps, red fish or mussels, and for their digestion requires a large number of enzymes. Therefore, if you use similar products with gastritis, it can smoothly pass into the stomach ulcer.

In addition, rolls and sushi use very sharp sauces, for example, wasabi, which categorically can not be used for gastritis.

Can I sushi with gastritis?

In our time there are many people who simply do not represent their lives without rolls and sushi. It is worth knowing that if you are a victim of gastritis, sometimes you can afford to eat such foods, but not in their usual form. That is, they will have to cook on their own and remove all products that are not possible with this disease. For example, replace raw fish with vegetables and fruits - avocado or cucumber. In addition, when using them, you can not use wasabi, soy sauce and ginger. After all, people with a similar inflammation of the stomach can not risk their health and use these products in their natural form. Therefore, it is better to try to find them some kind of replacement or even remove them from the diet.

How to prepare rolls with gastritis?

To begin with it is necessary to choose a variant of home preparation, after all only at independent preparation you will be assured, that there it is added. Now consider the option of cooking vegetable rolls, which can be used for gastritis, but in moderation. For the recipe you need: one fresh cucumber, 120 grams of rice, one Bulgarian pepper, lettuce leaves, 1-2 avocados, 3 nori leaves and a bamboo mat for cooking this oriental dish. If you do not have mats, you can take 4-5 sheets of foil and put them in one sheet. On the mat or foil, put a sheet of nori, on it cooked rice. Cut all the ingredients thinly and put them in the rice. All wrapped in a sheet and put in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. Finished product cut into portions and served to the table, but without sauces and seasonings.

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