Tablets from stomach gastritis, a list for treatment, what to drink( take)?

Eliminate the inflammation of the gastric mucosa with various tablets from gastritis. Their appointment is made taking into account several factors: first, the root cause of the disease is revealed, and secondly, what acidity the stomach environment has: increased or decreased. In addition to the main therapy, there are tools that help to eliminate the painful symptoms associated with the disease. Therefore, to answer the question what tablets to drink from gastritis, can only an experienced gastroenterologist, after examining patients and collecting all the necessary tests. But for educational purposes, it makes sense to talk about all the drugs that can go into the list of medications.

Tablets from gastritis with various secretions of

Today there is no universal tablet for gastritis, so you have to carefully weigh all the symptoms and find the most effective combination of medications. So, for example, with reduced secretion, the main component of therapy is the natural gastric juice itself. It is taken with food, the dosage is chosen by the attending physician. The composition of natural or synthetic juice contains enzymes and hydrochloric acid, they contribute to the normal splitting of food.

Increased secretion is very dangerous. Violation of the balance of enzymes and hydrochloric acid leads to the fact that gastric juice begins to erode the walls of the stomach. Restore the balance of neutralizing tablets against gastritis, the list of drugs is wide: this is Maalox, and Almagel, Atropine, Histak or Ranitidine.

As mentioned above, gastritis can occur as a result of several causes. The most common of these is the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria. With its tentacles, it cuts very hard into the walls of the stomach, the products of its vital activity destroy tissues, gastritis occurs, the treatment and tablets should be directed in this case to the destruction of the bacterium itself. Strong antibiotics can help in this. And not one drug, but a bunch of several potent drugs. To suppress Helicobacter pylori are capable of Clarithromycin paired with Amoxicilin, or Metronidazole paired with tetracycline.

Additional list of tablets from gastritis

The appointment of other drugs is possible. During the examination, the doctor identifies the most characteristic symptoms and prescribes the means that help to remove them. We list the most common of them.

  1. Blocking tablets from gastritis are used when the patient suffers from diarrhea. The most famous antidiarrheal drugs are Smecta, Polyphepam and Almagel.
  2. If a patient suffers from vomiting, antiemetic medications such as Motilium are prescribed.
  3. Elimination of bloating and gas helps the carminative Espoumezan.
  4. The motility of the gastrointestinal tract can be accelerated with the help of prokinetics: Cerukal, Ghanaton and Motilak.
  5. Relieve pain and spasms of analgesics and antispasmodics No-sppa, Nitroglycyrinum, Analginum or Baralgin.
  6. You can restore secret functions using Mezim and Dehistal.
  7. Often the acute forms of the described disease occur when food gets into the stomach contaminated with pathogenic bacteria: what tablets should I drink from gastritis in this case?- Antimicrobial. Furazilidone or Sulgin have a good antitoxic effect.
  8. Gastritis, provoked by food allergy, is treated with antihistamine drugs, such as Alerone or Fenkaron.
  9. When the described disease becomes a consequence of the transferred stresses, psychopharmacological tablets are appointed. Amitriptyline, Sanason, and Valerian Extract have a good soothing effect.
  10. Sometimes, tablets from gastritis are taken with bitterness. It improves appetite and promotes faster recovery.

These drugs are the most common means of official medicine. Take them yourself is not worth it. And all because some drugs have a dangerous side effect. Sometimes it occurs when therapy is carried out with the help of a combination of these or other medications. What will save one, the other can be poison. This axiom must necessarily be taken into account.

At the first signs of the disease, you should immediately consult a doctor. If there is no possibility to visit a polyclinic, it is not difficult to call a gastroenterologist at home. In almost all cases, the patient is prescribed a pastel regimen, he is put on a diet and advised to organize around him a complete emotional rest. Effective therapy helps to form only modern diagnostics. As a rule, only the complex character can be treated with gastritis of the stomach, the pills are selected taking into account the existing anamnesis.

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