Symptoms of pork tapeworm( tapeworm), signs of infection with man's shadowosis, eyelid swelling, swelling of the face

The clinical picture of a pork tapeworm( tapeworm, as it is called in the people) can be different. The manifestation of signs of infection with shadows is largely dependent on how much has passed since the onset of helminthiosis, which stage is developing, how many years the patient, if he has other diseases, who is the sick person - the final or intermediate owner. In pronounced cases, physicians distinguish several types of disorders: dyspepsia, abdominal and astheno-neurotic. The totality of the symptoms of the pork chain depends largely on the form of helminthiasis.

The first symptoms of the presence of porcine tapeworm in the human body appear eight weeks after infection. During this time, Finns - the vesicles containing invasive larvae, burst, the worm firmly anchors to the wall of the small intestine, and begins to actively parasitize. Damage to the intestinal mucosa provokes the development of inflammatory reactions. That is why the patient observes signs of dyspeptic disorders. The most characteristic signs of intestinal form of the shadowosis:

  1. Nausea and vomiting.
  2. Loss of appetite.
  3. Stool disorders.

Characteristic symptoms of the shadyosis

In the case of a shade, a person noticeably loses weight. He has pain in his stomach. And this is another true symptom. The nature of the pain can be different. In some patients they are aching, others are cramped; in others, they are intense. When in the intestine the larvae of the pork chain are transformed into a mature individual, another sure sign of helminthiosis may appear-an itch around the anus. The products of the life of the solitaires gradually poison the body, the toxins provoke the development of allergic reactions.

Swelling of the eyelids and swelling of the face of pork tartar does not cause. Such manifestations are a characteristic feature of parasitic disease, caused by bovine tapeworm. A characteristic symptom of infection with a pig chain is the presence of a parasite in the stool of the patient - small fragments of the worm are yellowish-white in color. Sometimes the segments try to crawl. When found in feces such fragments it is useful to store the samples and carry them to the doctor. Such an act will help to facilitate the diagnosis.

Signs of the pork solitaire

What other symptoms can be accompanied by shadows? Sometimes the segments along with the vomitic masses enter the patient's stomach. There, under the action of gastric juice, the envelope of invasive eggs dissolves, releasing the outlet for the larvae. Thus, favorable conditions for the development of cysticercosis - a disease in which self-infection of the body larvae of pork chopsticks occur. Man in this case acts as an intermediate master. Therefore, larvae along with the blood flow migrate throughout the body and settle in different internal systems. What are the symptoms?

Several types of cysticercosis, cysticercosis of the eye, lungs, skin and heart, are distinguished at the place of dislocation of larvae of porcine tapeworm. The most dangerous is cysticercosis of the brain, when it develops, astheno-neurotic syndromes appear. The patient may complain of signs of hydrocephalus or cerebral hypertension. He suffers:

  1. Constant headaches.
  2. Severe dizziness.
  3. Sensitivity, memory, speech disorders.
  4. Epileptic seizures often occur.

If the appearance of the first symptoms of the porcine tapeworm is ignored, the situation is sharply aggravated. The patient has hallucinations, a person can rave, often lose consciousness. Symptoms of basal meningitis suggest that the larvae of the pork snake have made their way to the base of the brain. The Bruns syndrome is a sure sign of the larvae entering the fourth ventricle of the brain. Cysticercosis of the lungs does not manifest itself in any way. Complaints about the symptoms of conjunctivitis in case of suspicion of the described invasion are an occasion to suspect the presence of cysticercosis in the eyes. For parasitic heart damage, a disruption in the work of the organ described is characteristic.

As you can see, the clinical picture of helminthiosis depends on where the pig tartan has settled, and who is the person( the final or intermediate host).Only an experienced physician is able to distinguish the form of a shadow in the symptom and make an effective treatment regimen.

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