Pinworms are a type of round worms, white in color, to what type are they, are they black, flat, small?

There is a well-defined classification of parasites, which allows us to understand what danger worms can carry. In a separate type of worms, round worms are isolated. The most insidious in the realm of parasites are nematodes. This class combines up to 24,000 subspecies, but scientists suggest that this is not the final figure. They include about a million species. All nematodes have common features. What kind? The answer to this question I would like to reveal with the example of pinworms.

As mentioned above, the type of roundworms combines species that have a similar structure. And in pinworms, and in ascarids, and in vlago-head, as in other subspecies, the body is very thin, elongated in length, pointed at the ends, in a transverse section, in contrast to flat parasites, round. That's why this type of helminth got its name.

The elasticity of the pinworm is given by the cavity fluid, it fills the entire interior space of round worms of white color and forms a pressure that is slightly above atmospheric. The cavity fluid serves as a hydroskeleton, it also ensures the transport of nutrients and the withdrawal of waste products.

Instead of the digestive system of small white worm-twins, the digestive tube. It is divided into three sections. The front begins with a mouth opening and continues with a pharynx. It works by the principle of a pump. The middle section of the digestive tube of roundworms is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The last part of the tube is the hindgut. This is the anus.

White round pinworms have a excretory system. Two side channels act as it. They merge into one stream under the pharynx. The products of vital activity in parasites first accumulate in the cavity fluid, and only then the discharge canals, which open on the side where the peritoneum is located, are discharged outwards.

This type of roundworm has a nervous system. It is simple from the anatomical point of view, but it can provide the pinworms the ability to feel, taste and even see the light.

The type of roundworms unites parasites that reproduce only sexually. Pinworms have males and females. In the male, the reproductive system consists of the vas deferens, the canal from which the seed and the apparatus are ejected, by means of which the male copulates with the female. In the female pinworm, the reproductive system is represented by paired ovaries, oviducts, a full-fledged uterus and a vagina that has an unpaired structure. After mating, the female gives birth to eggs. In pinworms, they become invasive six hours after masonry.

And one more important point. Round worms are a type of nematodes with a skin-muscular sac. It is multi-layer, the basis of the frame is formed by longitudinal muscle fibers. When they contract, the body of the pinworm coils and moves forward. Serpentine movement is a characteristic feature of parasites of the type described. This is another difference from flat worms.

White round worms are a type of parasite that lives inside the host's body. Their main goal is not the death of the carrier, but the food due to it. But if you start the invasion, death can come. That is why it is so important to be able to recognize the first symptoms of infection in time and treat your health more closely.

Why are pinworms black and red?

Skip them with enterobiosis is difficult. Pinworm is a small white worm. It enters the human body orally and settles in the intestine. It is there that the larvae mature, grow and grow adult. After the act of copulation, the males die and, together with the feces, go outside. The dead pinworms are black. Experts recommend that if there is a suspicion of infection, carefully study the feces. If it contains black round worms, these are dead pinworms. Their presence is an excuse for unrest. Sometimes pinworms are red. This is not an anomaly, and the consequences are mono-diet. Some trace elements, which feed on parasites, can stain the body of round and flat worms in unusual shades.

A man has a type of pinworm - enterobius vermicularis. It has characteristic features: small sizes( up to 12 mm), round shape, pointed ends and milky-white color. Females parasitize in the intestines, but at night they crawl out through the rectum and lay eggs around the anus. If the clutch is tightened, the female does not have time to crawl back. That's why they stay on their underwear. Their serpentine movement irritates the skin, there is a strong itch - this is the most characteristic symptom of the presence of enterobius vermicularis type inside the human body. When the number of worms in the intestine is greatly increased, they go out and in the afternoon with feces. They are easy to recognize by the strong twisting movements and the characteristic white color. Black pinworms are dead. Knowing that there are pinworms, where parasitize white roundworms, what dangers they present to a person, you can try to prevent the appearance of infestation.

How can I get rid of roundworms?

This type of white roundworms is dangerous for humans, practically all nematodes have a small life cycle, but during it the process of reproduction proceeds swiftly. The accumulation of a large number of parasites leads to complications. Some of them, such as intestinal obstruction, for example, can provoke a fatal outcome. That is why it is so important that when the first symptoms of the presence of parasites, including flat ones, are found, immediately seek help from specialists. They will conduct a number of diagnostic studies to determine which type of roundworms have settled inside a person, and then develop an effective treatment regimen.

Modern drugs allow a single dose of medicine to destroy white worms, and then very gently remove them from the body. But the complexity of treatment is to try to prevent re-infection, cleanse the body of toxins, increase local immunity. As already mentioned above, each type of roundworm has its own life cycle, which is why once it is completed, the medication will again need to be resumed and the whole course of treatment repeated anew, even when the next stool and blood test shows the absence of white parasites inside the human body.

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