Cucumber tapeworm, dipilidia in humans - symptoms and treatment of borage-borage, what is dangerous?

Cucumber tapeworm refers to representatives of tapeworms. Parasitization occurs in the small intestine. A person can face him very rarely, more often - cats and dogs. When the cestode enters the host, it causes a dangerous disease - dipilidia. Very interesting is the fact that cucumber tapeworm can not live longer than one year in the body of its owner.

Glist-borage in length reaches a minimum of 20 cm. When serious infection is 70 cm. It should be noted that for tape worms this is not the maximum possible length. The width of the parasite does not exceed 3 mm( in the photo you can see helminth).On the scolex, the worm has a proboscis and 4 suckers. The head has up to 8 rows of hooks, with which the helminth clings to the walls of the intestine. In the photo you can see how the bovine cormorant is attached to the small intestine in the body. Adaptation devices help him show his pathogenic properties.

Ripe segments of helminth outwardly resemble cucumber seeds( this was the reason for the corresponding name).Each of them is filled with small cocoons, inside which develop eggs with a size of 0.026 by 0.05 mm. When the segments of borage have independent activity and break into the external environment of the intestine, eggs emerge from them.

Cycle of development of cucumber chain

The ribbon worm develops with the participation of two hosts. The person most often becomes infected with dipilidiosis accidentally. The main vector of the parasite is the flea. It is an intermediate host, in the body of which invasive forms are formed.

Active segments of the cucumber chain are excreted from the anus of the main host along with its feces. When they enter the environment, the shell is destroyed, and capsules of eggs come out. After that they can swallow withers or fleas. Along with them parasites spread further along the chain.

Finally, a person becomes infected with dipilidiosis after accidentally swallowing an insect, which already has parasites. This can happen, for example, when eating products contaminated with animal hair. Once in the small intestine, they immediately cling to its wall. Sexually mature stage begins 20 days later. In it, the parasite exhibits pathogenic properties, accompanied by the development of clinical manifestations.

It is important to note that cucumber tapeworm is found in the body not only of street cats and dogs, but also domestic. To protect yourself from such a disease as dipilidiosis, it is important to ensure that pets do not have fleas, regularly follow the rules of hygiene.

Symptoms of dipilidiosis

Cucumber in the human body can be found extremely rarely. However, in any case, you need to know the main signs of infection, especially if the house has small children who are in close contact with pets infected with fleas. Dipylidiosis has pronounced symptoms:

  1. Constant salivation, provoking attacks of vomiting, violation of appetite.
  2. Dipylidiosis often causes diarrhea and stool disorders.
  3. Severe aching pain in the abdomen, especially with palpation( palpation).
  4. Frequent dizziness and pain in the temporal lobe.
  5. The skin of the skin pales.
  6. Severe nervous excitability is also a sign of the presence of a cucumber chain in the small intestine.
  7. In the anus, itching is sensed, most pronounced at night, when parasites are released into the external environment.
  8. Decreased appetite and sudden weightless weight loss.

Other symptoms of cucumber chain - exit from the anus during feces of the mature segments. This is direct evidence that the parasite is fruitfully developing in the small intestine. This sign of diplidiozy parents can see for themselves.

If the signs listed above are found necessary, contact your doctor as soon as possible, take tests and begin treatment. Cucumber Tangeren is dangerous for humans and its untimely diagnosis can lead to serious illnesses and complications.

Diagnosis of dipilidia

To accurately diagnose a feces study is necessary. Cucumber tapeworm can be detected only in this way. Dipulidiosis is diagnosed by the method of F├╝leleborn. Several studies are being carried out for greater reliability, becauseThe segments and eggs are not distinguished in a constant mode. Threefold examination of feces is usually indicated.

Treatment is prescribed after receiving assays confirming that the cucumber chop is infected with the small intestine of a person. At the same time, the doctor prescribes examinations that determine the extent of this lesion.

Consequences of dipilidia

Complications that can trigger a cucumber tartar affect the digestive system:

  1. Chronic gallbladder inflammation( specific cholecystitis).
  2. Inflammation of the duodenum, resulting in severe weight loss( specific duodenitis).
  3. Inflammation of the pancreas( specific pancreatitis).
  4. Intestinal colic.
  5. Inflammatory processes in the large and small intestine( colitis and enteritis).

Borage is more dangerous for the human body than it might seem at first glance. Untimely diagnosis and treatment lead to serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Gliston provokes a strong loss in weight, which causes dehydration of the body. These changes are associated with a violation of intestinal absorption necessary for normal vital activity of nutrients.

Treatment of dipilidia

Treatment of borage worm is prescribed by a doctor if symptoms show up and the diagnosis was confirmed by a laboratory test. Appointed preparations of anthelmintic effect.

Dosage of praziquantel for a human with diplipidosis is determined individually. It depends on the following factors:

  • patient weight;
  • age category;
  • how long the cucumber tapeworm is in the small intestine;
  • presence of complications;
  • other factors( concomitant diseases, drug tolerance, susceptibility to allergies).

Cucumber tapeworm can lead to serious complications. Excretion of the worm is carried out at home. Take prazikvantel a person with dipilidia treatment should be strictly according to the doctor's prescription in the recommended dosage.

Fenasal is also used - the drug is considered effective in controlling the parasite. It should be noted that if the treatment is started on time, the predictions are positive. There is an improvement in the condition the very next day, and after a full course the patient completely forgets that he was recently a "hostage" of helminths.

Prevention of dipilidiosis

To protect yourself from infection with cucumber chain you need to follow the basic rules:

  1. If there are animals in the house, dipilidiosis is likely to occur in the owners. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to regularly carry out anthelmintic treatment of pets, bathe them and give the tablets from the worms.
  2. Borage will never appear if you wash your hands every time after the toilet, after contact with animals and after the street. Most bacteria and parasites enter the body through the hands.
  3. Cucumber tapestry can affect the small intestine when exposed to street animals. It is necessary to avoid contact with them, especially for children. Cats and dogs living in street conditions are carriers of fleas, worms and other parasites. So, no matter how sweet and beautiful the kitten was, it is advisable to explain to the child that it should not be touched.

If there are still borage symptoms, treatment by yourself should never be started, otherwise it can provoke a worsening of the condition. Initially, you need to see a doctor to take a stool test and determine the diagnosis. Only after a clear definition of the disease the doctor will determine what to do with the ailment. Treatment dipilidioza appointed on the basis of the results and individual characteristics of the patient's body.

Cucumber tapeworm is a tapeworm with which you can not joke. If a person wants to preserve his health and children's health, it is necessary to follow hygienic norms and rules, in time to consult a doctor for any ailments.

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