How is acute helminthiasis manifested?

Acute helminthiasis occurs 2-3 weeks after infection. Symptoms of this stage include:

  • fever;
  • skin rashes;
  • puffiness of face;
  • eye tear;
  • respiratory tract infection;
  • disorder of stools.

In one patient, all of the above symptoms are almost never manifested at the same time. As a rule, two or three of them predominate. Acute helminthiasis does not last long. This phase can last up to a month. The duration and indices of a clinical picture directly depend on how much and what type of worms are parasitic in the human body. Pathology is a consequence of the life activity of larvae, their migration to organs and their degeneration into a sexually mature specimen.

Diagnosis and treatment of acute helminthiosis

The earliest symptoms of the acute phase of helminthiasis are observed from the peripheral blood. At laboratory researches the expressed eosinophilia which parameters can reach 80% is observed. Such changes in the structure of the blood are caused by an allergic reaction to the antigens of the worms.

Acute helminthiasis can be accompanied by such serious disorders of the body as pneumonia and hepatitis, diseases of the brain and heart muscle. This picture is typical regardless of the type of parasite and the location of its localization. However, there are some specific symptoms that allow one to determine the type of parasite. For example, with trichinosis from the first days of acute helminthiasis, pain in the muscles, swelling of the eyelids are observed. With trematodozah liver at this stage, yellowing of the skin, increased liver, pain in the right upper quadrant. To suspect acute ascaridosis is possible by pulmonary and abdominal syndrome.

It is easier to diagnose pathology with exotic worms. For example, with genitourinary schistosomiasis, a characteristic feature is the appearance of a small amount of blood during urination, itching in the urethra.

At this phase of the disease, the treatment is based on desensitization( reducing the sensitivity of the body to allergens), detoxification( purification of blood from toxins), profile chemotherapy. If untimely diagnosis or incorrect treatment often occurs, the transition of acute helminthiasis to a long and slow stage of the disease.

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