Smear on enterobiasis, material sampling on pinworms( video, photo) in adults, how to take( make) how to take( take, take) at home?

Children constantly play with animals and dig in the sand. All this leads to the fact that pinworms penetrate into their organism. Some time after the appearance of these helminths in infected children and adults, symptoms begin to appear. Once this happens, you need to contact the clinic, where specialists will take a smear for enterobiasis.

With the help of various methods of research, specialists confirm or refute the presence of worms in the body. It should be noted that if children have signs of helminthic invasion, one should take a smear on enterobiosis and in adults, as helminths in most cases appear in all family members.

If the fence for enterobiasis is not timely in order to identify parasites and do not get rid of helminthic invasion, worms can provoke the following diseases:

  • Intestinal disorders;
  • Dysbacteriosis;
  • The level of immunity decreases.

Smears on enterobiasis will help to notice the eggs of the parasite. Mature individuals, located directly in the intestine, which they have a mechanical effect. This is because helminths are fixed on the walls of the intestine, and also move along the mucous membrane.

How to take a smear for enterobiasis?

Collection of material for enterobiasis in polyclinics is carried out in the morning. As a tool is a cotton swab. Before the collection, patients are strongly advised not to conduct hygiene procedures.

It is also worth remembering that the fence for enterobiosis is not carried out if defecation was performed. This is due to the fact that the result of the diagnosis will be inaccurate and will have to be retaken.

It is best if the smear on pinworms is done in the laboratory, because in this case, the biomaterial will be placed under the microscope in the shortest possible time. In the event that it is not possible to visit the laboratory, tests can be done at home. A smear for enterobiasis is taken in the same way as in the laboratory, if complications arise with this, you should look at the corresponding video.

If a situation arises where it is not possible to deliver the assays immediately to the laboratory, they must be retained. For this you can use a refrigerator. Laboratory assistants store the test at a temperature of 8 degrees above zero.

As soon as the smear enters the laboratory, specialists direct it under a special microscope, under which a thorough examination is performed. If the body has worms, they will be noticeable under the microscope. It should be remembered that the result allows to determine the disease only in 50% of cases. It is for this reason that doctors recommend taking the smear 3 times at intervals of several days.

How to take a smear for enterobiasis at home?

Many patients ask this from a doctor, because they do not want to stand in lines, especially if a small child has become infected with helminthiasis.

First of all, you need to prepare the patient for the procedure. It takes several days to keep to a diet. It is best if the analysis is done in the morning, so that you can deliver it to a clinic or a paid laboratory. Also, you can not wash a child to not wash off the eggs of pinworms, otherwise there will be no sense in the analysis. The same applies to the older generation.

So, in order to understand how a smear for enterobiasis is taken, it is necessary to consistently perform the following actions:

  • First of all you should visit the pharmacy and buy a storage container and gloves;
  • The patient is best placed on his side so that it is more convenient to perform the procedure;
  • To make a smear on enterobiosis, you need to use a cotton swab that can be viewed on the corresponding photo;
  • For convenience, with one hand the patient's buttocks move apart, and the second is smeared;
  • After the procedure has been completed, the collected data is placed in a container and sent to the laboratory. If you can not send the container, it is placed in the refrigerator. It is best to watch the video instruction, which explains how to store the stool masses.

Since it is not difficult to take a smear, many provide only ready analysis to a polyclinic. Despite this, it is best to entrust the procedure to specialists in order to improve the effectiveness of the test.

Shelf life on enterobiasis

Many people are interested in the expiration date for the results of the study, since they will have to take a smear for enterobiasis repeatedly, if the doctor does not manage to make a diagnosis. In most cases, doctors admit the validity of the received results no more than 10 days. After this time, the analysis is considered not valid. If this happens, then it is necessary, to carry out the fence again. It is for this reason that it is recommended to learn how to do a smear on enterobiasis and when it is better to take it.

In the event that the rules for taking material for enterobiasis are met and the result has got to the doctor within a few days, the doctor will be able to diagnose. In helminthic invasion specialist will appoint appropriate treatment.

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