The causes of the appearance of worms( helminths, helminthiosis) in a child and adult, sources of infection, the emergence and treatment of disease

No category of people, no age person, no child, no city, no villagers, are immune from such an affliction as helminth infection. What are the causes of the appearance of worms in humans? Where does this parasitic "menagerie" come from in our bodies? Specialists distinguish several main causes of this infectious disease:

  • Contact. Eggs of parasites are transmitted from person to person. A vivid example of this method of infection with worms is the instant distribution of pinworms in children's collectives;
  • No less rare cause of helminthiasis is the ingress of eggs of parasitic worms into the ground with feces of humans or cattle. In this case, they are easily brought home with street shoes or on the feet of domestic animals;
  • Oral-fecal. The reason is non-compliance with hygiene rules. Eggs of parasites fall on food, and then into the body;
  • In some cases, infection with worms can occur after bites of bloodsucking insects;
  • The risk factor is insufficient heat treatment of meat of sick animals or fish.

There are a lot of prerequisites that provoke the development of such an ailment as helminthiasis in our organisms, so always take all necessary precautions to avoid infection. In order to better understand what may cause the appearance of worms in different age groups, each of them should be considered in more detail. This will help in a timely manner to take the necessary measures to protect themselves and their loved ones from the risk of this problem.

Causes of helminths in a child

Based on medical statistics, it becomes clear that the incidence of helminthiases in children is very high. A particularly high percentage of pathology detection( more than 80%) is observed in those children who attend pre-school and school institutions. Parasites find all possible ways of penetrating into the body of a small child, who is their main victim. This is due to the fact that the babies are still imperfect protective barriers of the gastrointestinal tract and they are very susceptible to helminth infection. Another reason for the appearance in the body of a child of worms is that it reduces the acidity of gastric juice. In this regard, the eggs of parasites do not perish, and of them adult individuals develop that are harmful. What are the preconditions that provoke infection of the child with helminths? Specialists stand out as follows:

  • The main source of worms in the body of children is that in the warm season they spend most of the time in the fresh air. During walks they can play in the ground, bathe in open reservoirs or eat dirty hands with dirty hands. This is the main cause of infection with worms;
  • Any child is an avid lover of pets. Kids will never pass a dog or a cat without patting them or giving them ice cream from their pack. This is also a significant cause of the body's colonization by worms;
  • Quite small children start to explore the world with the help of trying any objects to taste or pulling in their mouth dirty handles after they crawled on the floor. This is also an important reason for the development of helminthiosis.

All these sources of worms are serious enough, so babies need to begin to accustom to the observance of rules of personal hygiene since infancy. This is the only way to reduce the risk of colonization of the child's body by parasitic worms.

Causes of the appearance of worms in adults

Any adult is also immune from the body's worms. There are many causes of the disease. And they can arise not only from those who are not accustomed to observe the rules of personal hygiene. A large number of adults who always wash their hands, do not walk barefoot on suspicious areas of the soil and do not bathe in open water, are also at risk of infection. How do parasites get into organisms that observe all the precautions of people? Sources for the development of the disease in an adult can also be many:

  • The most common cause of helminthiosis is non-compliance with hygiene rules;
  • Parasitic organisms penetrate the digestive organs through insufficiently washed or poorly thermally processed foods;
  • The cause of worms is always the use of water from open sources. In such places there is always a large accumulation of eggs of parasites;
  • Worms can cause unwanted contact with pets;
  • The propensity to travel and the love to try all local national dishes in most cases also causes worms.

There are other ways that provoke the colonization of parasites in our organisms, but they are infrequent. Therefore, special attention should be paid to those listed above. Taking them into account can significantly reduce the risk of such an unpleasant ailment. From all the above it becomes clear that no one is immune from the causes that provoke the colonization of his body by parasitic worms. The most unpleasant thing in this situation is that there is still no optimal way of treating worms. Most folk methods of treating this scourge are ineffective, and the pharmaceuticals offered by the pharmaceutical industry are mostly highly toxic.

That's why you need to closely monitor what foods you can eat and what water you should drink. Only timely security measures can help prevent a problem. In the same case, when there is a suspicion that there is a cause leading to the appearance of worms, you can begin to eat pumpkin seeds. They are one of the most effective remedies of traditional medicine that expel parasites.

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