Vomiting with worms, diarrhea and vomiting( vomiting) the baby on an empty stomach, can helminths cause it in a person, after he falls asleep?

Worming with worms The question of whether worms can cause vomiting and stool disorders in humans can be heard quite often. Experts always respond to him in the affirmative. Such manifestations of dyspepsia are related to the fact that helminths most often affect the gastrointestinal tract and liver, and as a result of this, disturbances in the digestive processes become. It is related to the fact that parasites as a result of their vital activity produce antipeptin and antitrypsin, special substances that counteract the aggressive environment of the digestive organs and cause abnormalities in the work of the digestive tract.

So it turns out that diarrhea, vomiting and worms are very closely interrelated. And it is necessary to pay attention to the color and consistency of the allocated masses. With parasitic infection, they are foamy and have a whitish color. But they do not appear immediately. Usually takes 2-3 weeks from the moment of human infection with helminths. That's why when you see a symptom such as vomit

ing with white foam, you should immediately go to a specialist and undergo some simple diagnostic tests. It is necessary to do this even in spite of the fact that any other symptoms corresponding to helminthic invasion are absent at this time. Some parasites can live for a very long period in the body without showing any specific signs of their presence.

Vomiting in worms in a child

Tore out the child Children are much more likely than adults to be infected with parasitic worms. The point here is not only in the carelessness of children with curiosity studying the world around them and not observing the rules of personal hygiene. A small child, unlike adults, lacks protective barriers against parasites, which is why children are a lion's prey for helminths. Often, the presence of worms is very difficult without special diagnosis, because they are so cunning that they mask their symptoms for various diseases. An alarming sign, indicating their presence in the child's body, is that the crumb begins to vomit at night, after falling asleep, or in the morning on an empty stomach. Also about helminths can say stool disorders, persistent diarrhea or constipation. Vomiting in worms is caused depending on the place of their localization and damage. Usually, it is associated with the following factors:

  • Vomiting on an empty stomach is provoked by the fact that the worms and the liver of the child were affected by worms;
  • If the baby tears after he falls asleep, this indicates that the females of the helminths, localized in the intestine, began to show their activity. They do this usually at night;
  • Diarrheas are caused by the fact that as a result of the vital activity of the parasites in the lumen of the intestine, the substances released by them are released with a laxative effect;
  • There may be a situation such that the baby vomited with worms. This is due to the migration of sexually mature specimens along the digestive tract.

It is impossible to completely avoid the appearance of this unpleasant symptomatology, as even the cleanest people are prone to involuntary infection with helminths. But you can significantly reduce the risk of penetration of parasites into the body. In the event that the patient does not have worms, the prerequisites for vomiting disappear. To do this, you should always try to observe the rules of personal hygiene and cooking technology. If at some point this could not be done and there was a risk of infection, it is necessary to use the prescriptions of traditional medicine for preventive purposes. They help to prevent infection with worms, provoking the emergence of vomiting and diarrhea, gastrointestinal tract.

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