Vermox at pinworms( treatment of enterobiasis), how to take it, how it works, if live worms go out after taking, why did not it help?

Many people are interested in information on how to take Vermox at pinworms, as everyone knows the effectiveness of this drug during treatment of enterobiasis. This anthelmintic agent has a wide spectrum of action and can destroy many types of parasites, but it gives the greatest effectiveness in the case of human invasion by round parasites. The work of this drug is that when it enters the gastrointestinal tract, it penetrates into the organisms of the worms and causes them metabolic disorders and glucose uptake. It is this action of Vermox that kills the pinworm.

This drug for enterobiosis should be taken only after consulting a specialist and selecting the appropriate dosage for each individual patient, depending on the age, weight and extent of infestation. The tablets should be consumed on an empty stomach, since when ingested in the digestive system together with food, especially fat, it is better absorbed into the blood, while the effectiveness against worms located in the intestine decreases and the risk of human adverse reactions increases. During treatment with Vermox, the dosage of the drug should be as follows:

  • Adults need to drink 1 tablet( 100 mg) per day for 3 days;
  • Children enough of a single use of this amount of the drug;
  • In order to avoid repeated infection with enterobiasis, experts recommend that this course be taken twice, with an interval of 3 weeks.

Some patients are interested in the fact that after Vermox go live pinworms. This is possible in the case when the dosage of the drug was picked up incorrectly, and he only stunned the parasites, not paralyzing them. The danger of this situation also lies in the fact that larvae of pinworms do not leave alive after receiving Vermox, but begin to migrate to other organs, causing a person to develop serious diseases. That is why choosing the appropriate course for rapid treatment of enterobiasis should be the prerogative of a specialist. It also happens that a person after going through therapy with this drug complains that Vermox did not help with pinworms. It can happen only if during the therapy of enterobiasis the necessary rules of personal hygiene were not observed, and repeated self-infection occurred.

Decaris and Vermox are designed for the treatment of enterobiasis, as a result of which half-dead paralyzed worms leave naturally in a caloric mass outward. It is not possible to answer unequivocally the question of which drug is better. They both act quite effectively and can cause similar side reactions. That's why many specialists in the patient's infections with pinworms prefer to use complex therapy, which helps the best. Initially, a single dose of Decaris with an active substance of levamisole, which paralyzes or weakens the pinworm, is prescribed. The day after it is recommended to take a pill Vermoksa, which will finally "get" the parasites. During the therapeutic activities with these medications, you must be prepared for the occurrence of side effects. They are the same in Decaris and Vermox, the medicine pinworms, are similar:

  • From the side of the central nervous system insomnia, irritability and low mood;
  • The digestive system for these drugs is associated with a decrease in appetite, nausea and even vomiting;
  • Allergic skin rashes may occur on the skin;
  • The sense organs react with a violation of the olfactory and taste perception.
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