Treatment of concussion in the home

In modern medicine, craniocerebral trauma is, unfortunately, not uncommon, both for clumsy inquisitive children and for pragmatic adults. But, how to treat a concussion in the home, what must be done, how to help the victim, if there are no hospital points nearby or the ambulance is very delayed? The main thing - do not be nervous. Use the following advice to help the victim at home.

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Signs and symptoms of concussion

Almost at100% of cases the adult victim will not ask for help, will say that everything is fine. Do not go on about it, it is better to compare his condition with the first symptoms of the manifestation of the disease:

  • loss of consciousness. These are the symptoms of a slight concussion of the brain, but this phase lasts only a few seconds. If the average, then up to 15 minutes, and with strong, even a coma is possible;
  • doubles in the eyes. The victim will not be able to focus his eyes, the images look vague, double, covered with a strange white veil;
  • is a sudden headache. The victim feels as if his head is "buzzing".May experience dizziness, sharply pale;
  • nausea. It is possible that the victim will begin to feel sick, but not necessarily tear;
  • lethargy, weakness. Almost always there is a sharp decline in activity. It is difficult for a person to stand, he walks unevenly, his legs buckle, etc.

Consequences of concussion

As a rule, not even a strong concussion lays its imprint on a person. Over time, they can become more irritable, crying, fall into depression and quickly get tired. Also, depending on the severity, such people start to not tolerate the cold or heat badly, complain of frequent headaches, do not tolerate alcohol and may suffer from claustrophobia.

How to provide first aid to the injured

Approximately 80% of head injuries lead to a concussion, no one is insured against it. Even a book that has fallen from the upper shelf can be detrimental to a person who accentuates his attention on the contents of the lower shelves.

Immediately call an ambulance, especially if the lesions are visible externally. The victim is laid in a flat horizontal position. Suspicions for injuries to the neck, spine and thighs, no? Hence, you can move a person to the embryo position - turn the body and head to the right side, bend the knees( or just one knee).So a person will not suffer from a possible loss of language, excessive salivation, blood or vomiting.

Attention! External bleeding damage must be treated immediately, stop blood, impose a gauze bandage.

Treatment of adult shocks

In adults, bone is much stronger than that of children, so curing such diseases is sometimes a little easier. Sometimes you can cope without medical intervention, but you should not neglect it.

A minor help to the injured doctor is described briefly and clearly "cold, hunger and rest".

  1. Put the victim in a horizontal position on the bed / bench / chairs, etc.
  2. Apply cold to the injured place: gauze dressing, ice or frozen product, the latter wrapped in a dense fabric.
  3. Do not give the victim the first few hours after the injury, it is desirable to bring more water.

How to proceed further

After TBI of any complexity, the patient needs bed rest. Usually it lasts a week, and a full sick leave is 13-14 days. Get up the first couple of days is not recommended, only on need or lightly warm up for 2-3 minutes. No sudden movements during warm-up!

Can I play sports after concussion? It all depends on the severity of the concussion. In mild - such exercises are not recommended for the first week. After, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician, start with a warm-up and not over-strain the body. Is it possible to drink alcohol after concussion? In view of the fact that irreversible processes( death of some cells, for example) could occur in the brain as a result of concussion, it is not recommended to drink alcohol after suffering a concussion.

Along with bed rest, the patient is provided with complete rest. It is advisable to not strain the first week of working with a computer, watching TV and reading books. If it is impossible to rest for so long, then shorten the week to 3-4 days.

After a concussion, the victim will have a headache. To begin with, you can give him Analgin. But it is best to use the medication prescribed by the doctors.

Improvement of the condition of the victim is noticeable after 2-4 days. If during this time not only nothing has changed, but the pallor, weakness began to appear more sharply, or bleeding has opened from the nose and ears, then it is better to send the patient to the doctor for an examination or call an ambulance brigade.

With a favorable course of recovery in a week, you can gradually introduce physical activity: warm-ups, walks, sports, hikes.

Brain concussion in children

Children's bones are more fragile than in adults, and even a simple clumsy fall can lead to a serious head injury.

How to identify a child's concussion - symptoms

A child's brain concussion can take place absolutely without visible symptoms if the baby's age is up to a year. Loss of consciousness is a very rare symptom in children. Much more often noticeable lack of appetite, painful pallor, nausea, vomiting, regurgitation during feeding, constant causeless crying, poor sleep or, conversely, excessive. Infants can be injured even when they are rocking!

Children of preschool age, being able to speak, can complain of constant headaches, sweating. They are more likely to lose consciousness, their pulse rate increases or decreases, the blood pressure rises, the pallor of the skin is noticeable. Bad sleep and tearfulness are possible.

At school age, the symptoms in children are the same as in an adult: pallor, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, difficulty concentrating, absent-mindedness of movements.

Please note! Children often experience posttraumatic blindness, it develops dramatically right after the injury or after some time. Passes by yourself in a few minutes or hours.

Treatment of a child's concussion at home

If the condition of an adult with craniocereberal trauma can improve without the intervention of doctors, the baby should be taken to a hospital and shown to neurosurgeons and neuropathologists. Absence of visible symptoms and long-term well-being in just a few days can be replaced by internal hemorrhage and unexpected progressive deterioration of the condition.


If doctors are confident in an easy degree of TBI and send a small patient to their parents, then do not insist on a long stay under their supervision. Upon arrival, the baby is horizontally laid on the bed. Some of his complaints will disappear if you take certain medications:

  • headaches will help remove such drugs as Baralgin, Analgin and Sedalgin;
  • nausea will pass after the adoption of Cerucal;
  • nootropil and Piracetam is prescribed by physicians separately and is taken necessarily after such injuries;
  • adaptol and Dormiplant are used for insomnia.

Important! Do not give a patient several medications at a time and do not abuse the individual.

A doctor can prescribe at home to drink vitamin complexes( A, B, E) and amino acids, attend massage procedures. Do not force children to drink all of the above medicines, be sure to read the dosage in the instructions or act according to the doctor's prescription.

If after a week the state of the baby does not change, it also nauseates or vomits, it is also weak and complains of pain, then you should definitely return to the hospital option.

Bed rest for a child

Bed rest for children lasts much longer. He is forbidden to watch cartoons, actively move, play at the computer, at least a week, ideally - 12-14 days. After an obvious improvement in the condition, you can gradually introduce physical activity, gradually give the baby to read books or carefully consider the pictures to restore the ability to focus attention. Do with him morning exercises, play.

During a stay in bed, a small patient should drink more clean water, do not eat sweets, coffee or tea. For rehabilitation, phytotherapy is useful: aloe vera juice, ginseng root, string, sabelnik, eleutherococcus and other medicinal herbs. Pharmacist in the pharmacy can advise individual collections of several types of herbs or herbal infusions.

With due treatment, a small patient will finally recover after just three weeks, can easily attend a school or kindergarten, play with other children, watch cartoons. Children rarely after such a long period of time feel the effects of trauma.

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