Beer alcoholism - symptoms

There is an opinion that there is no beer alcoholism. But this is incorrect information, because the disease strongly affects the body and the state of a person, depriving him of the opportunity to exist normally. The danger is that the victims do not even try to understand the need for treatment. If you are interested in the prevention and treatment of such a disease as beer alcoholism, the symptoms should be studied in priority.

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Symptoms of alcoholism

Alcohol dependence is very difficult to determine independently and cured. Even more difficult to admit to beer alcoholism, because most of the population is sure that beer is much "lighter" than vodka and does not cause much harm. In addition, the promotion of alcohol is actively promoted through the media.

Such statements are supported by a sit-in with friends who are also not against a little drink at night. All this gradually becomes the strongest drug addiction, because alcohol is also a drug, which, moreover, is also completely legal. Only a few people who have the willpower are able to think about it in time. Most often come to the aid of relatives.

Thus, the symptoms of beer alcoholism are as follows:

  • consumption of more than 1 L / day. The disease is successfully earned at a regular rate of 1-2 bottles per person;
  • presence or gradual appearance of the so-called "beer belly";
  • drinking beer with the aim of getting drunk after the last booze;
  • in men - impotence, in women - the extinction of the child's genitive function;
  • use not only in the evening, but also in the morning;
  • desire to mix drinks, dilute beer with stronger alcohol;
  • irritability, rage when trying to take away alcohol and / or with long-term abstinence from beer.

Stages of beer alcoholism

If the symptoms of the disease are known, then the stage becomes much easier to identify. There are four in all, and the count is zero.

Zero stage

Alcoholism as such is not yet developed. The use of beer is allowed several times throughout the week, justified by relaxation after a hard day. At this stage, the person is still aware of their actions, but with regular drinking, after 6-12 months, dependence begins to develop.

The first stage of

The first signs of the disease appear. The daily use of 1-2 bottles is perceived as the norm and is not blamed internally. Control over your condition disappears. Dependence is formed at the subconscious level.

The second stage

The person finally loses the ability to control the amount of drunk. In addition, it is at this stage that a hangover appears and beer is used for the purpose of becoming drunk. The surrounding people usually do not notice the changes, but they are:

  • is diagnosed with a decrease in intelligence, lack of interest in the development of mental activity;
  • interest in beer increases, towards the world - it decreases;
  • the concept of shame ceases to exist;
  • prevalence of depressive mood with suicidal tendencies, depending on the amount and time of taking the beer.

Third stage

The last stage of alcoholism is characterized by one striking feature - the duration of use. Usually a person can not drink for only a few hours, he goes into a long drinking, forgetting about everything else. It is at this stage that beer alcoholism becomes chronic, causing irreversible harm to the body, which ceases to function normally. For the patient it does not matter what he is wearing, but for the sake of a bottle he is ready to harm even a close person, because all boundaries are blurred.

Important! At the slightest suspicion of beer alcoholism it is necessary to urgently guide the patient to a doctor. At the last stage of the person, it is difficult to save, because irreversible processes have already begun, and the brain cells die with terrible speed.

The influence of beer alcoholism on the body

Beer quickly affects the condition of the heart. His vices develop even without the knowledge of the patient, because often an addict will never say that he is addicted. In addition, necrosis of the heart muscle is produced, which can not positively influence the body. And the walls of the heart are stretched and gradually lose elasticity, which affects the general condition of the organ, which is much harder to pump blood.

Consequences - shortness of breath, frequent fainting, inability to perform even basic physical activity.

And also the damage is caused to the stomach and esophagus. Beer is known for its foaming, the cause of which is cobalt. It triggers inflammatory processes that result in various ulcers - later they lead to more serious diseases.

Changes in the hormonal background, a decrease in potency - is by no means a joke. Beer makes you feel hunger is much stronger, due to which alcoholics often have excess weight. The figure of a man has pronounced female features( rounded hips, broad, massive chest, an increase in the buttocks).The body becomes loose and flabby. A "beer belly" later removed is almost impossible, you can only slightly reduce it, but it will not completely disappear.

Female alcoholism should be considered separately. It has the following effect on the body:

  • the probability of developing cancer cells increases;
  • the hormonal background changes, approaching the male, as a result - coarsening of the voice, the appearance of vegetation in those places where it was not previously( for example, over the lip);
  • kidney failure;
  • death of reproductive function.

Women are particularly at risk because their alcoholism is much more drunken, and the stages flow faster( for example, from zero to the first one you can go less than six months).The desire to isolate yourself from the outside world, misunderstanding of loved ones, the influence of the media - this strongly affects the woman, forcing her to become addicted to the bottle. How many live dependent women? Catastrophically small, even fewer men. Women drink faster, due to the peculiarities of the structure of their body, a lethal outcome can come much sooner.

Thus, the result of beer alcoholism is as follows:

  • the death of brain cells is an irreversible process. It is because of this that you need to guide the patient to the doctor as soon as possible;
  • stomach diseases - various gastritis and ulcers;
  • problems with the organs of perception, especially - impaired vision, hearing;
  • pancreatitis;
  • dysfunction of the spinal cord;
  • hepatitis.

Important! In a state of beer intoxication, a person is not aware of what is happening, therefore, in addition to the diseases listed above, other diseases can also appear. They are acquired as the dependence develops and progresses more and more because of the influence of other ailments.

How to cure a beer alcoholism

It is advisable to begin treatment as early as possible, not paying attention to a particular stage of beer alcoholism. At home, it is difficult to do this, because there may always be irritants nearby( underfeeding a bottle of beer, forgotten negligently, friends calling to the bar).It is best to seek the help of a specialist, because the purpose of treatment is to destroy dependence. Beer need for alcoholics is embedded in the subconscious.

A qualified doctor will help you:

  • will deal with the causes, which is an important factor for the recovery of the patient;
  • will carry out detoxification, if necessary. Folk remedies also allow to carry out this procedure( decoctions of dandelion, birch leaves);
  • will provide quality psychological assistance.

How to get rid of the desire to drink beer in the initial stages? This is possible if there is willpower in the patient. At the zero stage it will still be possible to try to cope with the situation with the help of relatives - avoid the usual routes past the stalls with alcohol, restrict communication with the companies of alcoholic friends, eat hearty food when leaving home. In addition, it is important to take a bottle of mineral water with you, so that when you are thirsty, you do not jump to alcohol, but to water.

It is necessary to understand the very principle of recovery, which is based on the following rules:

  • restrict viewing ads, TV shows, serials where it is promoted, the use of beer is praised;
  • find a hobby that takes free time and saves thoughts of alcohol;
  • does not communicate with people who have campaigned to use beer.

Important! Recovering is a difficult process that requires aging and will power. Much depends on the patient's family, because it needs to be morally and physically supported. It is better to remove the references to alcohol from the house, make sure that no bottles remain, minimize contact with neighbors if they use something.

Prevention of beer alcoholism

Prevention of such a widespread dependence should be carried out not only at the personal level, but also at the state level. After all, it is often through the media that people are motivated to use as much as possible. It is necessary to conduct preventive conversations with risk groups( women, adolescents, people without social protection).

Internal motivation( at the level of one's own consciousness) is incredibly effective when there is support from other people. Personal prevention includes the following principles:

  • development of willpower, confidence;
  • refusal to communicate with the dependent layers of society( if there is no purpose to help).

At the state level it is important to pay attention to dependent people, helping them to be cured, because with the right approach it will prevent the development of beer alcoholism in the next generations. In addition, it is important to comply with such principles:

  • refusal to sell alcohol to minors;
  • to ensure competent coverage of this issue through the media;
  • ban advertising beer;
  • clean up the market - demolish illegal points of sale of products, points located near schools, kindergartens;
  • to control product quality;
  • introduce a unique system of penalties for drinking alcohol at work, public places.

Important! Overcoming the dependence at the subconscious level is very difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to start promoting healthy lifestyle as early as possible in the prevention of beer alcoholism, which brings irreversible consequences.

Only with the right approach and timely information is possible to defeat a terrible disease - beer alcoholism. His treatment is difficult both for the patient and for his surroundings, so it is important to pay due attention to the existing problem, without closing your eyes to it and not including beer craze.

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