Prevention of polyps

Polyps in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract are benign neoplasms of mushroom-shaped, spherical or branching form, which are found on the walls of the intestinal mucosa. Such a tumor is not dangerous, but over time, the chance of its transformation into cancer increases. This is why people who are already over forty are strongly advised to follow preventive measures that help prevent their occurrence, or at least halt their development, because many do not even know what polyps they have. And about what this prevention is, it will be described below.

In short, the prevention of polyps of the intestine, like many other diseases, is a healthy lifestyle and in a timely visit to the doctor. Now about everything in detail:

  • Diet. Very often, it is because of malnutrition and alcohol consumption that a person enters the hospital and polyps are found. First of all, doctors prescribe a diet - one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. The diet implies a rejection of all fatty, roast, smoked, and also pickled, canned and seasoned. It is forbidden to drink alcohol and smoking. A person begins to eat boiled or steamed food six times a day, carefully making up the menu for the day, and begins to drink more liquid.
  • Strengthening of immunity. The human immune system prevents terrible diseases and conquers them if they still penetrate the body. It is important to strengthen immunity, help it to fight against viruses. This can be done by taking vitamins, medicines offered by traditional medicine and not traditional, you can simply temper, spend more time outdoors and eat fresh fruit-vegetables, in which the diet will help, and you can, and even you need, do everything together- to achieve the greatest effect.
  • I Do Sports. Remember, it's never too late to start classes. Now there is a huge selection of circles, sections and sports schools - there will always be something that will be to your liking. Prevention of polyps can begin with simple walks in the fresh air, or with the purchase of dumbbells for the house. Physical activity also contributes to the strengthening of immunity and raises the tone.
  • Visit to the doctor and timely treatment. Abandoned and not completely cured diseases greatly contribute to the formation of polyps. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of all the accumulated diseases, and henceforth always bring the matter to an end. Also, correction of all hormonal disorders in the body is necessary. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of a tumor. A timely trip to the doctor will avoid complications. It is necessary to undergo a survey every six months, preferably the most complete one.
  • Take special broths and infusions. Ethnoscience. Traditional medicine often helps people by offering their recipes in response to any disease. For the prevention of polyps of the gastrointestinal tract take tincture of celandine, a decoction of yarrow and joints of a golden mustache. Use also tinctures from poisonous plants - hemlock, fly agaric, aconite, but only by the instructions of a professional. Before taking medications, you need to check if there is an allergic reaction to any of them. In addition, each person is unique - something that has helped another, can not have any effect on you.
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