How to treat a spur on the heel at home

Spur on the heel - a very unpleasant phenomenon. Fortunately, there are many home methods, how to treat spurs on the heel with folk remedies and get rid of them completely. All national exposure options are divided into several groups. Someone advises warming up, someone does compresses for the night, 24-hour compresses or special massage will also help.

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By the way, medicine recognizes all these home methods of treatment. But for compresses instead of herbs and decoctions it is recommended to use medicines from pharmacies. They are often expensive, but are made on the basis of plant components, which are used by folk medicine.

Important! Some folk healers claim that the spur will get rid of after the third procedure. But, to achieve a truly excellent result, you will need to spend about 30 days.

How not to get confused

In this case, how to treat a spur on the heel at home, you need to pay attention to one subtlety. Many people confuse plantar warts and spurs. So, these are two completely different formations, which need to be influenced in different ways. A wart always has a rod, it gives painful effects. The spur of the rod does not, it should be painless, especially if it was formed recently.

If it became painful to walk, and you do not know which doctor treats the spur, then you need to seek help from a therapist, and he will already give a referral to the surgeon. This doctor will examine the leg, then send it to X-ray to restore the complete "picture" of the disease and prescribe the correct treatment.

Important! There may also be a spur on the foot, how to treat it read in our article.

Which baths are recommended to make

Salted Vodichka

In 5 liters of water, hot enough, dilute a kilogram of ordinary salt. Water bring to a boil, when it becomes hot( but still tolerant), lowered her legs. Soak the legs in salt water until it is completely cool. The course should be 10 procedures. And, it is not necessary to change the solution: it will need to be heated additionally. The reviews say that after the fifth procedure the spur can pass, but still, bring the treatment to the end.

You can take hot whey instead of salt water. It also follows ten sessions to keep your feet. Serum temperature should be low, so as not to cause pain.

Hot alcohol or moonshine

Take alcohol and pour into a skillet. Heat slowly, otherwise alcohol will quickly ignite. Put your feet in hot alcohol for a quarter of an hour. Then remove the legs from the bath, but do not wipe them: let them dry themselves.

You can also use burning moonshine to treat tumors. The dish is filled with 100 ml of moonshine. Since there are fusel oils in the brew, you need to set it on fire. It will begin to burn and in this flame it is necessary to warm the soles of both feet. Despite the fact that the spurs can only be on one heel, you still need to warm up both legs. Warm until all the brew does not evaporate. Then do a five-minute massage.

Compresses for home treatment of heel spurs


Use the most common garlic. The ingredient should be cleaned, compressed and applied to the problem area for several hours. Carry out the procedure until the pain syndrome completely disappears. In some cases, the compress burns hard, then from such a popular way should be abandoned.

You can mix rastolchenny chalk with grated garlic in equal proportions. The legs are steamed and the gruel is applied to the spur. Education must be completely completed within 4-5 sessions.

Tar The

tar will help in treating the spur much more honey. Take a crust of black bread. On it, spread the tar and fix it on the spur, wrap it with polyethylene. Compress leave for the night, because it is not recommended to move or cool with it.


To treat a spur on the heel at home, a common onion will help. It will be necessary to grate 200 grams of onions on a grater, put in a bag. In the same package put your foot. For greater warmth, use additional cloth. In the morning wipe, do not wash off the gruel. Carry out the procedure several times.

Mix onion and tar to get rid of the formation. On a half of onion drip the tar and apply to the problem place.


Perfectly helps in this situation, black radish. It should be cleaned and grated. Kasha should be applied to the problem area for the night, washed off with warm water in the morning.


Iodine is considered to be one of the most common and effective ways to treat spurs. Iodine alcohol tincture, which has a warming and anti-inflammatory property, is used alone or in combination with other substances.

Recipes for treatment of spurs with iodine:

  • baths( 3 liters of water, dilute 2 tablespoons iodine and 1 tablespoon of soda, hold feet for 15 minutes, remove, wipe and grease with heel tincture);
  • 3% tincture pour into a container to fit the heel and lower the leg for 5 minutes, then get out and put on a warm sock;
  • daily do iodine mesh.

A bile will also help

To prepare a compress, mix 40 grams of bile of animal origin with 20 ml of vodka and 5 grams of laundry soap( grate it on a fine grater).On the steamed heel, do a compress at night. The pain must recede in a few days. Do not be afraid that bile in the city can not be obtained. In fact, it is often sold in conventional pharmacies.

Which products can be used for round-the-clock compresses:

  1. Mushroom grown on tea brewing.
  2. Leaves of nettles, as well as greenery of burdock ordinary( fresh gruel).
  3. Red pepper, which is sold as a seasoning.
  4. Herb sprouts.
  5. Conventional potato tubers( rubbed together with peel on a grater).
  6. Leaves of plantain.


To heal and eliminate heel spurs used ointments and gels, which are divided into two groups of hormonal( hydrocortisone) and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory( Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Voltaren, Flexin, Butadion).It is convenient to use from spurs of cream on a plant basis( Shark fat, Golden mustache, Orto).

If you are constantly on your feet in shoes, you can not regularly apply ointments and creams, so you can use a patch with antiseptic and analgesic components.
If ointments do not help, an injection is prescribed in the heel joint( Diprospan).


Dimexide( Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a preparation with anti-inflammatory properties, has a wide spectrum of action, it is used for calcaneal spurs in the form of compresses( 3 tbsp.) Of demiksid diluted in 250 ml of warm water, moistened with a gauze napkin and applied to a sore spot,top wrapped in polyethylene and put on a sock, leave for 2 hours).


Hydrocortisone and indomethacin ointments have become very popular for the treatment of spurs. For a better effect make a combined ointment from different pharmacy products( 100 grams of Dimexide is mixed with 100 g of distilled water, then 1 bottle of heparin and 1 tube of 1% hydrocortisone ointment is added and 6 ampules of 50% analgin are poured).From the prepared ointment apply a compress for the night, moistening in a mixture of gauze.

As you can see, there are many ways how to treat a spur on the heel at home. If one particular method does not help you, then do not despair. Certain other products will definitely help. All of them have a curative effect, but because of the characteristics of the organism they can influence differently.

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