Treatment of osteoporosis in elderly women

Osteoporosis is an acute problem for people who are already over 50. Most often, women suffer from it - the problem is visible in 9 out of 10. Treatment for this locomotor system involves a course of complex procedures. It is necessary to take medicines, observe a special diet, exercise physical therapy. Very rare cases involve the use of surgical intervention after which the rehabilitation period is quite long.

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Osteoporosis in elderly women

The occurrence of osteoporosis in older women is more likely than in men to be associated with their physiological characteristics. In the aftermath of menopause, frequent changes in the hormonal background of calcium from the bones begins to actively wash out, the content of the compact substance that enters the bone is reduced by 32%, and the spongy by 40%, which is 13% more than in the stronger sex. Over time, this disease leads to excessive fragility of the bone mechanism.

Attention! You can read in our article about the symptoms and treatment of osteoporosis.

Such exhaustion can lead to frequent painful sensations in motor activity, fractures. At the initial stage, the problem does not manifest itself particularly. Every woman after 50 years of age needs a diagnosis of the disease, even if his presence is not felt. To combat osteoporosis, its prevention, it is necessary to carefully monitor the level of calcium and vitamin D in the body, replenish it with nutrients, vitamins, microelements.

Please note! Excellent prevention in women of osteoporosis can be the use of walnuts, peanuts, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers, fruit, vegetable juices. Thanks to these products, the body more easily absorbs the elements necessary for strengthening the bone mechanism.

Symptoms of the disease

Osteoporosis is a frequent phenomenon among elderly women, which manifests itself as follows:

  • marked decrease in motor activity;
  • severity with the slightest physical exertion;
  • periodic pain in the dorsal, cervical, thoracic spine, in the region of the humerus, radius, thighs, knees;
  • fast fatigue;
  • leg cramps at night;
  • appearance of humps, stoop, reduction in body weight gain;
  • fragility of nails, premature appearance of gray hair, taking place too fast.

Warning! Often the manifestations of osteoporosis resemble the initial stage of colds. This case shows that a visit to a doctor is an obligatory process that will determine the true cause of the ailment.

Causes of osteoporosis

Reasons for this problem in women of considerable age can be not only changes in terms of hormonal background.

  1. Very often the occurrence of osteoporosis is associated with an incorrect lifestyle, the presence of bad habits.
  2. A woman who drinks often alcoholic beverages, strong coffee, smokes, is addicted to narcotic drugs and is guaranteed to automatically fall into the risk zone.
  3. There are still those who have spent all their life doing inactive, office work, sitting at a computer, a machine tool.

Attention! Learn about the symptoms of osteoporosis and its treatment.

As already mentioned, the lack of calcium, essential vitamins, trace elements significantly affect the condition of the bone tissue of a woman who is at a respectable age.

Based on this, the woman's way of life, which seeks to avoid problems with the musculoskeletal system, should be constructed as follows:

  1. Clear day regimen.
  2. Correct, balanced nutrition, saturated with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, dairy, fish products.
  3. Daily, easy physical activity.
  4. Frequent walks in the fresh air.
  5. Complete rejection of bad habits.

That's interesting! A woman who has given birth to more children has the opportunity to avoid osteoporosis in the future, while female representatives, who have not become mothers, fall unconditionally into the risk zone.

Treatment with folk remedies

Folk remedies in the fight against osteoporosis are somewhat inferior to drug treatment of this disease.

Warning! You can learn about the treatment of osteoporosis at home by simple ways here.

Decoction of dill and parsley

Older women can use for medicinal and preventive purposes a decoction of parsley, taken in equal quantities with fresh dill. Prepare the following:

  1. For 200 grams of dill and parsley, rinse under running water.
  2. Place in a saucepan, pour 500 milliliters of drinking water.
  3. Bring to a boil, cool, leave for another 3 hours.
  4. Strain.

This folk remedy is consumed in the amount of 300 milliliters daily. The course of treatment is six months.

Attention! This method is suitable only for women who have already experienced the menopause. Otherwise, the use of such a decoction can cause problems with the menstrual cycle.

Among the folk remedies for the treatment of osteoporosis in elderly women are:

  • eggshell with lemon juice;
  • French onion soup;
  • rubbing the affected area with red, natural wine with a further application of the heating pad, which is applied after rubbing with wine for two hours.

There is also a practice of using ordinary clay in the amount of 1 teaspoon per day.

Bonviva for the treatment of osteoporosis

Often, doctors recommend that older women take Bonviva's medication. Its action is aimed at inhibiting the processes of destruction of bone tissue, saturation of its essential vitamins, trace elements, and most importantly calcium.

Warning! On how to apply bisphosphonates for the treatment of osteoporosis, you can read here.

The drug is available in the form of tablets, a solution for injections. The frequency of the use of tablets depends on their weight, a specific dosing can only be prescribed by a doctor. If the injections are prescribed, you should be prepared for the fact that regardless of the effect, you must complete the full course, but not more than 3 months later.

Attention! Bonviva is a drug that is strictly forbidden to take on its own.

The drug may be prescribed only by the attending physician after a complete examination of the patient. In any case, it is contraindicated in pregnant women who are nursing mothers.

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