Diaper dermatitis: photos

With diaper rash and rashes on the buttocks in a young child had to face almost all parents. This is due to the peculiarities of the skin structure in young children - any friction, moist environment, poor-quality diapers can cause inflammation. Diaper dermatitis on the photo looks like spots and scaling of different sizes, the color can be from pale pink to red. How to avoid dermatitis? What medicines are safe for baby skin?

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Diaper dermatitis- what is it?

Diaper dermatitis occurs when the skin contacts the diapers, the disease is diagnosed in children up to 2-3 years, until the child learns to control the process of urination. The disease is ubiquitous, occurs in 30-60% of children. The peak of pathology occurs at the age of 4-6 months, when the kids begin to actively move.

Diaper dermatitis is often a sign or consequence of other pathologies:

  • atopic dermatitis - appears on different parts of the body, gradually descends to the groin area, with the child constantly itching;
  • abrasions - occur when the diaper size of the diaper is incorrectly selected, pass quickly without any treatment;
  • seborrheic dermatitis - appears on the skin of the head in the form of a bright red rash, gradually moves to the buttocks;
  • perianal - often occurs in infants who are on artificial feeding, the rash is localized in the anus.

Diaper dermatitis often occurs in bedridden patients - these people have greatly reduced the protective functions of the body, the regeneration processes slow down, any scratch on the skin can cause a pathology.

Important! Sometimes, to eliminate diaper dermatitis, it's enough just to change the diaper brand.

Reasons for

The main reason for the appearance of diaper dermatitis is a prolonged skin contact with a wet diaper. Urine does not evaporate, against the background of exposure to the skin of uric acid and other substances that are part of urine, inflammation begins. Importance is also the simultaneous effect on the skin of urine and feces - this leads to an increase in the damaging effect.

The following factors may cause the onset of film dermatitis:

  • neglect of hygiene regulations;
  • allergic reaction to detergents and chemicals;
  • individual intolerance to children's cosmetic products;Diapers of poor quality that do not allow air to pass through;
  • high temperature and humidity;
  • wrong diaper size;
  • contact with microbes.

Candida diaper dermatitis occurs in children after antibacterial therapy, often in infants who are breastfed.

The cause of the disease may be some features of the body - atopic predisposition, a high content of ammonia in the urine, weak immunity, the presence in the stool masses of aggressive enzymes.

Important! Many believe that there is irritation from the diaper, but in fact, quality diapers can significantly reduce the incidence of the disease and the degree of its manifestation.

Symptoms of

Diaper dermatitis occurs in places of skin contact with feces and urine - buttocks, genitals, inguinal folds. What does candidal dermatitis look like? At the initial stage, there are redness, blisters, scaling on the skin. If the pathology is left without attention, then the bubbles turn into sores with pus, spread to the back and stomach, there is a strong puffiness.

Symptoms of diaper dermatitis:

  • rash does not pass more than 4 days, has a clear boundary, visible exfoliating layers of the epidermis;
  • the kid becomes uneasy, all the time reaches for the diaper, tries to remove it;
  • often occurs when a new product is introduced into a child's diet.

The diagnosis is based on external examination, the results of a clinical blood test, analysis of feces for dysbiosis, to determine the specific type of pathogen.

When is it urgent to show the child to the doctor? Sometimes diaper dermatitis can be a symptom of serious pathologies. Urgent medical care is necessary if the baby's fever has risen, the rashes become purple-blue, the child, along with the rashes on his skin, began to drop out his hair, there were purulent discharge and ulcers.

Diathermy Dermatitis: photo

Treatment methods

If the treatment of diaper dermatitis is not started on time, then secondary infections will begin to appear on its background, the inflammatory process will start to penetrate into the inner layers of the epidermis.

Important! Dr. Komarovsky says that frequent air baths will help cure fast dermatitis at the initial stage. Baby skin has the ability to recover very quickly - if you eliminate the cause of irritation, the disease is like a few days.

Than to treat diaper dermatitis in children:

  1. At the initial stage, the skin should be treated with a 2% solution of zelenka, sprinkle the affected areas better not with talcum, but with corn starch, Baneocin powder.
  2. When diagnosing fungal diaper dermatitis, the doctor will help you choose an antifungal ointment - Ecodax, Travogen. From the first days of life you can use Nystatin, Pimafucin. Means should be applied on clean, dry skin twice a day. The duration of therapy is a week.
  3. Drying ointments - Tithes.
  4. Preparations for the recovery of epithelium, improvement of protective functions - Bepanten, D-Panthenol.
  5. To eliminate itching, burning, you need to lubricate the baby's skin with baby cream.
  6. Accelerate the regeneration process will help Pantenol Spray - a remedy in the body turns into vitamin B5, Spray can be used to treat infants.

Important! Do not simultaneously use powders and ointments on the same affected areas.

For the treatment of adults use antibacterial drugs - Nystatin, Levorin. In addition, appoint tablets and ointments from the class of azoles - ketoconazole, Itraconazole. Antifungal ointments and creams should be applied to the skin 2-3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 14 days.

Folk remedies

Nontraditional methods of treatment effectively help to rid the child of itching, peeling, decoctions soften the skin, eliminate inflammation.

The most popular method for the treatment of diaper dermatitis is a bath of oats. Brew 250 ml of 25 g of crushed raw material, after half an hour strain, pour into the water to bathe the child. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes.

As an emergency aid to eliminate severe itching, you can use raw potatoes - clean the vegetable, grind it in a blender, apply the slurry to the affected areas for 25 minutes, remove the debris with a damp cotton pad. To enhance the effect, the potato mass can be mixed with an equal amount of crushed celery root.

For the treatment and prevention of film dermatitis and other skin rashes, you can use alternate, chamomile, celandine. Of the herbs you need to prepare an infusion of 20 g of dry raw materials and 220 ml of boiling water, leave in a closed container for half an hour, pour into the tub, bathe the baby.

Hypericum oil helps to quickly cope with inflammatory processes on the skin - grind 30 fresh herbs, pour 200 ml of olive oil, put the mixture in a warm place for 14 days, mix daily. Drug the affected areas twice a day.

Prevention of diaper dermatitis

In addition to the timely treatment of dermatitis, it is necessary to know how to prevent the development of the inflammatory process.

Preventive measures:

  • frequent change of diapers and diapers - diapers need to be changed every 3-4 hours regardless of the time of day;
  • do not use waterproof diapers - Candidiasis dermatitis always develops in conditions of high humidity;
  • to choose diapers of high quality, purchase them in pharmacies, specialized points of sale;
  • after each evacuation of the intestine or bladder of the baby should be washed with warm water with neutral soap.

To avoid skin rashes, the child should be dressed in the weather, the air in the room should have the optimum temperature and humidity.

Diaper dermatitis is a common disease among young children, but it is in the power of parents to prevent it from appearing. The basic rules - to observe hygienic rules, to use quality diapers, often to make air baths for the baby.

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