Overview of modern eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma and with eye pressure

1 Why are drops assigned?

Glaucoma includes several varieties with the following symptoms:

  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • infringement of outflow of a liquid inside of an eye;
  • visual field defects;
  • impairment of optic nerve puncture;
  • trophic disorders in the retina and optic nerve.

Treatment of glaucoma is carried out in various ways. Depending on the symptoms, the compositions of different exposure spectrum are assigned:

  • eye drops from glaucoma, reducing the production of fluid inside the eye;
  • medication for lowering ocular pressure;
  • combined.

Following are examples, names, active agent preparations, indications and contraindications, the principle of action.

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2 This medicine is designed to reduce eye pressure during illness. The main component of this agent is brinzolamide. The effect of the drug is to reduce the production of intraocular fluid.

Azopt contains 10 mg of brinzolamide, is made in the form of drops in bottles of 5 ml in a carton. A bottle with a dispenser, which makes it easy to use and dose the drug.

Bury Asopt should be dropped by eye in each eye twice a day, before use, eye drops should be shaken in case of glaucoma. Duration of use is prescribed by the attending physician.

Do not use Azopt when hypersensitivity. With caution, use the drug during pregnancy and during lactation, since it is unknown how Azopt affects the baby and breast milk.

Side effects are expressed by dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, chest pain, irritation on the skin, dry eyes and poor eyesight.

3 Preparation Alfagan P

Alfagan P is a drug that treats glaucoma. Its action is to normalize the eye pressure.

The main component of the drug is brimonidine tartrate. It has a stimulating effect on the eye receptors, the maximum effect of the drug is achieved after 1.5 hours after application. The volume of fluid inside the eye decreases, its outflow improves, which reduces the intraocular pressure.

Indications and contraindications for use are as follows. The drug is prescribed when effective treatment is necessary if there is an increase in eye pressure.

These eye drops should not be taken with:

  • of individual intolerance;
  • during pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • for children under 2 years.

The medicine is instilled in each eye every 8 hours, but no more than 3 times a day. The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

4 How to take Glauprost?

Eye drops are designed to lower the intraocular pressure, activate the outflow of intraocular fluid.

Medium is a clear liquid without color. The main component of the drug is latanoprost.

The drug is available in the form of eye drops, which are in a vial with a dispenser of 2.5 or 5 ml. The drug is packed in cardboard packs.

Pharmacological action is similar to other drops. The medicine lowers the pressure inside the eye, activating the outflow of fluid, but practically without affecting its volume.

A noticeable effect of lowering the intraocular pressure is achieved 1.5 hours after the instillation procedure, the greatest effect occurs after 8 hours. The action is not less than a day.

The pressure reduction begins 3-4 hours after application and reaches its maximum effect after 8 or 12 hours. The duration of action of the composition is at least 24 hours.

Use drops simply, dig in a solution once a night for one drop.

Contraindications and side effects are also available. Do not use drops for children under 18 years, and even for hypersensitivity. You can not use the compound more than once a day, with an overdose can be redness and itching. Precautions should be taken during pregnancy.


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Before using any medication, consult a specialist.

5 Effective Ganfort

Ganfort is an ophthalmic solution of combined action. This drug solution is a sterile liquid of clear or light yellow color. The active substances of Ganfort are bimatoprost and timolol. Produced in plastic bottles-droppers with a dispenser volume of 3 ml.

Pharmacological action of Ganforta allows you to reduce the pressure inside the eye through a general interaction. The combined effect of these components leads to a more pronounced effect.

Components increase the outflow of intraocular fluid, reduce the volume of excretion of this fluid, thereby reducing intraocular pressure.

You need to use the medicine every morning, one drop in each eye.


  • hypersensitivity;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • age to 18 years;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Caution should be used for people with kidney and liver disease, with diabetes mellitus.

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Side effects of the drug are expressed in the following symptoms:

  • conjunctivitis,
  • increased eyelash growth;
  • itching;
  • burning sensation;
  • dry eyes;
  • redness of the eyelids;
  • headaches.

With proper application of cases of overdose has not been fixed.

6 How will Duoprost help?

This is a combined action, it reduces intraocular pressure, improves fluid outflow. It is a solution for the eyes of a transparent color. Duoprost contains latanoprost and timolol maleate. Produced in the form of a bottle of plastic with a volume of 2.5 ml, the dispenser makes it easy to use drops.

Slightly improves the outflow of fluid inside the eye, has anti-glaucoma effect, practically does not affect the volume of produced fluid inside the eye.

Apply once a day.

Duoprost drug should not be used for hypersensitivity, bronchial asthma, lactation, children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Side effects are still possible. There may be visual impairment, diarrhea, dry mouth, headache, depression.

In case of an overdose, the following symptoms may occur: dizziness, irritation, headache, heart rhythm disturbance, nausea, vomiting.

In case of an overdose, the eyes should be thoroughly rinsed with water or saline.

This medication may affect the color of the iris.

There are a lot of medicines needed to provide quality glaucoma treatment.

The course should be long and complex, so that the effect comes as soon as possible.

Depending on the causes and symptoms, different drugs are prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma, which can both reduce pressure, and affect the volume and outflow of intraocular fluid. Therefore, before you start taking any medication, you need to consult with a specialist.

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