Escapel and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, reviews, can I drink at the same time

"Escapel" - one of the most recognized and popular drugs for emergency contraception. Disputes about the side effects and dangerous consequences of this remedy are constantly being maintained - both among doctors and among patients. Since accepting Escapel usually occurs unplanned, respectively, the question of whether it is possible to take the drug with alcohol becomes very important. There were no official and large-scale studies of the interaction between Escapel and alcohol. But scientists and practicing physicians assert - a powerful Escapel and alcohol with simultaneous reception can lead to an unpredictable dangerous result.

What is an Escapel?

Escapel( along with the famous Postinor) is included in the group of hormonal drugs that are used for emergency postcoital contraception. This means that you can drink one single tablet( in contrast to similar drugs, where two tablets are needed) after sexual intercourse - for three days.

The only active substance in the contraceptive is levonorgestrel. This synthetic hormone is an analog of progestogens, to which belongs the most famous progesterone - the hormone of the yellow body of the ovaries, otherwise the "pregnancy hormone".

Despite its name, progesterone is a powerful natural contraceptive - it is he who protects a woman from conception when she is already carrying a child.

Escapel is one tablet that you need to drink within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and ideally - as soon as possible. In one dragee of a contraceptive - 1,5 mg of levonorgestrel. Escapel is allowed to drink at any time of the monthly cycle - the day when there was a sexual act, the effectiveness of hormones is completely unaffected.

The mechanism of progesterone action varies dramatically depending on the timing of admission:

Phase of the menstrual cycle
Action of the drug Result
First half Suppresses ovulation The follicle does not burst, the egg does not come out and conception is impossible
The second half
Brakes the proliferation of the endometrium( internal uterine mucosa)
Fertilized ovum( fetus) is not attached to the wall of the uterus

Price Escapel varies in a very wide range, it depends on the mountainsode( the capital or regions) and the pharmacy network. You can buy one pill of a contraceptive on average for 340-570 rubles.

Alcohol compatibility

The effect of hormonal drugs on the body is always very individual, so side effects in one particular case are difficult to predict.


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Side effects from a single dose of Escapel are very rare( according to clinical trials of the drug), but can be quite serious:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • general weakness;
  • dizziness and headaches;
  • intestinal disorders( diarrhea);
  • swelling of the mammary glands;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • painful menstruation;
  • too abundant menstruation;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • interruptions of the menstrual cycle( delay and complete discontinuation of menstrual cycles).

From the compatibility of the drug with alcohol( regardless of when the alcohol was drunk - before or after Escapel), the body's response may be even more unpredictable. This is largely due to the effect of alcoholic beverages on the body.

First, the metabolism of synthetic progesterone occurs in the liver. The half-life of Escapela is about 26 hours. The processing of decomposition products of ethyl alcohol is also "engaged" in the liver. And if you mix the contraceptive with any alcohol, the liver gets a double blow, which can not always be handled.

Secondly, from the reception of alcohol the vascular system suffers very badly - first the alcohol dilates the blood vessels, then causes a sharp spasm. Since Escapel itself provokes bleeding, in combination with ethyl alcohol, this effect is enhanced.

Possible consequences of

The most important consequence that a woman can expect after an alcoholic hormonal cocktail is a banal inefficiency of the drug. The gynecologists warn about it, this is also said about the reviews. Many women who took Escapel in parallel with alcohol, write that the pregnancy occurred immediately, despite the allegedly powerful progesterone effect.

In many respects the advent of unplanned pregnancy depends on the time of reception of Escapel.

If in such a late time and mix the contraceptive with alcohol, the effectiveness will be minimal. In this case, emergency contraception will simply turn into Russian roulette.

The other side of mixing alcohol and Escapela is much more dangerous and can cause irreparable harm to the patient's health. Alcohol of any strength and in any doses can several times strengthen the "pobochku" from a powerful contraceptive.

Consequences may be as follows:

  • severe nausea and vomiting;
  • abdominal pain and diarrhea;
  • increased alcohol intoxication;
  • painful hangover syndrome;
  • severe uterine bleeding( up to the threat of life).

Rules for combining

Instructions for use Escapela does not give any indication about the compatibility of the drug with alcohol. Also, there is no data on any compatibility tests of artificial progesterone and alcoholic beverages. But all medical sources in this regard are unequivocal: it is strictly forbidden to mix hormonal preparations with alcohol of any strength.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy and do no harm to health, it is important to follow simple rules for the reception of Escapel:

  1. If unprotected sexual intercourse was accompanied by alcohol intake, you should not drink Escapel immediately after it. If time permits, it is better to wait until all the products of ethanol decay are removed from the body, and then take the contraceptive.
  2. After drinking the Escapela tablets, alcohol is banned for at least a day( and preferably two).During this time, the products of the metabolism of progestins will leave the body, and the risks of "pobochki" will be minimized.
  3. If after a birth control pill within 3 hours a woman started vomiting, you need to drink Escapel again. No alcohol for 2 days after contraception!


Since the instructions for use do not mention the interaction of Escapel with alcohol, this makes it possible for both women and even some physicians to assert that a small alcohol dose will not affect the effect of the contraceptive in any way.

Since hormones themselves have a very unpredictable effect on the body, no one can vouch for the health of a woman after such "alcohol contraception".

In some cases, mixing alcohol with Escapel does not really have any consequences, pregnancy also does not occur. But numerous reviews in the Web prove: so lucky not all women. Therefore, in order not to risk your health( especially women's health) and the health of future children, alcohol should be completely forgotten for the duration of the action of Escapel.

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