Cyclopyrox: price, instructions for use, mechanism of action, composition

With the help of modern drugs, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the most obvious manifestations of a fungal and viral infection, you can quickly normalize the skin condition, restore its normal microflora and prevent recurrence of the disease. And among the antifungals that are especially popular today, we should separately focus on the preparation Cyclopyrox, which has proved itself in the fight both with manifestations of fungal viral infections and with their root cause. With a minimal amount of side effects and ease of use, as well as a large number of medicinal forms of Cyclopyrox, it can be guaranteed to get a quick positive dynamics of the treatment, accelerate the healing and regeneration of the skin and restore her health.

At the heart of the action under consideration is the stopping of the entry into the skin of the skin of the necessary substances for nutrition and the development of pathogenic microorganisms, which stops their vital activity and quickly cleans the skin. Presented on sale in the form of nail polish, cream, ointment, candles, gel and shampoo, Cyclopyrox copes with the manifestations of fungal attack in any part of the body. Reducing the likelihood of re-infection is ensured by the long-term action of the active substance of this agent, as well as by its thoughtfulness of the formula. The drug can be used even for a long time, and in the complex effect its use brings even more pronounced and long-lasting results.

Features of the preparation

Having the name in Latin Cyclopiroxum, the antifungal agent under consideration today is known to many thanks to its high efficiency, many positive reviews of those who have already used it. In addition to eliminating the characteristic symptoms of many fungal lesions, cyclopyrox can be prescribed as a prophylactic, which eliminates the risk of relapse.

Dosage Forms

For more directional action, the drug is on sale in the form of several varieties that involve their application in various directions. This makes it possible to eliminate as much as possible the possible negative manifestations of activation of pathogenic microflora on the skin and on the surface of the nail, on the mucous membranes, and also to prevent the penetration of the virus into the interior of the affected area.

The following varieties of Cyclopyrox are on sale:

  • cream , which has a uniform consistency and is rapidly absorbed into the skin, leaving no traces of fat on its surface;
  • gel , destroying the protective shell of cells, stimulating the protective properties of the body and skin;
  • candles for local use;
  • shampoo , successfully fighting the manifestations of fungal infection on the scalp;
  • nail polish , purposefully eliminating the signs of fungus on the nails.

The listed forms of the drug have a directional effect on the affected areas, removing the manifestations characteristic for the defeat of the viral infection - skin peeling and itching, burning sensation, redness, local rashes, changes in the appearance of the affected area.

Composition Cyclopyrox

The formulation has a balanced composition, the main active ingredient is 6-Cyclohexyl-1-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-( 1H) -pyridinone, which has a form in the olamine agent. With prolonged use of the remedy, its penetration into the systemic blood flow is noted, which should be taken into account when prescribing the drug for the treatment of large areas of skin.


The cost index of Cyclopyrox depending on the dosage form of different sellers may vary significantly.

  • So, the cream intended for external use is available for 230-310 rubles per tube( 30 g tube volume),
  • nail polish with antifungal effect can be bought for 2100-2180 rubles per bottle, the volume of which is 3 grams

Pharmacological action of

Thanks to its effective composition, the drug in any form of its own does an excellent job of treating all manifestations of a fungal infection, which makes it possible to call Cyclopyrox one of the most effective remedies for viral skin lesions of a fungal nature. Violating the processes of feeding the fungus, the active substance of the drug stops its life, prevents further reproduction and stabilizes the normal state of the skin.


Effects on Gram-positive and Gram-negative strains of fungal viruses, the active substance of the drug eliminates the effects of skin damage, stimulates its protective properties. The lack of conductivity of nutrients in the cell, as well as oxygen leads to a gradual death of the fungus.


Due to a high degree of activity, the active substance is rapidly introduced into the cell, which allows to neutralize the negative impact of the causative agent in the shortest possible time.

However, this indicates the likelihood of penetration of the active substance into the systemic bloodstream, which can lead to certain negative consequences if the drug is used for a long time. Traces of the drug can also be found in breast milk, which somewhat limits the possibilities for the use of this drug during lactation.


To conditions in which it is possible and recommended to use Cyclopyrox, the following should be attributed:

  • color deprivation, in which the use of this drug provides drying of affected skin areas, elimination of its peeling, normalization of microflora;
  • onychomycosis;
  • therapy of oily seborrhea;
  • dandruff - with any degree of dandruff, the drug helps to cope both with its manifestations and with excessive dryness of the scalp, which provokes the formation of dandruff;
  • fungal infections of the vaginal mucosa and skin;
  • as a preventive drug with a tendency to the emergence and development of fungal infections.

With a pronounced positive dynamics, treatment of these conditions with Cyclopyrox can not only eliminate the most obvious manifestations of the underlying disease, but also eliminate its consequences and prevent possible relapses.

Instructions for use

The use of Cyclopyrox is quite simple.

  • Ointment is applied with a thin layer on the affected areas of the skin, left for effect. Its rapid absorption makes it possible to neutralize even large areas of colonization by the fungus, without exerting a pronounced negative effect on healthy skin.
  • Candles are used to treat fungal infection of the vaginal mucosa, with the effectiveness of the drug is maximized, there are minimal negative consequences of the application. The introduction of suppositories is carried out as deeply as possible in the vagina, the duration of treatment depends on the degree of lesion of the mucous fungus. Usually the course of treatment is 12-15 days. A candle is introduced 1 time in the evening for exposure throughout the night.
  • Shampoo is applied to the scalp, left to act, then washed with running water in large quantities. If there are significant areas of fungus infection, shampoo should be applied regularly, and make sure that the substance gets on all parts of the head. Use the drug twice a day to increase the intensity of exposure. The use of the drug is shown for 18-25 days without interruption until the disappearance of the manifestations of the underlying disease.
  • Nail polish is also applied to the entire nail, affected by the fungus. The frequency of application depends on the degree of neglect of the pathological process, the magnitude of the lesion area. When using lacquer, the nail should be periodically sawed, removing the damaged areas. Before re-application, the old layer of varnish is removed with a special remedy or with a warm nail bath.


For adults, the use of the drug Cyclopyrox does not pose a health hazard in the absence of individual intolerance to constituent components. Duration of use of each version of the drug depends on the doctor's recommendations, which will allow timely elimination of the most characteristic manifestations of the disease, as well as the degree of neglect of the pathological process, the location of the manifestation of lesions.

For infants and children

In childhood, especially in the period immediately after birth, the drug should be administered with increased caution, which is due to the increased sensitivity of the baby's skin, its tendency to allergic manifestations. Only a dermatologist can decide whether to use Cyclopyrox for young children, and carefully monitor the reaction of their skin to the drug used.

The most commonly used in childhood is shampoo for fungal infections of the scalp, gel and ointment.

In pregnancy and lactation,

Because large areas of infection are likely to cause the active substance to enter the bloodstream, caution should be exercised during pregnancy. The doctor will be able to determine the degree of expediency of using Cyclopyrox, determine the advantage of his appointment over the likely negative impact. Therefore, during pregnancy and lactation, the use of Cyclopyrox should be done with extreme caution.


Contraindications to the use of the drug in question include individual intolerance of the active substances of the drug, early childhood, as well as the following organic lesions:

  • allergic skin reactions;
  • increased susceptibility to skin irritation;
  • pregnancy and lactation period.

Side effects of

Side effects with the appointment of Cyclopyrox include:

  • increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • appearance of redness and rash on it;
  • dry skin.

Individual intolerance of components manifests itself in the form of aggravation of the existing symptoms.

Special instructions

  • Duration of application Cyclopyrox is on average 2-5 months, the maximum period of its use should not exceed 6 months. In the treatment of fungal infection of the vaginal mucosa, the duration should not exceed 14 days.
  • In the absence of a pronounced positive dynamics in the treatment of any type of fungal infection, the doctor should be revoked this drug and replaced with a similar one by the action.

Interaction with other medications

There was no decrease in the efficacy in the combined use of ciclopirox with other drugs.


Positive feedback on the use of the drug in question can help understand the reason for its popularity in the treatment of a variety of fungal lesions. This is due to the high effectiveness against fungal infection of any kind. Many noted as an important advantage the possibility of choosing the most convenient for use in a particular case of a dosage form.

Due to the minimum number of restrictions to the use of Cyclopyrox can be appointed to eliminate the manifestations of the underlying disease of most patients.


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Dandruff can be used and folk remedies, as described below video:

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