Decamines: price, instructions for use, mechanism of action, composition

The main purpose of the drug for external application Dekamin is the elimination of signs of many fungal and bacterial lesions, accompanied by a violation of the integrity of the skin, the emergence of irritation and inflammation in the upper layer of the epidermis. Eliminating the most obvious manifestations of skin diseases, Dekamin also copes with the size and extent of neglect of fungal diseases with a minimal amount of adverse events during treatment. In this case, an important advantage of it should be considered the absence of negative reactions when the substance gets into healthy areas of the skin.

Compared with analogues, Dekamin perfectly absorbs, without causing addiction to the active substance and stimulating the body's defenses. Thanks to a well thought-out formula, the drug in question has proved itself well in complex therapy, in which the strengthening of its most important medicinal qualities is noted. Selling in the drugstores of the city without having to present a doctor's prescription, Dekamin can be used on his own because of its ease of use;However, the most obvious and long-lasting results are noted when the doctor prescribes this remedy. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the body, convenient packaging, detailed attached instructions allow you to permanently eliminate the most unpleasant symptomatology of the underlying current skin disease.

Features of the preparation

Thanks to the choice of the drug dosage form, it is possible to choose the most convenient form of the drug in use. Caramel with a high content of active substance and ointment, which has a homogeneous consistency and possesses a high degree of absorbency, excellently cope with the destruction of pathogenic microflora. Used for both internal and external use, Decamine has the most pronounced effect in the complex treatment of fungal and inflammatory diseases of various localization regions.

The pronounced antibacterial and fungicidal effect of this preparation provides rapid neutralization of pathogenic microflora, restoration of normal pH and purification of the epidermis. Regeneration of damaged tissues, stimulated by the drug, copes even with neglected manifestations of many skin diseases.

It is produced in Russia, quality control of all constituent ingredients is carried out and there are relevant documents confirming both high efficiency of the tool and complete safety for human health in the process of its application.

Dosage forms

Today there are two dosage forms of the drug - caramel and ointment for external use. The concentration of the active substance in both versions of the agent allows to obtain a pronounced positive result from the treatment even at the advanced stages of the pathological process.

  • Ointment , which is applied to the damaged areas of the skin, has the name Dekaminovoi ointment. Dekaminovy ​​ointment has a balanced composition, due to which it is quickly absorbed and its effect begins to manifest itself after 40-60 minutes from the moment of admission. An ointment is sold in tubes, which are in cardboard packages, in which there is detailed instructions for use.
  • Caramel is used for internal use in accordance with the indications and the appointment of a doctor.

Composition of Decamine

Depending on the type of preparation, their composition differs somewhat:

  • dekaminovyj ointment in its composition has an active substance( dekamina) of the order of 0.5-1 g( ointment is 0.5% and 1%), emulsifier, purified lanolin, glycerin, purified water;
  • tablets( caramel) have in their composition about 0.5 grams of a dekamine.


The average price of the drug in the form of ointment is from 116 to 225 rubles per package.

Pharmacological action of

The drug begins its operation from the moment it is applied to the skin( in case of using an ointment) or the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, and then - the stomach( caramel).Rapidly penetrating the skin at the sites of its destruction, the active substance binds pathological cells, destroying the intercellular membranes and preventing the normal activity of fungi and infectious cells.


The activity of the drug is most pronounced due to its antibacterial and bactericidal qualities. Eliminating the pathological microflora, it cleanses the skin, prevents the development of inflammations on it.


The action of decamine is manifested when exposed to fungal microorganisms, viruses and fungi. The decay products of the active substance are neutralized by the liver cells and excreted by urine.

Indications for use

Decamine is used to treat the following conditions and skin conditions:

  • thrush developing in the oral cavity;
  • filamentous fungi;
  • white piedra;
  • mycosis of various nature;
  • inflammatory processes flowing in the throat, pharynx and oral cavity( including fungal angina).

The ability to increase the strength of the effect in the complex treatment of these conditions provides the possibility of obtaining the fastest and longest-lasting results.

Instruction for use

The use of Decamines is quite simple.

  • When applied externally, the ointment is applied to pre-cleaned areas of the skin where current pathological changes in the fungal or viral nature are noted. To rub the preparation is not required, it is enough to update its application 2-3 times a day.
  • Tablets funds are taken orally before meals, the dosage and duration of application is determined by the attending physician based on the results of the diagnostic.


For the treatment of fungal and viral skin diseases in adults, the dosage usually is 2-4 application of the ointment per day to the affected skin. Duration - until the complete disappearance of the characteristic symptoms of the disease. Usually the duration is 4-7 weeks.

For infants, newborns

Due to the increased sensitivity of children's skin, the dosage of the ointment is reduced, applying it more thinly. The frequency of application of the ointment is no more than 2 times a day, depending on the effectiveness of the application and the absence of allergic reactions.

During pregnancy and lactation

  • During pregnancy, caution should be exercised, and although the active ingredient does not penetrate the placental barrier, the physician needs to monitor the treatment.
  • Lactation also allows the use of the drug for the treatment of viral and fungal skin lesions.


Contraindications include individual sensitivity of the skin and body of the patient with the constituent components of the remedy. The emergence of allergic manifestations can also be attributed to the negative consequences of using Dekamine.

Side effects of

Side effects should be considered:

  • appearance of hypersensitivity of skin;
  • appearance on the treated areas of rashes and redness;
  • inflammation on the skin;
  • strengthening of the existing symptoms of the current lesion.

Specific instructions

In elderly patients, fewer ointments should be used, since in the presence of any chronic lesions of the body there is a high probability of allergic skin reaction.

Interaction with other drugs

The use of the drug with other medicines is acceptable: there is no evidence of a weakening of its medicinal qualities in a complex effect.


Numerous reviews on the high efficiency, ease of use of both dosage forms of the drug, affordable cost and the minimum number of possible side effects make it possible to understand the reason for the popularity of the antifungal drug in question. Combining rapid penetration with almost complete absorption of the active substance by the skin, Decamine exerts a pronounced effect even on large areas of the affected skin.

The minimum number of negative manifestations, even when the drug is on healthy skin, is noted by many as an important advantage of the drug.


Analogs of Dekamine include such agents for outdoor use as:

  • Fluomazine,
  • Acapex.

Among good antifungal agents, you can also distinguish such:

  • Econazole;
  • Bifosin;
  • Cyclopyrox;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Flucostat;
  • Ammifurine;
  • Bifonazole and others.
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