Griseofulvin: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogs, composition

A real problem for modern medicine are fungal skin lesions. They are diagnosed in half the cases of all dermatological ailments. To the patient they deliver a lot of troubles and discomfort. Cure with mycosis and other diseases will help the drug "Griseofulvin".

Features of the drug

Griseofulvinum( Latin Griseofulvinum) is an antibacterial drug whose action is directed to the elimination of moldy penicillin fungi. At a low concentration, the drug has a fungistatic effect( reduces the growth and multiplication of the fungus), and for large fungicidal( contributes to the death of fungal organisms).

Dosage forms

The drug is available in three forms:

  1. Suspension for internal use of with a substance concentration of 100 mg / ml. Produced in cans made of glass.
  2. Liniment 2.5%. Available in orange glass jars of 30 g.
  3. Tablets 125 mg. Sold in packaged form for 10 pieces. Each bundle contains 2 blisters.

Griseofulvin Composition

Griseofulvin acts as active active ingredient. One tablet contains 125 mg of it.

As auxiliary components can act:

  • Monohydrate lactose;
  • Polyethylene glycol;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Corn starch.


The cost of this medication starts at 270 rubles.

Pharmacological action

Antibiotic with antifungal action. Actively affects the dermatophytes of the genus Microsporum, Epidermophyton, Trichophyton.


Antibiotic, which has an antifungal effect, contributes to the disruption of cell wall synthesis in pathogens. The substance has an accumulative effect.

Enter the hair cells, nail plates and skin, allowing the keratin to be resistant to fungal infection. As the contaminated substance is separated, it is replaced by a healthy tissue.


Griseofulvin has a high absorption. Its maximum concentration is 0.5-5 mg / l( Tmax 4-5 h).The connection with plasma is equal to 80%.The substance accumulates selectively on the skin, also in the liver, muscle tissue and fatty layer. It falls into the tissues of the body to a small extent.

Penetration of griseofulvin occurs through the placenta.50% of the component is excreted by the kidneys in a day, 36% by the intestine.


Griseofulvin is effective for fungal diseases of the skin, hair, nails, as well as:

  • Epidermophytics of the foot and groin area;
  • Microspores( lichen);
  • Scab;
  • Dermatophytosis.

Instruction for use

For systemic use it is advisable to use Griseofulvin in the form of tablets or suspensions, for topical application - ointment.


The drug is given in the first three weeks of treatment to 0,125 g 4 times a day, and in the following days with the same frequency, but after 1-2 days. Therapy is performed until the symptomatology disappears. In the treatment of nail plates, the course can be up to six months, and the scalp - up to 6 weeks.

For children and newborns,

  • Griseofulvin may be administered to children aged 3 years. When treating a superficial or infiltrative-purulent form, the drug is taken from the ratio of the body weight of the child( 18 mg / kg).
  • For fungal lesions of the head or nails, the daily dosage should be equivalent to 16 mg / kg. The course of treatment itself can be about 8 months.

In pregnancy and lactation

Preparation "Griseofulvin" is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


Contraindications to the use of "Griseofulvin" can serve:

  • Disrupted work of the kidneys and liver;
  • The presence of malignant tumors;
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • Changes in cerebral circulation;
  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Changes in blood composition;
  • Bleeding in the uterus.

In addition, those people whose work may endanger life and health( pilots, drivers and others), the drug "Griseofulvin" is prescribed in a hospital.

Side effects of

The use of this drug can lead to such side effects as:

  • Dizziness and migraine;
  • General weakness and fatigue;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Poor orientation in space;
  • Confused consciousness;
  • Vomiting or nausea;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Violation of coordination;
  • Stomatitis;
  • Leukopenia;
  • Allergic reactions( rash, hives, itching, erythema multiforme, drug lupus, etc.).

Special instructions

  • In the process of using Griseofulvin it is recommended that a blood test be performed every 1.5-2 weeks for its morphological composition.
  • The active substance has a negative effect on the reproductive function, regardless of sex, so it is necessary to take hormonal-free contraceptives during its administration.
  • Griseofulvin activity is significantly reduced if its intake is combined with barbiturates.

The drug has the following features:

  • Enhance the toxic effects of ethanol on the body.
  • Reduction of the effect of taking contraceptive pills containing estrogen.
  • Reducing the therapeutic effect of taking anticoagulants.
  • After all the symptoms have been eliminated, it is possible to resume taking ½ tablet a day. If there are no side effects, then on the 4th day the dosage can be gradually increased.
  • For the treatment of children in combination with Griseofulvin it is recommended to use a multivitamin complex.
  • The drug may impair concentration, therefore it is not recommended to drive the car during its use and perform dangerous work that requires precision of action and concentration.


Reviews of doctors and patients who took Griseofulvin, in most cases indicate a high effectiveness of the drug. In their opinion, after several days of treatment, improvements are noticeable.


If, for any reason, it is not possible to acquire exactly the "Griseofulvin", its analogues exist:

  • "Atifin";
  • "Bramisil";
  • Exeter;
  • "Terbinox";
  • "Lamisil".

Treatment of dermatological diseases in most cases takes quite a long time, and also has its difficulties. Therefore, timely diagnosis and qualified definition of therapy is a guarantee for a quick and positive result.

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