Balm Rescuer: instructions for use, analogues, reviews, price

Balm "Rescuer" is used for all kinds of metabolic disorders in the skin, its damages. Burns, frostbite, skin traumas are successfully treated with the use of healing balm. The action of the balm is based on reducing pain, restoring damaged cells and soothing the skin.

As an additional treatment, the Rescuer is effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and can be used as a main agent in the development of the disease in an easy degree. Most components of medicinal balm are of natural origin. We will consider today the instruction on the application of balsam "Rescuer", its analogs, reviews, price.

Features of the preparation


Natural components of the balm softly affect the skin, carrying out healing activities. In total, there are 8 natural components in the Rescuer balm:

  1. Moisturizing, protective and softening effect is exerted by olive oil.
  2. Analgesic effect on the skin is achieved with turpentine oil.
  3. Regenerative properties are enhanced by the action of sea buckthorn oil.
  4. Antiseptic and regenerative action of balm is achieved by essential oils that reduce swelling and itching.
  5. With the melted butter, the skin calms down, the irritation decreases.
  6. Reducing the harmful effects of the environment is achieved by the incorporation of beeswax into the balsam. After applying the balm on the skin, a protective film is formed.
  7. Recovery of damaged cellular structures occurs due to carotenoids and tocopherol.
  8. Wounds heal better and receive antiseptic protection due to the infusion of calendula in the formulation.

In addition to organic natural components, the chemical composition of the balsam is enriched with an inorganic substance - naphthalane.

Dosage forms

"Rescuer" is produced in a single dosage form - balm, also called ointment. The drug is packaged in a tube weighing 30 grams.

The average cost of a medicinal product is 150 rubles. For children, a medicinal form of cream-balsam is produced - "Rescuer for children".

Pharmacological action

  • Ghee is included in the composition of both the children's "Rescuer" and an adult. Due to this component, an unpleasant symptom of dryness of the skin is eliminated, the coarsened and weather-beaten skin softens. After getting melted butter on the skin, recovery processes go much faster.
  • Regeneration processes are faster in the presence of the component - sea buckthorn oil.
  • In the absence of microorganisms under the protective film created by beeswax, the process of removal of inflammation and inactivation of pathogenic bacteria is more active.
  • Oils of plants not only relieve inflammatory reactions, have an emollient and soothing effect, but also improve trophic properties of skin tissues.

About application of balsam Rescuer with trophic ulcers, hemorrhoids, from acne on the face, bruises, sunburn on the orders of doctors and reviews of the patients we will talk further.

Indications for use of balm Rescuer

Balm "Rescuer" is used to treat patients of any age: from infant to senile. In maternity hospitals, balm is used to care for the skin of children born and as an ointment for the rapid healing of postoperative sutures.

In addition to these cases, the "Rescuer" is recommended to be used in the following situations:

  • in bedridden patients and infants, diaper rash may cause diaper rash and other skin problems. Skin covers in this situation are lubricated with balm before dressing the diaper;
  • skin pathologies in the acute period, including inflammatory reactions, acne and secondary type infections;
  • acute inflammatory reactions of mucous membranes;
  • burns of thermal and chemical origin;
  • wounds, injuries of various morphologies( sprains, bruises, etc.),
  • bites such creatures as a louse.


The damaged skin surface before application of balm "Rescuer" is to be cleaned. Ointment is applied to the very center of the lesion, even if it is an open wound. Skin irritation, following the application of the "Rescuer" from the open wound site, is excluded, since the alcohol component in the preparation is absent.

  • After the application of the "Rescuer" the place of damage should be covered with a patch or other insulating material. The plaster should not be replaced or opened the wound throughout the day, the next day you can use a new portion of balm and a new plaster. Before changing the patch, the skin should be left for 15-20 minutes without balm and plaster.
  • If the balm is used after changing diapers, the skin is cleanly washed and wiped, then the "Child Rescuer" is applied for preventive or curative purposes.
  • The new version of the drug "Rescuer-forte" is used not only in the listed situations of skin diseases, but also in the treatment of neuralgia, myositis, radiculitis and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Change band-aid with balm in the treatment of joints and muscles is recommended several times a day during the first day.


  • The drug is not used if, after its use, allergic reactions to components of the Rescuer have been detected.
  • Balm has a low therapeutic effect in chronic skin disease.

Side effects of

  • Allergic reactions for people prone to individual intolerance to the components of the balsam "Rescuer", may be the only side effects.
  • The occurrence of allergic reactions is also possible in patients with skin features, especially sensitive to irritations.

Special instructions

The recipe for the balsam "Rescuer" is known for a long time and was used in the preparation of ointments during the war years of 1941-1945.Packaging of the drug is quite noticeable from the pharmacy showcase thanks to the white and green colors, which invariably persist on the tube for 70 years.

Storage of balm does not differ from the storage of most medicinal substances: a cool temperature, which contributes to the long-term preservation of medicinal properties. The consistency of the preparation is directly dependent on the temperature of the medium.

Interaction with other medicinal substances

  • Simultaneous use of balm "Rescuer" and disinfectants( brilliant greens, alcohol solution of iodine, hydrogen peroxide) provokes the beginning of undesirable chemical reactions with the formation of substances that harm the skin.
  • The effectiveness of the drug decreases with the preliminary application of ointments and creams with contained glucocorticoids.


Medical specialists who prescribe an ointment for topical treatment of skin lesions, believe that the components of the drug are effective for patients of all ages. Feedback from users, overwhelmingly, is positive. Negative reviews are associated with an odor problem for some users, as opposed to other users who comment on the smell of balm on the positive side.

Situations of application of balm, described by users, are diverse: postnatal seams, diaper rash in infants, open wounds, vascular lesions on the face after childbirth, herpes sores, bruises after rock fall in the mountains, etc.


No analogues for active ingredients of balsam "Rescuer" exist because of the uniqueness of the selected components. The property of wound healing is Actovegin, Solcoseryl, Panthenol and other ointment preparations.

And the video below will teach you how to make a balsam "Rescuer" yourself:

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