Folk remedies for the treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis, how to treat at home, medicine, how to cure?

For almost every pathological condition in folk medicine, you can find at least one remedy that can be prepared at home and is highly effective. Dysbacteriosis is not, in this case, an exception, and its treatment with folk remedies has long been used along with drug therapy procedures.

What kind of help can people's therapy have for intestinal dysbacteriosis? A large number of drugs have an effect on the elimination of the symptoms that accompanies this condition, for example, stool, flatulence, painful sensations. In addition, the methods of healers help to normalize the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is worth remembering that when treating dysbiosis with folk remedies, it is necessary to follow the rules of a specialized diet, and, if necessary, the process of taking medications.

What methods of healers are the most popular and effective?

How to treat dysbiosis with folk remedies?

The fact that herbs are effective in the case of various diseases has long been a secret. Phytotherapy has even been singled out as an independent section of medicine. So do not be surprised that the treatment of herbal dysbiosis is so popular.

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Many medicinal plants in the treatment of dysbacteriosis is not one, but several actions at the same time. Therefore, for convenience, they should be divided into groups:

  1. Herbs that have an antimicrobial effect. Such agents for the treatment of dysbacteriosis at home, help in the destruction of pathogenic microflora, while not affecting the beneficial bacteria. Thus, pronounced medicinal characteristics have the root of a blood-groove, a root of aira, sage, St. John's wort, leaves of mother-and-stepmother, eucalyptus. A good effect gives and chamomile.
  2. Folk treatment of dysbacteriosis can be made very tasty if you prepare fruit drinks from rose hips, raspberries or strawberries.
  3. Herbs with anti-inflammatory effect. Various kinds of inflammatory processes in the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract often enough provoke a violation of microflora - treatment with herbs in this case has a faster effect on the removal of inflammation of the mucosa and the elimination of symptoms. For these purposes, chamomile, yarrow, St. John's wort can be used.
  4. Herbs with an enveloping effect. Infusions cooked at home, when treating dysbiosis, should be a mucous consistency. This form of the drug has an enveloping effect, which prevents damage to the mucosa, and, therefore, better healing takes place. For this, the use of elecampane, flax seeds is permitted. Oats also have a similar effect.
  5. Herbs with fixing effect. Such products, prepared at home, are indispensable when accompanied by a violation of microflora diarrhea. In folk medicine for dysbacteriosis, bark of oak, pomegranate crusts, cherry fruits are used.
  6. Herbs with a laxative effect. Such funds are used in case of microflora disorder, which is accompanied by constipation. It is allowed to use seeds of dill, fennel and anise fruits, mint leaves. In addition, such herbs in the people's treatment of dysbiosis can remove intestinal cramps, and therefore have high efficiency in spastic constipation.

In addition to herbs, in the public treatment of dysbiosis, the use of beekeeping products is permitted.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis at home with honey

An important property of the honey-based remedy in the popular treatment of dysbacteriosis is antimicrobial action. Staphylococci, fungi and other viral bacteria do not have protection before this technique. But it is such a flora that predominates in the intestinal cavity in case of microflora disturbance, as a result of which bifido- and lactobacilli are displaced. That is why folk treatment of dysbacteriosis with the help of honey is the correct method of getting rid of pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, honey has an anti-inflammatory effect, which gives a soft stimulation of intestinal peristalsis. Such a method in folk medicine of dysbacteriosis is indicated for those who have a breach of microflora accompanied by the appearance of constipation.

Honey has the property of normalizing digestion in the people's treatment of dysbacteriosis, since it contains in large quantities substances with enzymatic activity that improve the digestion of food. If we take into account the fact that the disturbance of the microflora mainly appears against the background of the course of gastrointestinal diseases, it is understandable why the use of folk remedies against dysbiosis from honey significantly improves well-being.

No less valuable is the preparation prepared at home, from propolis, which is known for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effect, due to which it is recognized as a natural antibiotic. Therefore, the treatment with propolis is accompanied by the disposal of the intestinal cavity from pathogenic microorganisms.

In folk medicine there is such an effective tool: for 45 days a few times a day, a glass of liquid is drunk, in which 1 teaspoon propolis is dissolved. This is done immediately after a meal, and always on a regular basis.

How to cure dysbiosis with folk remedies?

One of the necessary occupants of the intestinal cavity are acid bacteria, the content of which decreases significantly when the microflora is disturbed. Therefore, in the national treatment of dysbacteriosis, special attention is paid to the consumption of dairy products, with the exception of whole cow's milk.

This is due to the fact that milk can cause and intensify swelling and rezi, fermentation processes in the intestinal cavity. But goat's milk will be absorbed much easier, and therefore does not enhance fermentation processes.

Undoubtedly, folk remedies help in eliminating dysbacteriosis - treatment at home using natural products can have a positive effect, but not in every situation. In the case of pronounced disturbances in the microflora, combined therapeutic manipulation is required for the connection of pre- and probiotics.

In any case, before starting folk treatment of dysbacteriosis, it is worth turning to a specialist. No matter how extensive your knowledge of medicinal herbs and other means is, the definition of the cause of the disturbance of the microflora, its severity and the design of the therapy scheme should only be handled by a specialist. Only in this case, the therapy will be effective - and the preparations prepared at home will serve as an excellent aid for the traditional medicinal technique.

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