Ronkoleikin for people with oncology: instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues of the drug

Modern pharmacology is today a large selection of drugs with complex effects in a variety of diseases.

And among the drugs with complex effects that stimulate the work of immunity, eliminating the lesions of tissues and organs in a variety of bacterial and microbial infections, it is worthwhile dwelling on Roncoleukin, which is highly effective, can be used in the complex treatment of many diseases and at the same time has minimalnumber of adverse events in use.

The peculiarity of this remedy can be called its wide impact, in connection with which it can be used to treat pathological processes arising from the penetration into the body of infections of any nature.

The active substance quickly penetrates into the tissues, its absorption begins already at the time of administration or during inhalation upon ingression into the respiratory tract. Features of the composition will make it possible to understand the specific effects of Roncoleukin.

Form release and packaging

The drug is sold in pharmacies in the form of a solution, completely ready for use in the form of subcutaneous infusion or inhalation. The solution has full transparency or is presented as a liquid with a light yellow color.

Composition of

Active substance in the preparation is interleukin-2 human recombinant, which has a wide impact on the body and makes the drug particularly effective.

Photo of Roncoleukin for humans

The following substances can be classified as auxiliary components:

  • purified water;
  • dithiothreitol;
  • ammonium bicarbonate;
  • sodium laurisulfate;
  • mannitol.

The listed auxiliary components increase the effectiveness of the active substance, stimulating the immune system and preventing the occurrence of side effects.


The drug is manufactured in Russia, the manufacturing company is BIOTECH.


The drug Roncoleukin is used in cases when the effect of immunity to a significant extent is weakened.

When exposed to the organism of pathogenic microflora of various nature, as well as with extensive manifestations of inflammatory processes, the drug has proven itself in complex treatment with drugs that enhance its effects.

To indications for the use of Roncoleukin should include:

  • infection of significant areas due to burns;
  • pancreatitis;
  • sepsis( also postpartum);
  • endometritis;
  • osteomelitis;
  • marked immunodeficiency;
  • pneumonia, even in severe form;
  • peritonitis;
  • localized and genitalized infectious diseases;
  • cancerous tumor processes in the kidneys.

The drug is prescribed for both adults and newborns in the event of postpartum sepsis, osteomelitis, complications of pneumonia and pancreatitis.

The absence of adverse events allows the use of Roncoleukin in the integrated treatment of newborns, even in severe stages of the listed diseases.


However, there are a number of situations where the use of the drug is contraindicated. These include:

  • serious pathology in the work of the heart and vascular system;
  • in the presence of metastases in the brain;
  • in the development of malignant tumors in the terminal stage of development;
  • with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug and its active ingredient.

The above contraindications avoid the occurrence of side effects when taking the drug.

Mechanism of Action

With antitumor effect, Roncoleukin inhibits inflammation in the tissues, stimulating the immune functions of the body.

High degree of activity of the drug is due to a balanced composition, as well as a relatively small number of possible side effects when it is taken.

The mechanism of action is to significantly stimulate the immune processes in the body, and the effect is on all links of the immune system.

The main process for taking Roncoleukin is the proliferation of lymphocytes belonging to the T-group. This activates the process of lysing action on killer cells of a cancerous tumor, which lose a significant part of their activity and deprives them of the possibility of active and uncontrolled division.

Similar action is also found on cells of an infectious and bacteriological nature that suppressively affect human immunity.

Instructions for Use Roncoleukin: dosage

The use of the drug and the dose prescribed by the doctor in the complex effect on the disease are determined depending on the diagnosis. The duration of treatment also depends on the diagnosis and the presence of a positive effect of the remedy.

If any negative effects on the body are detected, the drug should be immediately discontinued, using a drug with a similar effect instead.

Usage for sepsis of any kind

In the event of sepsis caused by extensive burns or a birth process, as well as injuries, the drug is prescribed twice per course, in which the drug is injected into 0.5 ml with a break of 24 hours. In the absence of a negative reaction, the course is repeated after 3 days.

The maximum number of repetitions of courses is 3-4 times.

Tuberculosis of lung destructive type

In this disease, Roncoleukin is prescribed by three courses, following one after another with an interval of three days. Introduced intravenously, the volume of each injection - 0.5 ml. The break between the introductions in one course is two days.

For any side effects, the drug is replaced with a similar one.

Tuberculosis of the lungs in active form

With the active form of pulmonary tuberculosis, an increase in the dose of the drug to 1 ml of one ampoule( one intravenous injection) is required. Introductions are made two times in a row with an interval between them 1 day.

The duration of such treatment should be at least three courses.

Renal cell cancer

When a malignant neoplasm is formed in the tissues of the kidneys, the doctor is assigned 4 courses of intravenous administration of the drug( one dose - 0.5 ml).One course is one introduction, the interval between them is 2 days.

Treatment duration is usually 3 to 8 weeks.

With a lack of body weight, the patient is likely to have no significant result from using Roncoleukin.

Side effects of

If the organism is intolerant with the active substance of this drug or any of its auxiliary components, the occurrence of side effects is likely.

These include:

  • diarrhea or constipation, accompanied by bloating, flatulence;
  • eruptions on the skin surface with slight itching or burning;
  • tenderness at the injection site;
  • slight increase in body temperature.

The drug has the minimum number of adverse events, because it can be prescribed even to people with increased sensitivity to its components.


Cases of overdose have been extremely rare. When an overdose is marked by an increase in body temperature, it is likely the occurrence of allergic manifestations in the form of rashes and redness of the skin at the site of the injection.

Special instructions

The use during the carrying out of the baby, as well as during the feeding of the newborn, is severely restricted due to possible negative effects on the child.

Compatibility of

The use of the drug with other medications is acceptable in the complex treatment of many diseases, however, combined use with corticosteroids significantly reduces the therapeutic effect of the drug.

It is prohibited to mix different drugs in the same syringe, which will be administered.

Reviews of doctors about Roncoleukin in oncology

According to many experts, the drug copes well with many manifestations of cancer: the pain decreases in the active stage of the pathological process, the activity of dividing the mutated cells slows down.

Roncoleukin has proven itself in complex treatment: the possibility of complex therapy helps to achieve the most pronounced effect, and its compatibility with many drugs allows you to model the most effective treatment regimen.

Price in Moscow and St. Petersburg

The cost of this drug is relatively affordable for most buyers. Depending on the volume of ampoules and their quantity in the package, the cost in different cities may also differ slightly.


Proline analogues of the drug include Proleukin produced in Switzerland or Holland, as well as Derinat and Lycopene.

Synonyms for

Synonyms include agents with a similar effect of neovir and ADS-anatotoxin.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

The drug is sold only if you have a doctor's prescription.

Storage Conditions and Validity of

Roncoleukin should be stored at room temperature and low humidity, preferably in rooms with constant conditions( temperature fluctuations may range from + 9 ° C to + 25 ° C), in a place inaccessible to animals and children.

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