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Ear infections are a problem of people of different ages. The pain signals the presence of a lesion in one of the departments. Sometimes it has a reflex character, but in any case, medical help is required. If you do not start treatment in time, you may have hearing loss.

Ear hurts, as indicated by the symptom

The cause of discomfort may be a minor injury in the external ear, for example, a pimple or a scratch. Pain is also a sign of some diseases:

  • Otitis. Sensations in this case are sharp, often occur against a background of weak immunity. In addition to pain, fever may increase, itching may appear. In children, pain in the ear can be accompanied by a runny nose.
  • Perichondritis. The pain is very strong, because the bacteria affect the cartilage of the ear. Often is a consequence of the disease. It is combined with a tight swelling. Sometimes there is pus.
  • Mastoiditis. Another reason for acute pain. In the process inflammation of the mastoid process occurs. It is combined with an increase in body temperature, headache and earache.

The causes of pain can be not only the diseases of the ear, but also enlarged lymph nodes, excess earwax, the pathology of neighboring organs .

First aid

It is not recommended to warm up the ear before determining the cause of the painful symptoms. If the cause was a purulent disease, then this is only greetings to more severe consequences.

What can I drip with an earache?

It is allowed to rinse the ear canal with hydrogen peroxide. It not only positively affects the inflamed area, but also dissolves the ear plug well. A few drops in this case will be enough. Do not forget to close your ear with cottonwood.

Camphor alcohol also helps. He is bred in a 1: 1 ratio and reduces soreness. This medicine has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. Also, camphor alcohol will help to remove swelling.

The most popular drops for ear pain


is laid down To remove a symptom, vasoconstrictive drops will help, but they should be dripped in the nose. Additionally, you can drink Suprastin, which will remove puffiness. If the congestion is short-lived, then a deep yawn will help.

People who suffer from sulfur plugs often complain about this symptom. In this situation, hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue. Additionally, use a wash of the nasal sinuses with saline or sea salt.

Treatment with drops

This method is one of the most effective. Depending on the cause of pain, the doctor will prescribe an antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial composition.

Overview of the most popular drugs

The following drops have the antimicrobial effect:

Name Active substance Features
Cypromed Ciprofloxacin The antibiotic destroys most known bacteria. It is digested five drops three times a day.
Otofa rifampicin Helps with the coccal microflora. The drug is effective even when other antibacterial drugs are powerless. Allowed use with broken integrity of the tympanic membrane.
Normax norfloxacin Can be used for prophylactic purposes after surgery.

A bright representative of non-steroidal drugs is Otipaks. It is effective in otitis media, myringitis. Relief comes in a few minutes. Since the drug does not enter the bloodstream, it can be used to treat ear diseases of babies.

No less popular is "Otinum."The medicine eliminates pain, reduces inflammation. Can be used with zalozhennosti, because it displays a sulfur plug. It is not allowed to use it for children, pregnant women, as well as for rupture of the tympanic membrane.

Among the combination drugs is

  • of Polidex. It contains antibiotics and hormones. It has a counter-current, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • "Combin-Duo".It is used to fight any conditionally pathogenic microflora.
  • "Anauran".It stops the development of most bacteria. The composition has two antibiotics and an antiseptic.

Folk recipes

The onion has an antibacterial effect. It is necessary to warm the pipette in boiling water, and then immediately take 3-4 drops of onion and drip. Additionally, attach cotton wool soaked in juice. At deep ootitis the procedure is repeated many times.

Can also be used. It is necessary to take 100 grams of a plant to grind and pour vodka( 0,5 l).Insist in a dark place for a month. Then it is necessary to dig in the tincture in the ears. It helps quickly, including relieves pain.

Used in folk medicine and laurels. To do this, take five sheets, which are filled with a glass of boiling water. The mixture is brought to a boil. A warm broth is buried in 8 drops. In addition, you can drink 2-3 tablespoons. The course of treatment is 5 days.

How to use hydrogen peroxide in diseases of the ears:

Features of the treatment of children

When rupturing or damaging the eardrum, you can not use ear drops to children. If the child has an earache, the doctor may prescribe drops depending on the age of the patient. In advance, tell him about allergic reactions. Some drugs can be given and the baby, but most are contraindicated until 6 or 15 years.

Among the children's drops are "Otipaks", "Anauran", "Otofa".The latter does not have an analgesic effect, so immediately after use, do not wait for the child to feel better. It is not recommended to use "Sofradex", because this tool has many side effects.

Before instillation, make sure that your child's ears are clean. Warm the drops in your hands, they must be warm. If the composition is cold, it can cause severe pain and dizziness.

How to drip drops into the ear


Do not use ear drops with increased sensitivity to active components. Carefully read the instructions. If the doctor has established a rupture of the tympanic membrane, then the list of possible medications decreases. Burying drops on an oily basis is not recommended for problems with the inner ear.

Please note, after using the medication, you can lay your ear. There are several reasons for this:

  • temporary blockage of the passage of the medication,
  • swelling of the ear secret,
  • allergy.

If you experience side effects, get medical help immediately.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The positive side is that most similar medications operate locally. They relieve inflammation, but practically do not get into the blood. Some formulations contain painkillers. They start to act very quickly, so after about 5 minutes the pain subsides.

The drawbacks are that, in some cases, additional intake of antibiotics is required. In addition:

  • Because of the rapid removal of the pain syndrome, a person can independently stop the treatment before the term.
  • There is a risk of allergic reactions.
  • Many drops are contraindicated in pregnant, nursing mothers and children.

How to bury the ears of children in our video:

The pharmacies have a large selection of drops for the treatment of ear ailments. But their appointment should be handled by a doctor. With an incorrectly chosen scheme, you can not only bring yourself to deafness, but also sepsis of the brain.

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