Tablets from motion sickness in an airplane, bus, car, train, at sea

Sucking on the road is a consequence of the overestimation of the vestibular apparatus and threatens with a number of unpleasant symptoms and poor health. Avoiding nausea and weakness in the road will help drugs from motion sickness.

General characteristics and review of

preparations A variety of drug groups, the purpose of which is to remove adverse symptoms and poor health on the road, differ in the spectrum of action and a number of characteristics.


Anticholinergics are the most common group of drugs from motion sickness. Mostly they affect the parasympathetic nervous system, inhibiting its reaction to motion sickness.

A significant drawback of the use of such drugs is the high probability of adverse symptoms that cover:

  • allergic reactions to one of the components of the group's facilities;
  • strong sedative effect, which is expressed in retardation and difficulty to concentrate;
  • rapid heart rate;
  • high activity of sweat glands;
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  • a noticeable decrease in vivacity;
  • discomfort in the mouth, dryness;
  • difficulty with focusing the view on objects located near or far away;
  • is a hallucinogenic reaction.
Effective doses of medications are often associated with these common reactions. That's why anticholinergics drugs should be prescribed very carefully.

A typical representative of the species is Aeron. Ingredients of the agent are hyoscyamine, as well as scopolamine. Development is used for 45-60 minutes.before landing.

This medicine for motion sickness is optimal for long-distance roads by sea. When demanding a long voyage, it is worthwhile to drink a new dose of medication.

Drugs that depress the central nervous system and reflexes

These medicines have an expressive soothing effect. Their use is fraught with the risk of a sharp loss of concentration.

The group includes neuroleptics, sleep aids, and painkillers. The action of such medicines covers the nervous system. Negative effects include muscle relaxation, apathy and impaired coordination.

Let's consider the basic medical means oppressing the central nervous system.

Relanium( Diazepam) is an analgesic that extensively affects the nervous system. Not recommended for pregnant girls and lactating mothers.

Medazipam( Rudotel) is a tranquilizer that can help cope with motion sickness on a long journey by car or by other means of transport. The medication is prescribed to use only 1 tablet to effectively relieve symptoms for half a day.

Prazepam will symptomatically eliminate vomiting, weakness and characteristic severity, which is caused by monotony in transport.


Universal medicines of a wide range of effects, which combine a sedative effect and moderate blocking of the parasympathetic nervous system. Advantage of the agents is the efficiency, ease in choosing the dosage, as well as the almost complete absence of undesirable consequences.
Representatives of the following group are such medicines:

  • Bonin;
  • Dramamil;
  • Daedalon.

Active ingredient of the list is dimenhydrinate. The nature of the effect of the drugs makes it possible to use them in children from 1 year.


Drugs that will avoid negative effects when shaking on the road are Caffeine and Sydnokarb. Another medium is Sidnogluton.

In practice, a combination of one of these medicines with a medicine-anistamine is common. This will not only enhance the effect, but also minimize the risk of side effects, which should be attributed:

  • high oxygen consumption;
  • heart palpitations;
  • arrhythmia;
  • coordination disorder;Insomnia and anxiety.

Sidnokarb, like Sidnogluton has an identical active substance( sydnokarb).Drugs are more effective than caffeine, which usually complements the main therapy of the nervous system.

Antiemetic drugs

Nausea, weakness, apathy and vomiting are the most common symptoms when shaking in any way. To eliminate the negative symptoms apply such means of the group: Cerukal, Torekan and Alo-Metoclop.

Are focused on arresting an uncontrollable emetic reflex. However, other symptoms of the group can not be stopped.

In addition to eliminating vomiting, Torekan will form a gait stability, relieve dizziness and increase unreliability to the loadings of the vestibular apparatus.

Drugs that accelerate the adaptation of the body to motion sickness

Gradual strengthening of the vestibular apparatus allows you to more easily transfer the road. Special medicines make it possible to activate the nervous system's resistance to motion sickness. Eleutherrococcus and Bimetil are among them.

Drugs that normalize microcirculation in the cells of the vestibular apparatus

The substances of a separate group also act on the vestibular apparatus. Normal blood circulation in the vestibular apparatus will maintain resistance to stress. The drugs belong to the group:

  • Sermion;
  • Betac;
  • Aminalon;
  • Flunarizine;
  • Phenibut and others.

In travel it is necessary to foresee everything. In hypertensive disease or heart problems, beta-blockers will help. The list of drugs related to beta-blockers is quite large. Pick up a suitable tool.

On the road, we are in the same static position for a long time. In such a situation, compression of the nerves of the spinal cord is possible. How to behave correctly to avoid the development of radicular spine syndrome read here.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies have become widespread due to convenient pharmacological form and bright effect. However, out of all the diversity, the optimal combination of effectiveness and the presence of side effects is not achieved in all means. The most popular drugs are:

  • Veratrumalbum .The universal action consists in normalizing the pressure, eliminating the gag reflex and fainting. Use for half an hour before shipment on the road.
  • Vertigohel .It can be prescribed for relief of the characteristic symptoms of motion sickness on the road, as well as in disorders of a different kind. The maximum is also effective when applied half an hour before shipment.
  • Borax recommend to use during flights by air;
  • Air-sea is designed to eliminate most of the symptoms of motion sickness. Medication can be used before the start of the journey, during the journey, and also at the end.

Folk remedies

Problems with the vestibular apparatus under loads have been familiar for a long time. To eliminate them, people's practice offers a whole range of ways and means.

Most of them are available;people of different sex and age can apply them.

  1. On the trip it is worth taking a container with strong mint tea, supplemented with juice or lemon slices. The drink has a pronounced toning effect.
  2. When going on the road by the sea, it's worth tightly wrapping the bandages with bandages. The action will strengthen the vestibular apparatus and counteract motion sickness.
  3. Ginger also helps to avoid motion sickness. It is just a trip to take 1 gr.crushed root of this plant.
  4. During the journey it is recommended to simply chew fresh( dry) tea leaves.
  5. For a child and an adult, a combination of honey and mint oil is useful. It is worth taking a couple drops of oil on a small spoonful of liquid honey. The therapeutic effect comes when using a small spoonful of the composition.

Tablets depending on the circumstances of motion sickness

Individual situations form separate requirements for the composition of medicinal drugs that eliminate the symptoms of kinetosis.

At sea

For the normalization of well-being on the road at sea, the following are recognized as the best:

  • Avia-More;
  • Cinnarizine;
  • Torekan;
  • Cerukan;
  • Kinethrin;
  • Diazepan( exclusively for passengers).


aircraft Drugs from motion sickness in the airplane must be purchased and drunk well in advance. Strengthening of the vestibular apparatus in air transport occurs with the help of such popular means:

  • Borax;
  • Bonin;
  • Air-sea;
  • Flunarizine;
  • Kinedryl;
  • Seduxen;
  • Aeron.
As we can see, pills against motion sickness on the plane repeat the list of means from rocking to the sea.

In the car, bus and train

Effective in this situation will be:

  • Bonin;
  • of Dramin;
  • Seduxen;
  • Prapesam( for long trips);
  • Phenibut;
  • Aminalon;
  • Veratrumalbum
  • Petrolium;
  • Kinedryl;
  • Cocculus.

For pregnant women

For pregnant women, a special combination of active agents is important and the manifestation of side effects is not applicable. The remedy for kinetosis should not harm the fetus. Optimal in this situation are:

  • Kokkulyus;
  • Vertigogel;
  • Air-sea;
  • powder of grated ginger root;
  • tea medium strength with lemon.

For children

A number of medications for motion sickness can be advised for children from birth. However, it is worth remembering that the vestibular apparatus of toddlers is in the formation stage, the terms of which are individual( on average, up to 4-5 years).

Age kinetosis will pass as the vestibular apparatus strengthens. At the age of 1 year to 2-3 years, while the vestibular apparatus is not yet formed, it is possible to use such tablets against motion sickness:

  • Vertichogel;
  • Aminalon;
  • Phenibut.
Tablets from motion sickness are not divided for children and adults, but you need to understand that you need to choose the dosage according to the instructions.

If after 3 years of motion sickness does not stop, you can continue to use the same drugs.

To this list are added homeopathic remedies Kokulin and Avia-More and Dramin tablets. Although the latter can be taken with a pediatrician's permission from 1 year.

Watch a video in which Dr. Komarovsky talks about what to do so that children do not sway in transport:

We choose the best pills from the effects of motion sickness

Compare the medications for motion sickness to the effects.


One of the best and universal medicines has a complex vegetotrophic effect. Used for rapid relief of "seasickness" and kinetosis. The only remedy is a feeling of discomfort when you get into an air hole.

Produced in the form of granules for long-term treatment and in the form of tablets or caramels for an immediate solution to the problem.

Use the formulation in the form of tablets / caramel an hour before the trip, holding the medication under the tongue until dissolved. It is also possible to reuse every half hour.

Reviews of the host, positive, the effect is, but with strong symptoms of kinetosis is not noticeable. It has a specific taste, which is not pleasant for everyone.

The price is about 80 rubles for 20 tablets.


Sometimes these tablets from motion sickness are mistakenly called Darmina, apparently associated with the word "gift".And indeed it is a gift and support in such a situation as a bad transfer of the road. But still the instruction contains contra-indications and it is necessary to consider it.

The medicine can be given to children from 3 years old, used to prevent kinetosis right in front of the road. But it is recommended to take it only after consulting a therapist. Instructions for the use of tablets from Drillin's motion sickness contain detailed recommendations, including a reception scheme. For children from the age of 3, the reception starts with?pills.

Reviews, as a rule, are positive, but at the same time there is a number of complaints that this remedy causes an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness.

The price of tablets from Drinamin's motion sickness is from 88 rubles per package of 5 pieces. Intensive preparation for the trip, some setbacks on the road and many women begin to cry without reason or shout at their companions. Hysterical neurosis in women is not uncommon. How to act in this situation? How to stop the tantrum?

Before going on a long trip read this article and determine whether you have any signs of intracranial hypertension? After all, for example, a flight on an airplane with this disease can cause a hemorrhage in the brain.

Spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage in the brain can happen to anyone. Details: http: // bolezni-nevrologii / sosudistye-zabolevanija-mozga / subarahnoidalnoe-krovoizliyaniye.html


A soft homeopathic remedy is used before and during a trip to a pair of capsules. Special precautions are not required. Kokulin take, if the Avia-Sea does not operate.

Price from 185 руб.for packing 30 pcs.

Weightlifting tablets

Consisting of natural ingredients, such medications can be used without medical prescription. Preventively use ginger 4 hours before departure by any transport, with a sensible need of repeating the dosage every 4 hours( but no more than 4 times).

Ginger tablets are considered to be ineffective.

Tablets from motion sickness and nausea from Pharmascience

A drug with such a non-trivial name also takes place to be on the pharmacy market. The composition includes all the same dimenhydrinate, as in Dramin in the same dosage. These pills are effective and not dangerous for children. A portion of the medicine is consumed half an hour before departure. The medication calms and eliminates jitters, keeping clarity of thought and coordination.

But this drug is difficult to find in pharmacies. Approximate price of 148 rubles for 10 pcs.

Tablets from motion sickness from Thailand

In Thailand, most of these drugs are sold without a special recipe and their bulk consists of herbs. Use them carefully, to avoid undesirable consequences for the nervous system.

Thai tablets Dimenhydrinate are analogous to Drama, have a similar composition, but cost many times less. Our tourists enjoy this advantage with pleasure.

Some other popular means for motion sickness

As the vestibular apparatus grows or strengthens, the monotony of the road becomes less noticeable and negative states may not appear. A simple way to avoid nausea is lollipops and mint candies. The effective medicine is "Stugeron".

In many ways avoiding the negative effect helps the psychological mood of a person.

To avoid the unpleasant moments that are caused by shaking and monotony on the road, it is worthwhile to apply one of the most reliable modern means. Individual medications are good for different types of transport.

You should not choose tablets against motion sickness only on advice or for the price of .The effect of individual drugs on each person is very individual. Consider the side effect of some of the drugs, such as drowsiness. Carefully choose the means for children.

Tips for Toddler Anti-Motion:

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