Pronounced bulbitis: symptoms and treatment regimen

If the folds of a bulb, a loop located between the stomach and the duodenum, are slightly swollen, if the color of the mucosa is brighter than normal, and the capillaries located there are markedly enlarged, the patient is diagnosed with a pronounced bulbite. The disease has characteristic symptoms. The patient is prone to constipation, after eating, he has a strong rumbling, sometimes he becomes troubled by heartburn, nausea and sour belch. They are the result of casting bile from the bulb into the esophagus.

Diagnosis and symptoms of pronounced bulbitis

With expressed bulbite pains are of a certain nature. They appear and on an empty stomach, and after eating, are disposed in the epigastric region and are given in the right hypochondrium. The blood test shows a high rate of erythrocyte sedimentation and mild leukocytosis. Such signs indicate the presence of an inflammatory process in the body.

Specify exactly where it is flowing, X-ray and duodenoscopy helps. The first method diagnoses an increase in the volume of the bulb of the duodenum, the second one opens the possibility to visually determine the condition of the mucous bulb. A pronounced bulbit causes hyperthermia and an inflammatory mucosal edema.

The daily pH-metry and electrogastroenterography can confirm the diagnosis.pH-metry shows the process of formation of gastric juice in the last 24 hours. Electrogastroenterography displays motor-evacuation abnormalities in the operation of the duodenum.

How to treat?

To treat the expressed bulbit will have a long and complex. Therapy will require a lifestyle adjustment. It includes several components:

  1. Building a clear daily routine with sixfold fractional power and enough time for sleep.
  2. Complete exclusion of bad habits. Alcohol and smoking should be completely forgotten.
  3. Revision of the diet, compliance with a strict diet, such as prescribed for ulcer patients( table number 1).
  4. Decreased neuro-emotional load.

A pronounced bulbit involves medication. It is appointed taking into account the revealed causes of pathology. Antibiotics are prescribed when the appearance of a pronounced bulbite provokes helikobaktery. Antiallibiasis and anthelmintic treatment is prescribed when there are parasites in the intestine. In addition, patients must prescribe drugs that can normalize the secretion of gastric juice, enhancing the regenerating properties of cells of the mucous bulb.

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