Whether it is possible to give birth at a pancreatitis, whether he is dangerous after sorts or labors?

Chronic pancreatitis is often aggravated during pregnancy, and therefore in this case the question of whether it is possible to give birth in pancreatitis becomes topical. How much is this dangerous, and what complications for the birth process and problems after it, can this disease turn out?

Is it possible to give birth in pancreatitis?

Acute pancreatitis, which developed in the first weeks after conception, is an indication for a possible termination of pregnancy, and therefore in this case it is so important to weigh the pros and cons of each decision, taking into account the risk for both the mother and the fetus.

But in the event that the disease appears after the second trimester, there is a high probability that artificial births will be required, caused earlier than the established time. And this forced measure is fully justified: otherwise the chances of saving both the mother and the child are significantly increased. Treatment in this case is inexpedient, and therefore it is better to start it after the birth.

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to give birth in pancreatitis is controversial and depends on a number of indicators and factors. As anesthesia, spasmolytics are used, and labor often occurs when specialized obstetric forceps are used.

It is important to note that in this disease, it is best to give up and give birth by caesarean section in a natural way, because in the absence of proper antibiotic therapy the infection can develop and as a result, the risk of complications for both the mother and the newborn increases. Moreover, even after childbirth, the woman's condition often not only does not improve, but, on the contrary, deteriorates rapidly, and therefore it is important that all the necessary measures are immediately taken: medication is started, aimed at destroying the infection and eliminating painful sensations, which will allowprevent possible peritonitis.

Pancreatitis after delivery and its danger

The main danger of pancreatitis after childbirth is that the weakened organism of the parturient is recovering very slowly, and therefore often the treatment is delayed for a sufficiently long period of time.

In addition, there may be some difficulties with breastfeeding, because if the pancreas of the mother rejects many products, respectively, and the child suffers because of pain, colic and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the issue of continuing breastfeeding should be discussed with a pediatrician, especially since both enzyme preparations and pain medications taken by a lactating woman with this disease will also have a negative impact on the health of the baby.

Pancreatitis during pregnancy, childbirth and even after them, is not just dangerous, but, at times, truly deadly. That is why this ailment must be under the constant supervision of an experienced doctor, who can prescribe a treatment that is suitable for the mother and harmless to the baby.

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