Treatment of ascites( hydrocele) with folk remedies and methods at home, diuretic herbs, parsley, how to treat?

Of course, you can try to diagnose ascites on your own at home, but folk treatment helps only a little to alleviate the condition of the patient. And this should not be forgotten. Today, the treatment of ascites with traditional medicine is actively used as part of complex therapy, along with medical treatment aimed at eliminating the main cause that contributes to the development of hydrocele.

What is ascites? This accumulation of large amounts of water in the abdominal cavity. In its presence can be seen independently, by tapping on the abdominal wall. If a deafening sound occurs during this manipulation, then a rather large volume of the transudate has accumulated inside the abdomen.

Another simple diagnostic device may indicate the presence of ascites. To use it, you have to put your hand on the abdominal wall with your palm down, exactly in the middle of the abdomen, and with the other hand, knock on the side. If there is liquid inside, the palm, located in the middle, should feel oscillations,

similar to an air wave. This effect is called fluctuation. It is he who speaks about the presence of ascites.

In order to understand how to treat ascites at home, it is important to know why it has occurred. Provoke it can inflammation of the abdominal cavity, problems with lymph drainage, heart failure, carcinomatosis, thrombosis, the presence of tumors that squeeze the hepatic veins, enlarged lymph nodes, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, bleeding in the peritoneum. In particularly difficult cases, it is not possible to identify the cause of dropsy, an increase in the stomach volume can trigger a large ovarian cyst, an acute enlargement of the stomach, severe flatulence. In this case, to put an accurate diagnosis and advise you to use certain folk remedies in ascites can only be experienced by a highly qualified doctor.

What can a patient use from folk remedies to ease his condition? Good help with ascites grass, cannabis seeds, berry infusions, and the right diet. When the described diagnosis is made, treatment at home should begin with a change in the diet. It is necessary to completely remove from it foods that retain water in the body or provoke a strong thirst. During treatment, you can not eat much salt, its amount should be minimized as much as possible( a soluble dose - no more than two grams per day).The daily norm of consumed water should not be more than 700 ml. To see an approximate menu, which is acceptable in the treatment of ascites at home, you can see, leafed through the diet "Table number 10".

When hydrotherapy methods of folk treatment are used to remove excess water from the body and restore potassium reserves. Reception of each remedy should be supervised by the attending physician.

Diuretic herbs in ascites

Treating ascites with folk remedies The main goal of folk treatment of ascites is to eliminate the existing swelling. To do this as efficiently as possible help the healing plants. There are mono products, there are also complex fees, such folk remedies and methods can be actively used, but only under the supervision of a doctor.

As mono-products, parsley is actively used in ascites. It has unique healing properties, since ancient times it has been used as a powerful diuretic and diaphoretic.

  1. Recipe # 1.Preparing the medicine from the ground seeds. Two spoons with a slide are poured with 200 grams of boiling water, cooked over low heat for a quarter of an hour and filtered. A folk remedy is taken 20 drops four times a day.
  2. Recipe # 2.Boil the broth and can be made from fresh parsley, but in this case instead of water it is necessary to take milk. In this case, the greens are cut into small fragments and filled with half a liter of milk, the preparation is cooked over low heat, filtered and missed at 40 grams every hour, the treatment is carried out until the edema disappears.
  3. Recipe # 3.Bean pods have the same effect. The medicine is made from their husk. For a single portion you need to take the husks of twelve pods, pour them with a liter of boiling water and boil on the fire for fifteen minutes. Tsedit immediately after cooking is not necessary, let the milk broth at first completely cool and well infused. Divide the medicine into five equal parts, and drink before each meal. Another liquid during the treatment of ascites with similar folk remedies can not be drunk.
  4. Recipe # 4.It is well under the national treatment of hydrocurrents with the regular application of a special diuretic tea. To prepare it you need a skier and bearberry. Ingredients are taken in equal amounts, for 100 grams of herbs you need to take 250 ml of boiling water, make tea in a thermos and hold there for two hours. Drink such a folk remedy is necessary on an empty stomach.
  5. Recipe # 5.What other diuretic herbs can I use with ascites? In addition to parsley and bearberry it excretes the liquid from the body in a lime-colored and mother-and-stepmother. Such a collection has a diaphoretic property, with the proper administration of such a folk remedy in ascites, excess water leaves through the pores of the skin. The designated herbs are taken in equal amounts and mixed, to prepare a daily dose, take 100 grams of collection and pour 400 ml of boiling water, then put it on the fire and cook for ten minutes, stirring constantly. The resulting medicine is divided into four doses and drunk before meals, the treatment is effective only when paired with a diet.

Any diuretic herbs in ascites should be supplemented with folk remedies that help replenish potassium reserves. A good apricot compote, prepared from dried fruits.200 grams of dried fruits should be poured with a liter of boiling water and boil for fifteen minutes. A day to drink compote can be up to 400 ml. The remaining 300 grams allowed should be plant diuretics.

Folk remedies in the treatment of hydrocephalus

Folk remedies for ascites In addition to the decoctions in the home treatment of ascites, you can use "dry" and "wet" baths with birch and birch wrapping. Answering the question how to treat ascites with the help of birch, it is important to pay attention that it is best to use young foliage. It is necessary for her to fill the bath, cover it with polyethylene and put it in the sun. Under the film, the leaves will begin to sweat. When the first dew appears, the patient can be immersed in the bath. In it, he must lie down for an hour. A "dry" bath is taken twice a week. The course continues until full recovery. The action of the birch should cause a slight numbness in the limbs. This is normal.

Young leaves can be collected only in the spring, at the rest of the time, a "dry" birch bath can be replaced with a "wet" bath. In this case, such a preparation is previously prepared. On a large enameled bucket put 50 grams of dry leaves, ground into powder, or 100 grams of fresh. Water in a bucket should be boiled, insist for 20 minutes and poured into the bathroom. The ratio of infusion and simple water should be 1x1.Given this, you have to brew a few buckets of birch broth. Take a bath should not more than half an hour. The course of treatment is a month.

What other folk remedies for hydrocortis can be prepared from birch? A good sudorific effect has a birch wrap. For the procedure, you must prepare the broth again. The recipe is the same as when making a bath. In hot spicy water, cotton sheets are moistened, folded in four, they wrap the body of the patient from the armpits to the ankles. In order for the folk method of treatment to be effective, it is necessary to act very quickly. Over wet sheets, superimposed dry, then polyethylene film, on top of it a warm woolen blanket. In such a cocoon, the patient needs to lie down for half an hour. Then it needs to be deployed in such a way that the cold air does not touch the warm steamed body.

When diuretics of vegetable origin are not at hand, it is allowed to use dry birch leaves and horsetail for the preparation of a remedy for ascites. Ingredients are taken in equal amounts, 40 grams of collection is poured into a glass of hot water and insisted for thirty minutes. Drinking a drink in the morning on an empty stomach at once, all at a gulp. You need to drink such a folk remedy when there is a toilet nearby.

The article contains the most popular recipes, with which the treatment of ascites with folk remedies is most often performed. But it is important to remember that they are not a cure-all, grasses, collections can be used at home, but only under the supervision of the attending physician and in conjunction with drug therapy aimed at eliminating the root cause of the described complication. Knowing how to treat ascites, which method to use, you can try to get rid of the described complication.

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