Doxazosin: indications for use, instructions, analogues, price, reviews, synonyms of the drug

Modern medicines, which reduce the manifestations and symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia in men, can achieve marked improvement, even with particularly neglected cases of the disease.

And among the analogues it is necessary to distinguish the drug Doxazosin with the most pronounced effect, which guarantees the least amount of side effects with a high degree of effectiveness of the active substance.

The use of the drug is particularly effective in complex therapy: its effect is significantly increased with the parallel reception of funds, also aimed at slowing down the pathological processes in the prostate gland and neutralizing the patient's pain.

With ease of administration and high degree of effectiveness, Doxazosin has proven itself in the treatment of this male disease.

Form release, formulation and packaging

Pharmacological group of the drug Doxazosin: Alpha-blocker;The drug used to correct urodynamics in adenoma of the prostate gland.

Possessing the ability to reduce blood p

ressure, this agent copes well with the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia: weakening of sexual desire, worsening urinary output, lowering resistance to urine output.

Picture( s) of tablets Doxazosin

A variety of concentrations of the active substance makes it possible to make the most effective treatment regimen, in which a different dose of the drug may be required.

The composition of the drug is balanced, which allows you to get the fastest results when using it.

Composition of

The active ingredient of doxazosin is doxazosin, the following are classified as auxiliary substances:

  • corn starch;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • pharmacological lactose;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • calcium stearate.

The listed components are presented in the most digestible form of the body, which guarantees a significant improvement in the patient's condition even after a short treatment.


Tablets Doxazosin is located in a polymer contour blister, their number in each - 10 pieces. Blisters are packaged in a cardboard box with information on its lateral surface about the name of the drug, the country and the company manufacturers and the expiration dates of this medication.


This drug is offered in Ukraine for sale. There are preparations of the same effect from the manufacturers of Hungary or Germany;pharmacies also have analogues of Russian production with a similar medicinal effect.

Indications for use

Use of the drug is recommended for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The remedy can be used exclusively for the treatment of men.


To situations where Doxazodine can not be used, the age is 18 years, when all the systems are not yet fully formed and the active substance of this drug can have a negative impact on the reproductive, cardiac system.

Also to contraindications for the drug should include the following conditions and situations:

  • the presence of serious damage to the kidneys and liver;
  • severe and severe heart failure;
  • presence of malignant neoplasms in the body;
  • obstruction of the bile duct with stones in them;
  • presence of a stone in the bladder.

Also, the drug can not be prescribed for the treatment of women and adolescents, with stenosis of the mitral valve and the existing serious concomitant diseases.

Mechanism of action of the preparation

A special feature of the effects of doxazosin is the rapid penetration of the active substance into the bloodstream. Moreover, its absorption through the mucous membrane of the mouth and esophagus begins already at the stage of taking the tablets.

Many patients also notice improvement in overall well-being at the start of the drug, and especially its effectiveness is manifested with a comprehensive approach to the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia.

Instructions for use Doxazosin

The use of the drug is prescribed by the attending physician, which sets the dose size and the duration of the medication.

However, the general rules for taking doxazosin in the presence of a testimony will be the following recommendations:

  1. The use of tablets is to swallow whole without chewing or dissolving.
  2. Drink tablets with plenty of water.
  3. Take tablets separately from meals.
  4. The recommended time of taking the tablets is evening time.

The method of application of the drug is determined by the doctor depending on the diagnosis, the degree of development of the disease and the presence of concomitant diseases.

Arterial hypertension requires taking one tablet a day, the duration of treatment as a whole is 14-16 days. At the same time, the amount of the drug should be gradually increased: in the first 5 days, 2 mg once a day is taken, the next 5 days - 4 mg. Then you can increase the dose of the drug. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated.

For prostatic hyperplasia, the drug is also applied once a day, in the evening.

The dose should initially be 4-6 mg with a gradual increase. Duration of admission is from 14 to 18 days. The course is repeated with insufficient number of improvements.

Side effects of

However, when using the drug with people who are hypersensitive to its components or with a tendency to allergic reactions, it is likely that such side effects as digestion disorders such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, bloating, and likely skin rashes may occur.

From the central nervous system is likely the emergence of excessive drowsiness, instability of mood.

The following side effects of Doxazosin are also noted:

  • dizziness;
  • of skin erythema;
  • symptoms of jaundice;
  • cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nasal bleeding;
  • appetite impairment;
  • disturbances of night sleep;
  • tinnitus;
  • urinary incontinence.

However, these side effects are noted with special sensitivity to the components of the drug, instability of the gastrointestinal tract.


In case of a significant excess of the recommended dose of taking the drug is likely the manifestation of signs of food poisoning, therefore, immediately wash the stomach.

Special instructions

Use of the drug is not permissible in childhood, and also in women. Also, with caution, you should prescribe it and strictly adhere to the dose if you have problems with the kidneys and liver.

Caution should be observed when using the drug in the management of complex machinery and vehicles.

Before starting treatment with this drug, check for the absence of malignant tumors, choose the option of a gradual increase in dosage intake.

Compatibility of

The use of doxazosin, together with drugs having a similar medicinal effect, there is an increased therapeutic effect.


Positive feedback allows you to understand the cause of high demand for Doxazosin: many note the appearance of the first strangulation within 2-3 days of the first dose.

In the complex therapy, the use of this drug guarantees fast and long-term results, and compatibility with other drugs allows prescribing Doxozazine even in the presence of concomitant diseases.

Many people note the ease of use of the drug. The ability to vary the size of the dose of the drug due to the release of tablets with different contents of the active substance provides an opportunity to adjust the treatment at various stages of the current process. A relatively small number of adverse events and low price can also be called the advantages of the drug.

Because Doxazosin is a drug for a wide range of uses( for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia and hypertension), it can be used in complex therapy to obtain the most pronounced results. Drawing up a specific treatment scheme allows you to get a pronounced effect rather quickly and keep it for a long time.

However, many have also noted the occurrence of dizziness, weakness and loss of orientation in space during treatment with this drug.

Particularly strongly listed qualities of the drug in question are manifested in the initial stage of treatment for them. For this reason, the exclusion of driving the car and managing complex mechanisms allows avoiding the possible dangers of prescribing Doxazosin.


The cost of the drug is considered affordable, which allows you to purchase it even with a limited budget. The price of Doxazosin varies in different pharmacies from 270 to 510 rubles per package.

Analogues of Doxazosin

Analogues include preparations of Artesin and Urokard, which are manufactured in Russia and have a similar medicinal effect.

Synonyms for

Artemin Retard, as well as Kamyrin, can be considered synonymous with the drug.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

The drug is sold in pharmacies with the condition of having a prescription from the attending physician.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Because this drug belongs to a group of potent medicines, it must be stored in places that will not be accessible to children and pets to avoid the possibility of poisoning.

Storage conditions will be the absence of direct sunlight, low humidity in the room where the product is stored, and the absence of temperature drops.

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