Useful diet recipes for diseases( illness, inflammation) of the pancreas, food for patients

The dishes of the standard Povzner diet for pancreatitis are safe at any stage of the disease. However, without diversity in the body, many vitamins and minerals will cease to flow. Each patient over time increases the arsenal of foods and recipes for foods to which the pancreas refers without a surge of activity leading to a crisis. Avoiding other diseases helps the use within the reasonable limits of raw fruits, vegetable berries.

Include recipes for the pancreas meat dishes that are safe for weakened glands. For example, the recipe for pudding:

  • meat should be cleaned of tendons, cut off the fat
  • boil and scroll the
  • protein beaten in foam, mix with minced meat, milk and salt
  • in greased form baked for twenty minutes
  • garnish is boiled vegetables, rice, carrot puree orpotatoes

In the diet for this disease is very useful oats, because, in it the optimal ratio of carbohydrates and fiber, vitamins and fats, minerals and proteins. This cereal is in the first place in the medical diet. Among the variety of recipes for pancreatic disease, there are many benefits to the gland. One of them is a potato soup:

  • , unlike the traditional one, is the absence of meat or fish broth
  • , the cut onion is blanched, is sawn in cream butter
  • , then carrots are added and all are stewed for five minutes.
  • when adding meatballs or chicken meat

There are dietary recipeswith pancreatic disease, which require clarification of the tolerance of products to the gland in order to avoid exacerbation of the disease. One of these dishes is soup on milk:

  • rice is boiled in water and rubbed
  • in milk is added oil, rice and salt, heated to boiling
  • soup should be pure, homogeneous, white color

The most popular recipes for the disease of the last stage of the pancreas completely excludesalt, which is harmful to the gland. Salt is absent from the menu for several weeks after the exacerbation of the disease, then gradually added to the normal level. Recipes with buckwheat in pancreatic disease mainly use softening, grinding for mechanical shaking of the gland. For example, a milk soup with this cereal:

  • buckwheat is cooked in water half
  • the next stage is added sweet milk, salted butter, the groats are cooked until ready
  • before the meal is added a little more oil

Almost all recipes in the disease have low calorie, especially for pancreatic problems. After two weeks from the moment of exacerbation the body begins to restore the increase in energy value, for the gland this is no longer dangerous.

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