Cancer of the stomach - symptoms and manifestation, how is it manifested?

Stomach cancer, unlike other types of tumors, is very poorly diagnosed. The reason for this is the almost complete absence of its manifestations. Moreover, in the early stages, patients may not feel any changes or malfunctions in the body. But when the tumor makes itself felt, it is, as a rule, already the last stage of the disease. Which, as you know, is very difficult to treat. That is why, in order not to miss the start of the development of cancer, doctors recommend not to forget about the passage of regular medical examinations, as well as to closely monitor your health and "listen" to the slightest changes in the work of the body.

What are the symptoms and manifestations of stomach cancer? First of all, the patient has problems with swallowing hard and coarse food. In addition, there is often abundant salivation. This is due to the fact that the tumor is located near the esophagus and prevents it from fully functioning. Doctors pay attention to the fact that the more malignant the formation becomes, the brighter the symptoms and manifestations of the disease described above.

Another true symptom that indicates that the patient develops stomach cancer is a constant feeling of heaviness in the abdominal region, a regular nausea that intensifies after even a minimal meal. Such manifestations are characteristic of a lesion in the tumor, the lower part of the stomach. Often, in addition to these manifestations, the patient begins to experience a regular sense of bad breath. Even in the case when all the procedures related to oral hygiene were carried out.

The most dangerous type of tumor is the destruction of the middle part of the stomach. In this case, the disease occurs almost without the presence of specific symptoms. Only occasionally, stomach cancer manifests itself as anemia, a sharp decrease in body weight, a deterioration in appetite. Such symptoms are often misdiagnosed by inexperienced specialists as signs of other ailments.

How is stomach cancer manifested?

If we talk about how gastric cancer is manifested, experts say that the first signs are far from specific. Moreover, they are inexpressive. And often, they are similar to many other signs of gastrointestinal ailments. However, experienced doctors call such the most common manifestations of stomach cancer:

  • Regular discomfort in the region of the chest. Pain sensations can be in the upper and lower parts of this body. This is primarily due to the location of the tumor cell concentration.
  • Disturbance of the digestive process. This can be a regular bloating, and belching, and heartburn and all of the symptoms listed at the same time. Physicians note that many patients have suffered from similar manifestations of stomach cancer for quite a long period of time. And they did not apply for qualified help, because they perceived such signs as a norm.
  • Often, stomach cancer is manifested by the presence of blood in the stool. This can be established both through special diagnostic studies( analysis) and visually. The color of the stools will be regularly dark in color.

The listed manifestations of stomach cancer are primary. But, along with them, there may be present and so-called secondary symptoms. To them specialists include: lethargy, unusual, uncharacteristic pallor of the skin, a sharp decrease in working capacity, increased fatigue. Often, patients have an uncaused weight loss.

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