Diarrhea with water with vomiting, nausea and belching hydrogen sulphide

Symptoms, expressed in diarrhea with water and vomiting reflex, have a number of reasons that can provoke their appearance. But in any case they say that in the work of the gastrointestinal tract a serious failure occurred. It could provoke as a variety of diseases of internal organs, and certain drugs that have a side effect. Also, these symptoms could arise due to the usual food poisoning, after which the body in order to get rid of the harmful contents that got into it, includes a protective reaction. In this case, with the help of diarrhea with water and vomiting, poisonous substances are quickly removed from the digestive organs of the patient.

But such a symptomatology can lead to rapid dehydration, especially if it is present in a child or an elderly person. The fact that dehydration is increasing in the body can be judged by the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • Urination becomes rare, and urine becomes dark in this case;
  • Man is tormented by constant thirst;
  • Skin and mucous membranes dry out.

To help the patient, it is recommended that, in case of severe watery diarrhea accompanied by vomiting, it is recommended that the fluid lost due to these symptoms be replaced. In the hospital, the patient is given special droppers, in addition, special alkaline-saline solutions must be used for ingestion, which not only corrects the water balance, but also replenishes the minerals and salts lost to diarrhea and vomiting.

In addition to the possible dehydration of the patient in the event of this symptomatology, development of intoxication, which always accompanies any intestinal catastrophe, threatens. This is due to the fact that in a weakened diarrhea in the water intestine, toxic products are absorbed into the systemic bloodstream, and then spread throughout the body. The very first reaction to them comes from the emetic center of the brain, which leads to clinical manifestations in the form of nausea followed by vomiting. Treatment of diseases with such symptoms should be prescribed only by a doctor after a thorough diagnostic examination. In the event that it is found that the cause of diarrhea with water, accompanied by other signs, are infectious processes in the digestive tract, antibacterial therapy will be required.

Danger of diarrhea and vomiting

If diarrhea is putrefactive, the patient will have a symptom such as belching hydrogen sulphide in addition to diarrhea with water and nausea resulting in vomiting. These signs are most frequent in diarrhea caused by a "lazy" stomach, which does not rush to digest food that has got into it. This in turn leads to their rotting.

This pathology often arises from the excessive use of smoked, spicy or fatty foods and is in this case insignificant. The usual adjustment of the diet allows you to completely remove this symptomatology. But there may be more serious reasons that led to the emergence of burping with hydrogen sulfide and diarrhea with water with nausea and vomiting.

If these symptoms do not pass for more than a day, you should immediately contact the gastroenterologist, as they often indicate the development of serious gastrointestinal diseases in the patient. Only a specialist, after carrying out appropriate studies, can identify the true causes that led to the fact that against a background of watery diarrhea, hydrogen sulfide eructations and a vomitive reflex appeared. Most often, this symptomatology occurs with stenosis of the pylorus, gluten enteropathy and Crohn's disease.

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