The causes of cancer( tumor) of the pancreas, from what happens?

The risk of oncology is directly proportional to age, the average is within sixty years. Doctors distinguish the physiological causes of pancreatic cancer, acting at the gene level, and associated with lifestyle. In men, he is diagnosed more often, in women, oncology of the cervix predominates. According to the research of oncological centers, cases occur on:

  • genetics up to 10%
  • alcohol - 3%
  • low activity( physical) -5%
  • reproduction - 5%
  • carcinogens - 5%
  • infections - 10%
  • tobacco smoke - 30%
  • nutrition - 35%

Causes of pancreatic cancer: physiology

A tumor arises from healthy cells that begin to be intensively divided, becoming unmanageable. Identify them can not, no diagnosis, nor the body itself. Genetic disorders in DNA are the causes of predisposition to pancreatic cancer. Mortality is due to the struggle with the consequence of the tumor, and not with its cause, late diagnosis.

Heredity is especially dangerous at a young age, predetermined by a mutation in the genes. Diseases border organs( diabetes, pancreatitis) provoke uncontrolled division of cells( tumors), reducing the age limit of pancreatic cancer by forty years. Infections from parasites, viruses, bacteria are another factor in the onset of cancer at any age. These viruses are HIV, EBV( Epstein, present in 90% of the world's population), E( cell leukemia), HPV( papilloma), B( hepatitis).Dangerous poisoning by chemistry and food.

Causes of pancreatic cancer: lifestyle

Dangerous tumors in the elderly. Gastroenterologists detected the appearance of oncology of the pancreas:

  • nutrition - regular consumption of excess fatty, lack of vitamins( inhibitor of the tumor growth gene found in citrus)
  • smoking is a frequent cause of oncology, poisonous substances penetrate smoke into the body through bile and blood, rejection of habitallows to reduce the risk of
  • radiation - ultraviolet or ionizing
  • alcohol - ethanol is not a endogen, but it provokes the permeability of cell membranes, making them defenseless
  • occupational diseases - are a common cause of cancer, the most dangerous are: footwear production, woodworking, mining, casting, rubber technical
  • atmosphere - urban residents( especially near industrial zones) breathe carcinogens: chrome, benzene, asbestos, formaldehyde, PAH, transport and CHP - the main sources of contamination

Causes of pancreatic tumor

Let's consider what causes pancreatic tumors:

  • Age. With age, the likelihood of getting sick increases. This disease is more likely to affect people older than 45 years.
  • Gender. The risk of getting sick is slightly higher for men than for women. Usually this is attributed to the fact that men smoke more often than women.
  • Genetic syndromes. The main syndromes that can cause cancer, are breast tumor syndromes, von Hippel-Landau, Peitz-Egers, as well as family pancreatitis, family melanoma, congenital non-lipopic colorectal cancer.

How to avoid pancreatic cancer?

In order to eliminate the causes of pancreatic cancer, the following provisions should be considered:

  • The right diet. It should include 5 meals a day, which consist of vegetables and fruits, as well as bread, rice, cereals, pasta.
  • The intake of vitamins. It is noticed that the use of vitamins C and E significantly reduces the likelihood of the disease.
  • Discarding bad habits. Refusal from the use of alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoking is a very important point in the prevention of the causes of tumors.
  • Active way of life. It is recommended to exercise as often as possible, to go for walks, to visit the pool.
  • Treatment of diseases that can cause cancer. It is necessary to carry out complex measures for the treatment of chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, benign tumors and cysts.

For timely detection of pancreatic cancer, at least once every 2 years, a comprehensive study is required:

  • ultrasound;
  • computed tomography;
  • blood and urine tests;
  • test for tumor markers;
  • endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography( ERCPG).

It should be remembered that the risk of death in pancreatic cancer, especially in later stages, is very high, so eliminating the causes and timely diagnosis of the disease are of great importance.

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