Tongue with stomach cancer, color photos

In most cases of gastric cancer detection, experienced gastroenterologists note a discoloration of the patient's tongue. With such a disease, a dense grayish-white coating appears on its surface( pictured).As a rule, the main parts of its cluster are the middle part of the unpaired outgrowth and its tip. Plaque is quite problematic to separate from the surface, which, often, can help a specialist correctly determine the degree of neglect of the disease and prescribe an effective medication.

A person suffering from stomach cancer, sometimes feels an unpleasant burning sensation in the tongue. Painful sensations can vary depending on the time of day. His peak reaches the peak by the evening, when the patient feels that his tongue is as if burned. In addition, with cancer of the stomach on the surface of the body very often formed barely noticeable points. Such a symptom indicates the appearance of so-called foci of slimming of the epithelium, which disrupt normal functioning.

The color of the tongue in stomach cancer

In patients suffering from this disease, experts note the appearance of a greyish-white coating on the surface of the tongue. As a rule, the discoloration of the tongue is most noticeable at the root of the unpaired outgrowth, however in some cases the plaque can cover the entire muscular area.

Some gastroenterologists claim that the color of the tongue in a patient with stomach cancer may vary depending on how badly the disease is started. At the extreme stages of cancer, it becomes completely white, and to return the normal form to the organ becomes quite problematic. In addition, this feature can be influenced by the intake of special medications that are prescribed for the treatment of a tumor. In some cases, cases of limb darkening may be documented.

The language of stomach cancer changes its color always. At the last stages of the disease, its surface sometimes turns yellow-brown, which allows the doctor to diagnose an oncological disease without any special tests. Also there are special tables on which you can determine the degree of neglect of stomach cancer by the color of the patient's language. Such diagnostics is performed only by experienced gastroenterologists in stationary conditions.

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