Constipation and heaviness in the stomach, intestines, in the navel, why does swelling, pull and twist the lower abdomen?

To determine independently the reason for the appearance of heaviness in the abdomen, constipation and bloating, it is almost always not possible. That's why in case of discomfort in the abdominal cavity and a feeling that the stomach or intestine began to turn, and also there were painful sensations in the navel, treatment in honey.the institution must be compulsory and urgent. Only a specialist after an appropriate examination will be able to make the correct diagnosis. Depending on what the reason provoked the appearance of the patient's pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, the severity in the stomach, constipation, will be given recommendations and prescribed treatment. For what reasons can the patient have such signs? In the case when there is discomfort and heaviness in the abdominal cavity, pulls the lower abdomen, constipation, and in some cases diarrhea, we can talk about the appearance in patients of any gender and age of the problems localized in the organs of the digestive tract. Most experts diagnose the following pathologies:

  • Violation of intestinal motility, its incorrect work;
  • These symptoms may indicate a beginning inflammation of the appendix. In this case, there is also an increase in temperature;
  • Infection with pathogenic microorganisms also causes pulling pains in the lower abdomen and a prolonged stool retention.

But not always heaviness in the stomach and constipation are associated with digestive problems. This unpleasant and interfering with the normal way of life manifestations can be ordinary physiological explanations. That is why when such signs appear, a specialist consultation is needed, which will help to identify the cause that provoked them. It should be remembered that with the appearance of such symptoms, it is by no means possible, before determining the prerequisites of the disease, to take any measures aimed at their elimination, to use a laxative or to apply a warm water bottle. This can aggravate a possible inflammatory process and lead to severe consequences.

Methods of treatment of constipation and gravity in the abdomen

In the event that after the conducted examinations there is no dangerous cause that provoked a feeling of twisting and pulling the lower abdomen, a feeling of heaviness in it appeared and a stool disorder, most often expressed by constipation, it is aboutdysfunction of the digestive organs. Hospitalization of the patient in this case is not required. All therapeutic measures appointed by a specialist in a particular situation will be recommended at home.

Since the sensation of discomfort in the digestive organs is directly related in this situation to violations of the stool, first of all the patient should get rid of constipation that causes gravity. What is being done for this? Many people are used to taking laxatives in large amounts. But this, in no case, is not a panacea for the elimination of stool delay and associated pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, a sense of torsion in it, bloating and flatulence. Only the correction of nutrition and the increase of the patient's motor activity will help to get rid of negative symptoms.

With frequent constipation and severity, it is necessary to significantly increase the consumption of dietary fiber. It is she who will normalize the work of the intestines and restore the patient's quality of life. In order to completely disappear constipation and the accompanying weight with pulling sensations in the lower abdomen, the daily menu should include dishes of fresh vegetables and fruits. The main requirement for their preparation is that the fruit should be cut into large pieces. It is this factor that will contribute to the intensification of intestinal peristalsis.

Also in the case when constipation occurs with a feeling of heaviness in the abdominal cavity, tenderness in the navel, to eliminate negative symptoms, you can take a warm relaxing bath. It will help to remove spasms, because of which the lower abdomen pulls. The best option in this case will be the addition of decoction medicinal sedative herbs into the water. Also, experts recommend that patients with this problem every morning perform a gentle massage of the abdominal cavity in circular motions. This method also improves the work of intestinal peristalsis, and, accordingly, the cessation of constipation and the disappearance of gravity in the abdominal cavity.

The physical activity of the patient also has a very effective effect on the digestive organs. It's no secret that those who lead a sedentary, inactive way of life suffer from frequent chair stumbles. That's why specialists for all patients who often have constipation with a sense of gravity accompanying them, recommend instead of laxative medicines daily morning exercises, outdoor walks and some kind of light sport, for example, swimming.

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