Treatment of duodenitis with medications - tablets, medications, medicines, vitamins, antibiotics, De Nol

In order to get rid of duodenitis - an inflammatory disease of the duodenum, it is not enough to stick to a diet and observe a healthy, calm lifestyle. Only an experienced doctor can correctly diagnose, determine the form of the disease and prescribe an effective medication.

Often, medicines in the treatment of duodenitis are a complex of various means. Let's consider more detailed group of medicines.

Preparations for the treatment of duodenitis

Anesthetics( antispasmodics) are used for pain symptoms that often accompany inflammation. The most effective drug among them is Platifillin( in ampoules), which eliminates the spasms of the digestive organs. It is widely used not only in duodenitis, but also in other diseases of the esophagus.

Another no less popular drug - No-shpa. Thanks to these pills, duodenitis removes spasms of the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract. A similar drug is Drotaverine.

Antacid drugs reduce acidity in the gastrointestinal tract. An effective remedy for this group is Almagel( an enveloping agent).It eliminates the excessive acidity of gastric juice. Its use will ensure the rapid recovery of injured walls of the duodenum.

Another similar drug is omeprazole. Unlike the first, it is presented in the form of tablets.

This can also include Rutatsid. These tablets with duodenitis neutralize the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and perform protects the mucosa from harmful effects.

Not only the most popular, but also the most effective protective, enveloping drug in the treatment of duodenitis is De-Nol. He is appointed and with other diseases of the digestive tract. De-Nol is presented in the form of a suspension that envelops the mucous membrane of the duodenum and promotes its healing. The well-known analogue of De-Nol is Vis-Nol.

Another wrapping agent that will help to cure duodenitis - Relzer. It has a healing effect, restores wounds and ulcers of the duodenum.

This also includes Probibor. This drug supports the normal operation of the digestive organs and has a counter-toxic effect, removes harmful substances from the body.

Antibiotics for duodenitis

Antibiotics are prescribed if the Helicobacter pylori bacteria are detected. Treatment of duodenitis is facilitated by: Clacid, Omeffez, Primez, Amoxicar. The course of treatment with pills is two weeks. Antibiotics can be prescribed only by a doctor, since some of them can destroy the walls of the intestine.

Vitamins with duodenitis

Vitamin complex with duodenitis is prescribed to maintain immunity. Particularly valuable for the digestive organs are vitamins B, A and C. Of course, it is best to take complexes that are part of food products, but they will also be of great benefit in tablets. Such funds can be purchased at any pharmacy.

For example, a multivitamin agent - Beplex. This medicine is issued in the form of a vaccine. It promotes the synthesis of bile acids and improves digestion.

Most often, drugs are consumed in the complex, rarely singly. The course of treatment usually lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on the form of the disease.

Any use of various medications, medications, tablets should be agreed with the doctor. Self-medication can cause irreversible damage to health.

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