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With constipation, almost every elderly person has to face. After the appearance of the problem it is necessary to resort to the help of specialists and the treatment of medicines. The best thing is not to give a disruption, so you need everyone to understand how important prevention of constipation in the elderly.

In order not to cause a violation of defecation, patients should monitor their diet, eliminating all harmful products from the diet. One diet will be small, you need to remember how important gymnastics is in constipation. Thanks to physical activity, peristalsis gets better, and immunity is stronger. Thus, any violations associated with defecation will be prevented.

Charge for constipation in the elderly

Gymnastics with constipation in the elderly will allow you to deal with the problem much more quickly, and in the future will reduce the likelihood of an illness.

Every day you need to exercise and then the condition will improve. When physical exercises with constipation for the elderly cause difficulties, you need to shorten the time of training. In this case, charging should be done once every two days.

There are many different exercises of exercise therapy used for prevention:

  • The patient lies on his stomach, with his hands folded in front of him, and his legs straighten back. On inspiration, the left arm and the right leg rise parallel to the floor in front of him. The spine should be stretched. The exhalation assumes the initial position. On the next inspiration and exhalation, do the same exercise with the opposite arm and leg. A similar exercise of exercise therapy for constipation in the elderly is performed at least 10 times;
  • Relaxation. The patient lies on his stomach. The head should lie on the folded hands. To relax the muscles of the back, you need to slightly turn the hips from side to side. Similar exercises with constipation in the elderly will relax the muscles. Relaxation is best performed after any load;
  • Become on all fours. On inhaling, tear your right foot off the floor and take it back. On exhalation, the leg is returned to its original position. Gymnastic exercise is performed on each leg 15 times;
  • Become on the knees, and brush the back of the head. When exhaling, the left hand should reach the foot of the right leg. Taking a breath, a person returns to the original position. On the next exhalation and inspiration, to do everything too, but with the other hand. Such charging with constipation in the elderly is done slowly in the amount of 10 times;
  • Lie with your back on the floor, put your hands under your head, and your legs bend in your knees. When exhaling, tilt your knees to the left. When breathing in, we return to the original position. At the next inhalation and exhalation, do everything, too, but in the opposite direction.

Prevention of constipation in the elderly

Gymnastics for constipation in the elderly is quite an effective means of prevention. And in order not to forget the performed actions, you can record them on video. Thus, in the future it will be easy to do charging.

Best if the gymnastics will be performed in the morning hours, after the ascent. Prevention of constipation in old age is an important element in the life of not only the sick, but also a healthy person. In addition to gymnastics, it is better to take time for ordinary walks in the fresh air. It's enough to walk for 20 minutes a day.

If the body is not too weak, it is recommended to enroll in the pool. Gymnastics in water is also a good tool for the prevention of constipation. The only thing that is better to remember is that you do not need to overdo it. Preventing constipation in the elderly should not break the habitual way of life.

It is best to teach your body to get rid of feces in the early morning. Thus, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of a delayed defecation.

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