What are salads for patients with pancreatitis: diet recipes from green leaves, beets

The daily menu for patients with pancreatitis is distinguished by its scarcity and monotony. And it is quite understandable - the pancreas reacts sharply to any additional stresses, and therefore a violation of the established diet for patients can end badly. What recipes for salads in pancreatitis can diversify the diet?

What dietary salads are available for pancreatitis?

First of all, of course, it is worth giving preference to vegetable salads. So, for patients with pancreatitis, practically any boiled vegetables are permitted, except for cabbage, and therefore it makes sense to prepare dietary meals from them. For example, you can finely chop potatoes, carrots, as well as beets and fill them with a small amount of vegetable oil - eventually get a salad so beloved by many called a vinaigrette.

Also popular is the recipe for salad from carrots and beets, which is also allowed for patients with pancreatitis. These vegetables must be boiled until ready, grate on a fine grater, then mix and season with butter or sauce. This salad is perfect as a side dish not only for meat, but also fish dishes, which makes it a universal option, combined with any diet menu.

What meat recipes are allowed for patients with pancreatitis?

As the main ingredient for salads, you can use meat. What sorts are allowed? Only lean: rabbit, beef or chicken. Supplement the dish will help vegetables, for example, lettuce leaves and, of course, crackers, cooked without the use of spices and fats. Thanks to this, a similar salad with sick pancreatitis is guaranteed to be liked and at the same time, will not create additional stress on the pancreas.

It should be noted that dietary salad recipes that are permitted for patients with pancreatitis are often not too diverse. And all because the diet of those who suffer from this disease is strict and much limited. However, changing fueling, and supplementing the usual dish with new, permitted, ingredients, it is possible to eat tasty in pancreatitis, not just satisfying hunger, but really enjoying the cooked food.

Salads - both meat and vegetable, are an excellent opportunity to diversify the diet of patients with pancreatitis, making it more refined, and, most importantly, more diverse. Moreover, even from a limited list of dietary products, you can make really delicious salads.

Leaf salad with chronic pancreatitis

Perhaps one of the most useful dishes. And not only for this disease. No wonder he is so popular in Europe. Salad( scientific name - spinach) has the richest composition. There is in it vitamin A, B, C, E, beta-carotene. In addition, it contains a huge amount of microelements.

But, at the same time, there is also a large amount of oxalic acid, which, with regular use, can cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive system. Therefore, in fresh form and in an unlimited number of patients with chronic pancreatitis, leaf lettuce can not be consumed. In order to saturate the body with useful ingredients contained in it, but at the same time to neutralize the harmful effect of oxalic acid, you should eat only fresh spinach. A mature leaves, it is necessary to pre-soak in hot milk for 10 - 15 minutes. This will bring oxalic acid.

Green salad with pancreatitis

Like any other greens, it is full of many useful elements, in which, weakened by the disease and specific nutrition the body needs especially. Therefore, it is necessary to include this species. But, only fresh vegetables are valuable to the body. They contain the maximum amount of microelements and vitamins.

However, in this product, there is also a harmful for the inflamed pancreas, vitamin C. To reduce its content, previously lettuce leaves must be soaked in hot water. And only after such heat treatment, the ingredient is included in the menu.

When pancreatitis can be eaten as a fresh green salad, and include it in other dishes. One - two times a week allowed the use of leaves, seasoned with low-fat yogurt or sour cream.

Beet Salad with Pancreatitis

Extremely useful for a healthy person and beet. But, the high content of fiber in it, obliges people with pancreatic disease, use the vegetable with caution. First of all, the vegetable should be thoroughly boiled( at least 2 hours).After that, the fruit should be crushed as much as possible. When preparing beetroot salad with pancreatitis, do not use vinegar, lemon juice, garlic in any case. Season the dish with a few drops of quality olive oil.

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