Benign gastric cancer - symptoms and treatment

A benign stomach tumor is rare. This occurs in 3-4 percent of the total number of tumors of this organ. Most often it occurs in middle-aged people. Most often it occurs directly in the body of the organ. The most common are polyps that come directly from the shell. They are quite dangerous, since they can cause hidden bleeding.

Hyperplastic formations can be presented in several versions at once. Most often it's about Menetries disease. Intramural neoplasms can also have several varieties. They occupy more than 50 percent of the total number of cases of a benign tumor of the stomach. They are, as a rule, easiest to identify, and, accordingly, to treat.

There are other varieties of this disease. Inflammatory types of formations are rare, but they require immediate treatment, since they can eventually grow into something more than a benign tumor of the stomach. Cysts of the mucous membrane also should not be left without attention. As a rule, they arise because of improper metabolism or simply because of a pathological predisposition of a person.

Symptoms of a benign stomach tumor

In this case, it is not necessary to talk about any specific manifestation. Everything depends on the growth rate of the tumor, its nature and location. Most often, a sick person manifests a pain in the stomach as a result of eating. It can be permanent, but in any case, painful sensations are intensified in the process of consuming food.

Symptoms of a benign stomach tumor are completely unambiguous. A person can have obvious or hidden bleeding, which directly threatens the life of the patient. Often there are situations where only bleeding and allows you to determine the diagnosis, because other methods of research can not always unequivocally answer the question.

All tumors can be conditionally divided into 4 large groups:

  1. Asymptomatic, which are most often detected by X-ray examination;
  2. Palpable in the abdomen, but with complete absence of any symptoms;
  3. With clinical symptoms. They are manifested in pain from the gastrointestinal tract;
  4. With a complicated clinical course. In this case, it is precisely those situations where a person has latent or open bleeding. This is the most dangerous form of oncology. If a person has such symptoms, then he immediately needs to see a doctor.

Treatment of a benign gastric tumor

As a rule, treatment of a benign tumor of the stomach is reduced to its removal. It is the operable method in this case that is considered the most effective. The nature of such a disease is such that other methods are practically not used. This applies to all types of benign formations.

Most of them can lead to more serious complications. First of all, it is worth talking about cancer, that is, malignant formations. It is extremely difficult to fight with them, so it is better to prevent the development of the disease by removing even benign tumors. Do not ignore the treatment of a benign tumor, because it can itself carry a danger in view of its structure.

Removing the lesion, of course, the procedure is not the most pleasant, but it is a top priority. The whole process of removal is most often reduced to the simplest operation, but before the work is done, the doctor is obliged to perform a histological examination of the patient. And then there can be an unpleasant situation. If there is a suspicion of malignancy, then the procedure of resection of the stomach, that is, to the removal of its part, is mandatory. This measure in this case is a necessity that will protect your body from the further development of the tumor, which in time can develop into a malignant one.

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