Treatment of duodenitis, stomach gastritis, medicine and clinic, a scheme, how and what to treat, how to cure the duodenum?

In the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines, timely diagnosis and qualified specialist help are extremely important. Gastroenterologists in many clinics provide round-the-clock help and apply modern methods of treatment. So, how and what to treat gastritis and duodenitis?

Scheme of treatment of duodenitis and gastritis

Drugs of different efficacy are used as medication. As a rule, to reduce the acidity of gastric juice use antacids. To reduce the secretion of hydrochloric acid, antisecretory drugs are used. What can be the main cause of gastritis and duodenitis, which is Helicobacter pylori? Antimicrobial agents, in particular De-Nol, and antibiotics will be able to cope with this problem. They, by the way, also contribute to getting rid of other infections, if they are the cause of the disease. To combat the main symptom of gastritis and duodenitis is pain, medicine has long been using antispasmodics. Also in the duodenitis treatment regimen, anti-inflammatory analgesic tablets or solutions can be used. Sometimes I decide to use enzymes and probiotics. In most cases, the above drugs help to get rid of the main symptoms of the disease of the digestive system.

However, in medicine such cases are known in the clinic of duodenitis, when these drugs are only able to complicate the situation. This happens if, in addition to the main and immediate signs of GI disease, there are also signs of disruption of the work of other organs. These may include depression, panic attacks, vegetovascular dystonia, and others. Any of these conditions can worsen with improper use of the drugs.

Because of the low effectiveness of pharmacological treatment of duodenitis, as well as its complications, for a long time medicine has not paid attention to this disease for a long time, and doctors and researchers have not tried to open new methods of therapy. However, phytotherapy as a regimen for treatment of duodenitis of the stomach is considered extremely rare. Only pharmacists study it. However, some patients who are contraindicated in medications, or for whom traditional medicine methods have been unsuccessful - are wondering how to cure duodenitis and gastritis without medications? The answer to it is simple - the use of folk remedies.

How to cure duodenitis with traditional medicine?

The most popular folk remedies for restoring the functioning of the digestive system are tinctures of medicinal plants. Many experts believe that herbal medicine is really effective and reliable method for treating duodenitis and gastritis. In addition, folk drugs can be taken, both independently( as prescribed by a doctor), and under the constant supervision of a gastroenterologist. The latter option is preferable in difficult situations.

Advantages and features of complex treatment with phytopreparations is primarily a reduction in the intensity of manifestation, as well.then, and a complete absence of most of the symptoms of gastritis and duodenitis after the application of herbal infusions. This means that the whole body heals. Most medicinal plants have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. During the treatment with folk remedies, healing, as well as getting rid of toxins from the whole body, and also functioning of the digestive system, as well as one of the most important digestive organs of a person - the duodenum, are being carried out.

In addition, with duodenal duodenal ulcers and stomach gastritis, herbal treatment is very comfortable. Medicinal plants are used as tinctures and decoctions. This is much less painful than drug therapy.

In most cases, phytotherapy is used at home. Due to this, the need to visit medical facilities is reduced, and the risks of infectious infection in them are reduced. It can be safer than treating the disease in a hospital, but in some cases it can not be avoided.

Diet and recommendations for the treatment of duodenitis

Dietotherapy for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in medicine is very important. Some experts argue that in the early stages only dietary methods can give excellent results up to full recovery. How to treat duodenitis with a diet?

The basic principles of nutrition for inflammation of the gastric mucosa, as well as the duodenum, are primarily five meals a day with no more than a four-hour break between meals.

In addition, to avoid irritation of the duodenum and stomach, you must completely abandon the sharp and fried foods. In addition, any smoking products, as well as coffee and even tea, can also be objects of mucosal irritation. Also, in order to restore it, it is better to exclude rich soups( and even broths), chocolate and drinks with gas.

How to cure duodenal duodenitis of the stomach and duodenum? It is necessary to betray the products only by heat treatment with steam or cooking, at the most, bake. You can eat only lean meat and fish, vegetables and fruits( not all), cereals, as well as sour-milk products.

In addition, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol also irritate the stomach and intestines. They need to be eliminated completely, as well as harmful food( fast food and spices).

In addition, for the treatment of duodenitis, there is a special diet( diet table number 1), which must be adhered to completely recovered and even a little longer. To get out of this diet with gastritis and duodenitis should also be very cautious, following the recommendations of the gastroenterologist, in order to avoid complications and relapses.

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